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News MineXML RSS News Mine services - Live monitoring of UK News Media and other sources of interest
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     > BBC Press Office> BBC Press Office
     > Licence Fee news> Licence Fee news
     > FREEVIEW news> FREEVIEW news
     > BBC related news> BBC related news
     > ITV news> ITV news
     > Channel 4 news> Channel 4 news
     > BSKYB news> BSKYB news
     > DCMS> DCMS
     > Junk Food news> Junk Food news
     > Torrent news> Torrent news
     > DRM news> DRM news
     > HDTV news> HDTV news
     > Space news> Space news
     > ID Cards> ID Cards
     > Business News> Business News
     > MIT Furdlog> MIT Furdlog
     > Slashdot.org> Slashdot.org
     > The Register> The Register
     > Daily Telegraph> Daily Telegraph
     > The Guardian> The Guardian
     > News Mine LexiconNews Mine Lexicon Analysis / News Tag Cloud - An analysis of the words, nouns, and verbs found in today's news headlines
Site MapSite Map
     PrivacyPrivacy policy - Statement of privacy and data protection
XML RSS ReaderWeb based XML RSS Reader Parser Viewer - Read and test XML RSS feeds using this tool
     XML RSS ScraperXML RSS Page Scraper - Finds the URLs on a web page
     Http DiagnosticHTTP Diagnostic Test - Tests the output received via HTTP from a remote URL / web site.
     Internet ConnectionInternet Connection Information - What's my IP address? What's my browser type string?
TechnologyTechnology - Articles and Code Samples