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About Us

Critical Computer Company Limited was founded on 14/02/1995. Its Director has been MCSE qualified, has Accountancy qualifications, and holds a diploma in Business and Finance Management.

At Critical Computer Company Limited, we have a passion for technology and innovation. We create unconventional solutions to complex problems. We believe that our customers are king and in the wisdom of investing in efficient I.T. solutions.

We prefer to work 7 days a week and monitor our and our clients' systems continuously.

Our I.T. solutions are often surprisingly simple (but logical), and we follow a Rapid Application Development approach to quickly analysing problems and instigating solutions.

Affiliations and Clients

Critical Computer Company Limited has long-standing affiliations with several associate companies. We are also an investor in and contributor to several various business ventures. Working with our partners, our combined efforts are able to offer a greater range of services around the clock, nationwide, with a broad range of computing technologies and business disciplines.

Our list of past clients includes:

Ericsson (1997 to 2002), Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Credit Suisse Investment Mgmt., Fidelity Brokerage Services, Rhône-Poulenc Rorer, NatWest Markets, BT, MarketForce UK, Southern Electric and Andersen Consulting.

Critical Computer Company Limited works in association with:

- Ravenbridge Limited.
- My Clarion Call - the Clarion alert system.

From 1997 through to 2002, we were contracted to Ericsson Telecommunications Limited UK working on a wide range of I.T. projects.

We are a technology partner for My Clarion Call providing SMS and core systems.

From May 2004 and presently, Moody International is a major client for whom we provide systems operations, software development, systems architecture, finance systems integration, third line support, and enterprise systems for.

From February 2010, we are the Software Developers / Systems Architects for a new C# based application called sunapps.co.uk.

From September 2010, we are the Software Developers / Systems Architects for Hartley Thomas Chartered Accountants www.hartleythomas.co.uk.

In March 2011, our client, Moody International, was bought by Intertek Plc, a FTSE 100 company whom we continue to provide Enterprise Systems to.

From October 2018, we are the Software Developers / Systems Architects for a new HMRC Authorised MTD for VAT application service called MTDExpress.co.uk.

MTDExpress.co.uk is listed with The HMRC.


Critical Computer Company Limited is proud to support Lea Rowing Club.

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