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Welcome to Critical Computer Company Limited

Critical Computer Company Limited is an elite Software Developer, Systems Architect, Application Systems and Internet Application Services provider based in West Sussex, UK.

  • We design, deliver and operate Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server N-Tier based applications, for both web and PC clients.
  • We integrate and aggregate other systems data, applications, and technologies.
  • We run our own web servers and support the entire end-to-end delivery of our services.
  • We are experts in financial application software, business process, operational systems, financial systems integration and communication.
  • We have a strong understanding of telecommunications, browser technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX, XML, XHTML, VB.NET, C# (C Sharp), the Microsoft Windows architecture, document management, image processing, database design, and electronic storage.
  • We have extensive experience working with international clientele however being a smaller sized Software Development Practice, we can offer shorter lead times at competitive cost.
  • We do VPN circuits, home working, inter-site, inter-finance, and inter-applications connectivity.

We put "on the air" PC, mobile, intranet, and Internet applications.

We solve simple and complex computer and data problems.

We save businesses money and improve their operational efficiency.

Last revised 13/04/2020.