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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Sunday 28/02/2021

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2Covid19     MacBooks     New     York     Cuomo     sexual     headlines     Budget     Bitcoin     challenge     million     vaccine     Johnson     
1Myanmar     coup     Casualties     rise     police     step     crackdown     Robin     Swann     hopes     memorial     NI     Poldarks     Richard     Harrington     took     Deliveroo     job     lockdown     Apples     Powerful     M1     are     Lowering     Resale     Value     Older     Second     woman     accuses     governor     misconduct     Sunday     morning     UK     news     briefing     Todays     top     Telegraph     Dominican     Republic     announces     plans     Haiti     border     fence     Governor     faces     fresh     claims     harassment     Voting     attitudes     Senedd     powers     quizzed     poll     BBC     Wales     People     aged     60     63     England     get     invites     Monday     £5bn     fund     help     High     Street     recover     Dropping     Nearly     20%     Suffers     Worst     Weekly     Year     Teenagers     arrested     suspected     firearms     discharge     Manchester     city     centre     being     gay     MI6     spy     Sam     Ryder     TikToks     singing     superstar     Selby     rail     crash     2001     disaster     remembered     influencer     effect     Love     Island     transformed     my     business     facing     Rishi     Sunak     Has     China     lifted     100     people     out     poverty     Maids     Lebanon     employer     treats     like     slave     Florida     coffee     shop     where     Trump     king     Germany     urged     back     AstraZeneca     over65s     ‘Pawstep’     Portraits     Photographing     Tails     Pandemic     Exeter     WW2     bomb     detonated     after     homes     evacuated     Girl     with     cerebral     palsy     walks     disabled     children     Golden     Globe     Awards     Stars     prepare     virtual     ceremony     Cryptocurrencies     Why     Nigeria     global     leader     trade     How     this     Indian     firm     vaccinating     world     Six     accidental     savers     created     crisis     Joint     USAF/NOAA     Solar     Geophysical     Activity     Report     Forecast     27     February     20201     Can     Ready     Crowdfund     Raspberry     Pi     Cyberdeck     Enclosure     Cyberpunk     Enthusiasts     El     Salvador     polls     More     President     Nayib     Bukele     &     FDA     approves     singleshot     Londonderry     Curryneirin     Newspaper     Sunaks     tax     raid     goodnight     Captain     Tom     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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