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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Monday 30/01/2023

17of     for     
6over     The     
5US     police     Ukraine     
4killed     officer     woman     New     Police     dies     with     two     
3How     shooting     back     Government     With     China     What     Tory     strike     pay     Boris     Putin     Sunak     Johnson     By     
2Is     Plans     Off     Workers     Former     Brazilian     has     hunt     seven     London     he     no     Japan     row     Chinese     allowed     have     Wrexham     hospital     gives     evidence     steps     suspended     unsafe     developers     from     BBC     probe     Years     Its     After     rugby     actress     hit     case     missile     threat     decisively     Drug     prisoners     report     PM     acted     jailed     crash     women     million     Cost     living     Covid     staff     South     Why     Independent     Venue     AntiMicrobial     Proteins     Are     Being     Developed     AI     Email     family     feel     
1PikaOS     NextGen     Linux     Distribution     Aimed     Specifically     Towards     Gamers     Impossible     Foods     Lay     About     20%     president     Jair     Bolsonaro     applied     visa     Egyptian     LGBT     people     dating     apps     Philips     Cut     13%     Jobs     Safety     Profitability     Drive     suspect     $100     bill     Levelling     up     Process     unmitigated     disaster     Mayor     Plymouth     Firearms     licence     had     training     Ashley     Dale     Murder     arrests     shot     garden     Retired     vicar     banned     virulently     antisemitic     posts     Taxes     Slow     Indias     Solar     Power     Rollout     But     Boost     Manufacture     Renewable     Energy     Farms     Outstrip     99%     Coal     Plants     Economically     Jolyon     Joins     TikTok     Unit     Deal     Disinformation     Campaigns     Swedish     flag     burnt     Jakarta     amid     Turkey     Nato     Sichuan     Couples     province     unlimited     children     McDonalds     plays     classical     music     deter     bad     behaviour     appeal     foetus     left     outside     Barnet     Eva     Green     Actress     High     Court     bitter     film     dispute     Smartphone     Market     Slumps     10Year     Low     Antony     Blinken     Jerusalem     Urgent     needed     calm     Sixth     Tyre     Nichols     death     Michael     outlines     punishments     cladding     Time     It     On     Moon     EU     Weighs     Proposal     Charge     DataHeavy     Streamers     Telecom     Upgrades     Super     Bowl     57     Empire     State     Building     trolls     York     Giants     Jets     Kyle     Smaine     freestyle     skier     aged     31     avalanche     Richard     Sharp     Watchdog     head     chair     DOJ     Suit     Break     Google     Was     Making     Antitrust     Chief     Cashstrapped     EV     Startup     Arrival     Laying     Half     Workforce     ‘290     MPs     Resign     Blackmail     Scandal’*     Spent     Millions     Spying     Lockdown     Sceptics     WATCH     Sturgeon     Falls     Apart     Over     Trans     Women     Prison     Row     Iceland     Boss     Planning     Stand     MP…     Campaigned     Against     Tories     Poland     boosts     defence     spending     Dominic     Raab     Senior     civil     servant     bullying     Firefighters     vote     overwhelmingly     Welsh     Who     sits     WRU     board     Buyer     backs     £62000     Mr     Blobby     suit     purchase     James     Jeremy     Clarkson     article     too     creepy     UK     firefighters     action     FAA     Adopts     Safeguards     Computer     Outage     Halted     Flights     Village     hall     councillor     warm     space     Facebook     Original     Wednesday     Addams     64     Foldable     iPad     Could     Arrive     Early     Search     Baidu     Launch     ChatGPTStyle     Bot     Samuel     McAuley     Tributes     paid     delightful     young     bus     Gareth     Thomas     Wales     star     settles     HIV     Arrests     girl     found     dead     Stoke     Newington     home     Grassroots     Demand     Membership     Vote     Party     Chair     Reveals     Threatened     Kill     Him     Sees     Support     10%     Won’t     Miss     Hague     Rules     Chairman     Association’s     LessThanRinging     Endorsement     made     Firm     fined     £120k     builders     lifted     diggers     bucket     Laura     Winham     Investigators     seek     whereabouts     gas     engineer     Nadhim     handled     Andrea     Riseborough     Oscar     nomination     reviewed     Academy     Review     economic     coverage     finds     concerns     systematic     bias     Company     Made     $114     Billion     Gaming     Americas     Patent     System     Avalanche     kills     skiers     Japans     Nagano     region     dangerous     jail     break     Barclay     straight     away     killing     19yearold     driver     who     passengers     almost     years     No     trans     attacked     justice     minister     Serving     Dorset     charged     raping     Grenfell     Housing     given     ultimatum     fix     buildings     Hexham     stabbing     Family     pays     tribute     Holly     Newton     JD     Sports     customers     cyber     One     five     eating     food     beyond     useby     date     Pakistan     mosque     blast     At     least     28     explosion     Peshawar     Zerohour     jobs     impact     mental     health     Annie     Wersching     Last     Us     video     game     24     45     Rich’s     Monday     Morning     View     Officials     current     wave     coming     Flybe     collapse     Shock     lease     life     Robinson     ULEZ     expansion     Pressure     mounts     mayor     reconsider     plans     Teacher     accused     abuse     Edinburgh     schools     arrested     Barrett     Strong     Motown     trailblazer     hitmaker     81     Video     streaming     subscriptions     fall     2022     Can     Stack     Overflows     Survey     Predict     Most     Loved     Programming     Language     Africa     birthday     party     Eight     Gqeberha     Eastern     Cape     Pollutionbattling     backpack     wins     design     competition     Rare     motherofpearl     cloud     spotted     Scotland     Cup     Ryan     Reynolds     being     coowner     aiming     Premier     League     1975     Lewis     Capaldi     Radio     1s     Big     Weekend     Nicola     Bulley     Missing     Inskip     walker     prompts     search     became     wigmaker     ‘The     unusual     thing     I’ve     seen     years’     Chris     Mason     does     sacking     mean     Novak     Djokovic     cant     next     generation     stop     Australian     Open     champion     Yorkshire     not     during     rape     investigation     Inside     Londons     hidden     power     tunnels     think     theres     nothing     better     than     small     venues     Norwich     community     centre     transformed     artists     hiphop     convert     Islam     Frida     Kahlo     show     extended     Coventry     13000     visit     If     dont     youll     lose     Salesforce     Amazon     Selling     29Acre     Bay     Area     Property     Return     Office     Stalls     Nigeria     costofliving     crisis     sparks     exodus     doctors     Auckland     floods     More     heavy     ahead     Zealands     largest     city     Thousands     NHS     long     risk     losing     their     Adani     Group     Hindenburg     fraud     claim     calculated     Mining     giant     sorry     lost     radioactive     capsule     Layoffs     Show     Employers     Really     Think     Their     rescued     crashing     stolen     tracks     Georgia     seizing     chance     scrutinise     courts     £1bn     beds     ambulance     fleet     Saleforce     tech     offering     relief     misery     period     pain     Funeral     held     battleground     body     collector     Russian     athletes     cannot     Olympics     Zelensky     Papers     sacked     Putins     that     bought     Kings     £100     NEU     teacher     strikes     union     meet     lastditch     talks     Childcare     costs     rise     providers     pinch     Greater     Manchester     didnt     was     abused     Over50s     work     You     your     usefulness     passed     Handle     Web     Sites     Asking     Your     Address     threatened     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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