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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Saturday 15/12/2018

4after     Brexit     of     
3says     Christmas     urged     Australia     
2China     two     To     rules     unconstitutional     deal     recognises     Jerusalem     capital     Apple     from     Will     into     not     
1Mike     Pompeo     should     free     Canadians     held     Huawei     executives     arrest     Joint     USAF/NOAA     Solar     Geophysical     Activity     Report     Forecast     14     December     2018     Experts     Urge     Continue     Support     Nuclear     Fusion     Research     Agatha     Christie     will     reflect     parallels     between     fascism     Britain     shows     writer     Ukraine     Orthodox     priests     establish     independent     church     Court     Obamacare     Has     anything     about     Mays     changed     Halt     prison     pepper     spray     plan     ministers     Amber     Rudd     urges     MPs     forge     consensus     federal     judge     healthcare     law     Number     Streaming     Shows     Overtakes     Basic     Cable     Broadcast     First     Time     west     Israel’s     West     Israeli     Universal     credit     claimants     fear     spending     without     money     Do     autistic     people     get     jokes     India     second     Test     day          live     Cloudflare     Under     Fire     Allegedly     Providing     DDoS     Protection     Terrorist     Websites     Woman     who     went     extreme     lengths     fake     cancer     fraud jailed     Yemen     war     ceasefire     finally     bring     peace     Strictly     Come     Dancing     finalists     discuss     their     ups     downs     future     plans     Vitamin     Water     gets     massive     publicity     new     flavor     Utter     BS     Bomb     threat     scammers     linked     earlier     sextortion     campaign     iPhone     X     screen     falls     short     promises     lawsuit     ‘Its     what     makes     your     city’     Sydney’s     battle     art     UN     seek     Australiabased     Hakeem     alAraibis     freedom     Thai     Facebooks     privacy     problems     roundup     partygoers     wear     earplugs     protect     hearing     TMobile     Sprint     Merger     Reportedly     Be     Cleared     By     National     Security     Panel     Porn     Sites     Collect     More     User     Data     Than     Netflix     Hulu     Donald     Trump     names     Mick     Mulvaney     next     chief     staff     At     least     10     die     eating     Indian     temple     ceremony     Maggie     TokudaHall     Children     YA     Author     DR     Congo     elections     Why     voters     mistrust     electronic     voting     North     Koreas     hightech     pursuits     Propaganda     progress     How     Putins     Russia     turned     humour     weapon     Nigerian     military     lifts     Unicef     ban     spy     row     Newspaper     headlines     Juncker     clash     charge     Brits     Newcastle     charged     planning     act     terror     Scumbag     hackers     $1m     childrens     charity     Hetty     McKinnons     smoky     beans     charred     tomato     puttanesca     recipe     Extinction     option     $1bn     push     save     orcas     Washington     Hodgson     feels     bloodied     Crystal     Palace     sink     ‘absolute     doom     gloom’     Jürgen     Klopp     trophies     everything     Liverpool     need     solid     British     yachtswoman     eager     race     again     capsizing     storm     Update     iPhones     Avoid     Ban     On     Sales     London     Underground     bans     dating     app     featuring     topless     58     sexual     objectification     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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