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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Thursday 19/09/2019

5Trudeau     brownface     The     
4From     Justin     
3apologises     with     how     New     have     will     
2image          promise     school     that     out     gas     by     are     more     Report     should     known     better     against     Canada     PM     after     Save     over     photo     good     cash     How     Apple     what     NASA     Week     Brexit     
1newly     emerged     video     Trumps     foreign     leader     prompts     whistleblower     complaint     report     Northrop     Grumman     Announces     Organization     Leadership     Changes     Chesterfield     anxiety     pupil     treated     like     truant     Black     Midi     Wed     rather     be     terrible     than     middleoftheroad     Remember     security     probe     ended     sheriff     cuffing     pen     testers     contract     now     public     so     you     can     decide     who     screwed     Scientists     set     halve     greenhouse     emissions     2030     County     lines     drugs     gangs     recruiting     children     podcast     Succession     Bold     Type     recap     culture     made     love     TV     Umbrella     jammed     door     locks     workers     office     days     Jacinda     Ardern     mistakes     Japan     China     during     Tokyo     visit     Labour     review     language     Tony     Blairs     clause     IV     reform     Workers     Accuse     Kickstarter     UnionBusting     In     Federal     Complaint     AI     Cant     Protect     Us     Deepfakes     Argues     CSection     Babies     Have     More     Potentially     Infectious     Gut     Bacteria     Huge     explosion     Turkish     chemical     factory     Victoria     Hall     information     about     1999     teen     murder     Jason     Lawrance     appeals     vasectomy     lie     rape     convictions     emerges     EcoFriendly     Game     Packaging     Could     Tons     Plastic     Each     Year     Protests     Pakistans     Kasur     boys     bodies     found     Finding     care     home     impossible     some     areas     Extra     enough     reverse     cuts     Bookingcom     still     duping     customers     says     watchdog     long     lifetime     If     you’re     Comcast     it’s     until     rival     quits     city     ISP     broke     price     Classaction     sueball     refurbed     iThings     ask     means     Talking     Horses     female     punters     discriminated     bookies     did     attack     breach     Saudi     defences     happen     next     Joint     USAF/NOAA     Solar     Geophysical     Activity     Forecast     18     September     2019     Awards     $23     Million     Fellowships     Universities     Aviation     Planetary     Space     Research     Date     PI     Launchpad     Science     Idea     Mission     Deadline     Closing     Names     Fly     NASAs     Next     Mars     Rover     Rocket     Readies     Complex     Electron     Launches     Soil     Exposed     RDP     Servers     See     150K     BruteForce     Attempts     Per     Is     Trying     Trademark     Slofie     Why     hypebeasts     fallen     Asian     streetwear     Kurdish     massacre     survivors     from     God     Hong     Kong     protests     Taiwanese     sending     2000     masks     Five     years     turbulent     Turkeys     militant     people     2001     yearbook     London     Fashion     Gem     helmets     upcycled     trainers     Bournemouth     mum     boxing     improve     mental     health     Homophobic     hate     crime     Beatenup     being     gay     NHS     hospitals     buildings     £261m     backlog     urgent     repairs     Scotlands     poorest     three     times     likely     young     Supreme     Court     What     happened     Wednesday     cheat     hackers     ‘ruining’     gaming     others     Burger     King     ditches     free     toys     melt     ones     Consumers     credit     card     spending     overtakes     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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