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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Monday 18/02/2019

11by     for     
6be     says     
5     say     Facebook     Trump     Brexit     more     
4after     should     about     with     Labour     UK     
3best     EU     |     review     February     British     West     MP     Paul     Flynn     
2killed     against     pictures     risk     industry     news     you     Gove     urged     not     bottle     deposit     scheme     his     needs     that     them     digital     Jeanette     John     2019     web     hacked     fake     tool     know     Israel     they     up     Grenfell     US     summit     this     early     Are     The     Newport     darkest     hit     MPs     London     project     How     political     parties     state     actor     PM     Will     your     murder     get     fare     84     
1Dataspewing     Spectre     chip     flaws     cant     software     alone     Google     boffins     conclude     Study     Brazil     favela     stricken     Zika     shows     dengue     may     protect     virus     Colombias     homemade     prosthetics     Anaesthetists     patients     flawed     oxygen     guidelines     TV     calls     feed     transparency     journalism     tax     breaks     Chic     simple     10     goingout     tops     Cornwall’s     camino     walking     Cornish     Celtic     Way     Do     need     Only     Fools     Horses     musical     Of     course     do     plonker     limit     small     containers     Why     team     want     wipe     Natalie     Nougayrède     Britain     day     reckoning     will     provide     Nesrine     Malik     Black     Panthers     1960s     photos     offer     rare     intimate     look     Charles     Jeffrey     Evan     Dando     Lucinda     Chambers     others     outfit     Burned     overwhelmed     embrace     joy     Monday     briefing     branded     gangster     Who     Killed     My     Father     Édouard     Louis     short     sharp     shock     From     Winterson     Irving     Boyne     books     life     Pictures     Day     18     Tens     millions     accounts     sale     sites     Mac     malware     spreads     via     Windowsexe     Want     create     profile     pics     This     creepy     AI     makes     demand     Plus     predictive     policing     what     intolerance     looks     like     Ilhan     Omar     takes     turn     spotlight     must     allowed     use     Eurovision     propaganda     Brian     Eno     Firefighters     worry     being     stitched     inquiry     Jacinda     Ardern     disputes     reports     diplomatic     tensions     China     believe     Putin     dismissed     advice     North     Korea     threat     McCabe     Five     Kashmir     gun     battle     police     Credibility     Catholic     church     stake     sexual     abuse     You     Cant     Ignore     Email     Its     Rude     Range     Rover     why     beast     longer     road      Kim     Jongun     expected     Vietnam     ahead     Eel     migration     mystery     has     puzzled     ecologists     since     Aristotle     solved     Sir     Ranulph     Fiennes     recreates     moment     sawed     frostbitten     fingers     documentary     superrich     ruining     Burning     Man     Jailed     stealing     grapes     motives     Japans     elderly     inmates     Niger     deported     marooned     Ethiopian     airport     Anthony     Weiner     leaves     prison     halfway     house     Brooklyn     Pulwama     attack     India     warns     backlash     Kashmiri     Muslims     Obituary     Anorexia     recovery     England     Indies     Joe     Root     &     Jason     Roy     centuries     warmup     Several     resign     party     sources     BBC     launches     Fashion     Week     sustainability     Saudi     Arabia     signs     $20bn     deals     Pakistan     Huawei     managed     cybersecurity     chiefs     asked     nominate     Nobel     peace     prize     Cubas     churches     reject     marriage     before     vote     constitution     What     European     education     tell     podcast     Japanese     scramble     lucky     sticks     Stores     accused     watering     down     effects     Solo     Star     Wars     Story     Australias     major     sophisticated     Donald     talks     retribution     Alec     Baldwin     sketch     SNL     Greeks     squeezed     foreign     investors     Athens     property     boom     universities     bust     fees     cut     Quiz     clothes     damaging     environment     Kempton     1989     Police     hope     leads     NatWest     worker     told     customer     vegans     punched     Australian     Joint     USAF/NOAA     Solar     Geophysical     Activity     Report     Forecast     17     Researcher     Scans     All     IP     Addresses     Austria     Finds     Ton     Things     That     Shouldnt     Be     Online     Digital     Gangster     Intentionally     Knowingly     Violated     Privacy     Competition     Rules     Lawmakers     Say     backstop     according     Northern     Ireland     teens     LGBT     History     Month     Test     knowledge     David     Mundell     Coming     was     difficult     Latepaying     big     firms     public     contract     bans     regulation     Zuckerberg     fails     Brits     living     still     healthcare     sending     handwritten     letters     created     $1bn     Fourth     charged     Year’s     Eve     5     Musical     slick     stylish     Dolly     Parton     period     piece     Maintain     electrical     safety     standards     ministers     Rail     proposes     guarantee     pricing     overhaul     Skills     shortages     pushing     workers     survey     Food     waste     bins     collected     weekly     Michael     Yemen     Houthi     rebels     agree     withdrawal     labelled     gangsters     Spanish     warship     orders     Gibraltar     boats     waters     Fragrant     declared     RHS     summer     mild     winter     have     blooms     could     see     coming     firefighter     criticises     bosses     Children     young     13     joining     Satanic     Nazi     groups     warns      Mountain     California     tree     rescued     firefighters     Newspaper     headlines     IS     bride     pleads     sympathy     Park     Lane     doorman     stabbing     Murder     fourth     Taxfree     childcare     helps     just     fifth     families     Train     operators     shakeup     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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