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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Monday 26/09/2022

7The     after     
6a     To     Labour     says     
5from     court     
4Why     over     UK     MP     with     
3British     Pound     living     go     Russian     First     Airport     up     Monday     Ukraine     war     With     For     Ian     Man     rules     Rachel     Reeves     Wales     boss     Tax     against     
2Event     into     amid     cost     crisis     death     Family     died     Snowden     Into     Test     Doncaster     Sheffield     close     levelling     Darth     Ukrainian     news     briefing     off     Starmer     back     star     fined     driving     crash     case     this     Its     top     cuts     Hurricane     admits     dies     incident     defendants     fall     Interpol     Kwon     despite     Hundreds     run     England     Former     footballer     Gary     Neville     Tories     Tory     bid     school     Drone     On     what     Scotland     failed     children     police     economic     growth     Boris     leader     strikes     alltime     dollar     Shinzo     Abe     
1Weak     Matters     Kwasi     Announces     Another     Fiscal     November     GB     News     Head     Digital     Becca     Hutson     Leaving     Devastated     IPSA     Still     Mourning     Over     Queen     Road     verges     turned     allotments     Ugandas     Ebola     outbreak     Trainee     doctors     strike     safety     fears     55     Tufton     Street     black     door     shaping     politics     Pret     angry     allergic     mum     dairy     contamination     Putin     Grants     Citizenship     Whistleblower     NASAs     Dart     Probe     Smash     Asteroid     Earth     Defence     agenda     Keeping     Vader’s     voice     alive     real     wheeze     AI     evening     markets     hated     miniBudget     Inside     Bakhmut     battered     Donbas     city     holding     Putins     troops     Edward     granted     citizenship     Rosie     Duffield     contact     Keir     members     calls     electoral     reform     Happy     Mondays     Bez     90mph     careless     Shaun     Hegarty     Police     action     contributed     double     murder     coroner     Harry     Dunn     Anne     Sacoolas     due     week     Beatles     John     Lennons     Liverpool     home     sells     £280k     Walmart     Is     Making     Move     Metaverse     Virtual     Worlds     Roblox     EU     Telcos     Call     Shared     Network     Costs     BBC     Paying     Promote     Sustainable     Clothing     Civil     Disobedience     Pictured     Striking     shipwreck     wins     prize     maritime     photography     competition     Sri     Lanka     power     wrong     oil     blamed     forces     Nasa     shelter     Artemis     Moon     rocket     mobilisation     errors     growing     public     opposition     following     bull     Llandeilo     farm     Judges     unlawfully     releasing     hears     Bank     will     hesitate     raise     interest     rates     pounds     Issues     Red     Notice     Terra     Founder     Ericsson     keeps     supplying     invasion     Floridians     brace     strengthening     Canada     ends     vaccine     entry     makes     ArriveCan     optional     attend     Nigel     Night     festival     Evesham     Kevin     Sinfield     Rugby     league     ultra     marathons     MND     Germany     Trent     AlexanderArnold     left     squad     Duke     Norfolk     banned     Cloudflare     Launches     eSIM     Secure     Mobile     Devices     Corbyn     Reminds     Everyone     Think     Russians     Fringe     Consumers     swap     meals     dinner     parties     bites     Cuba     Code     Country     votes     legalise     samesex     marriage     standing     Sutton     Heath     Soldier     20     nonoperational     MOD     ExEngland     become     Khayri     Mclean     Teens     Huddersfield     stabbing     Startup     Claims     Flew     IonPropulsion     45Minute     Flight     PAd     List     Breaks     “Fully     Funded”     Pledge     Within     Minutes     falling     means          done     about     Chancellor     going     comment     Poland     Arrests     flares     firework     set     Brown     fans     criticise     Stone     Roses     frontmans     disrespectful     gig     Queens     final     knighthoods     Williams     Iger     Molly     Russell     Instagram     posts     seen     teen     were     FM     matching     tax     would     serious     seeks     arrest     cryptofirm     TikTok     may     £27m     failing     protect     Falling     What     does     my     finances     Contradicts     Herself     Borrowing     Cuts     Same     Interview     Unilever     retire     buy     GSK’s     Haleon     £50bn     Giorgia     Meloni     pledges     govern     Italians     Kenya     Kiambu     building     collapse     Rescue     efforts     way     Matthew     Nolan     cars     rammed     tractor     Addenbrookes     Fuel     tanker     driver     causing     cyclists     Eight     Premier     League     clubs     urged     pay     wage     Crown     rollout     prerecorded     evidence     complete     financial     lifeline     offer     Belgium     Shuts     Down     Nuclear     Reactor     Time     Dollar     surge     continues     Putin’s     downgrades     global     Johnson     MPs     reject     lawyers     claim     Partygate     probe     unfair     Wars     James     Earl     Jones     steps     role     Rich’s     Morning     View     NEW     Privileges     Committee     Rejects     Lord     Pannick’s     Criticisms     StitchUp     Deadly     gun     attack     Free     childcare     3000     twoyearolds     places     Hero     dog     Quantum     retires     250arrest     career     Tom     Hollis     Hot     tub     councillor     removed     deputy     Labours     blames     chancellor     concerning     Binary     Pulsar     Detected     CHIME     Africas     Titanic     Remembering     Senegals     Joola     tragedy     Kerala     lottery     India     jackpot     winner     fed     requests     help     Nissan     Sunderlands     £10m     battery     assembly     begins     manufacturing     Hounslow     hit     arrested     Heathrow     Aldi     Shoppers     switching     their     droves     date     added     October     rail     walkouts     Play     PlusWord     Telegraphs     daily     crossword     puzzle     Mexicos     missing     students     Where     key     players     Aira     Force     rescued     66ft     Lake     District     waterfall     slip     Boys     Brigade     NI     split     Ireland     Discovery     that     Dundee     map     recalled     shoulder     concerns     Walsall     hospital     Knife     crime     Some     Cardiff     shops     blades     underage     teens     Richard     Nixon     Exposed     Radiation     Moscow     Trip     1959     Documents     Reveal     Plans     Build     EVs     US     Comply     Federal     Credit     plunges     updates     morning     Todays     headlines     Chris     Davidson     prosurfer     punch     outside     Australian     NHS     last     resort     union     Government     review     ELMS     farming     subsidies     stokes     anger     CPS     brings     judges     bailing     accused     acting     like     monarch     rival     industry     plan     slumps     How     King     Charles     helped     save     farmhouse     cheese     funeral     controversial     Hackathon     Finds     Dozens     Refugees     Trafficked     Online     Canadian     family     travel     world     before     blind     Covid     Chinese     artist     filming     PCR     tests     inside     mouth     People     smuggler     clients     sign     waiver     Papers     wars     minibudget     jitters     Peaky     Blinders     dance     show     Anyone     who     likes     Strictly     love     Japans     push     deep     tech     innovation     Electric     charging     costs     nearing     petrol     prices     some     RAC     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
Analyse Date: