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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

This document lays out this website's privacy policy.

What Information do we hold on visitors to the web site?

Date, Time, IP Address, Browser Type, Referrer, URL invoked. This information is anonymous.

A session state non-stored cookie is used by the web server to retain "connection" state for 20 minutes whilst a surfer is present. This is not retained.

Do we ever pass email addresses to third parties?

We will not pass email addresses and personal details to third parties outside of our direct business.

We are committed to a NO SPAM policy.

We have promised to respect our users privacy, and therefore do so.


What do we use our Member's Registration data for?

Member's data is used for the purpose of operating your account and for providing the services made available to you. We keep records of your name, company name, physical address, email address, telephone numbers, and URLs (if
you choose to supply us with this information), for the purpose of providing you with services, billing you accurately and fairly for the services consumed, and for managing systems resources.

We do NOT sell or give away marketing data or any other data to third parties for the purpose of our own gain. Essentially, we undertake to make your service as private as possible. Our systems security is intended to protect your security and preserve your privacy.

Internet Connection Information

This Internet Connection Information page will show you more about your Internet security and privacy.

Last revised 05/02/2010.