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Legal Terms and Conditions & Acceptable Use Policy

  1. No alias accounts or anonymous accounts are permitted. Accounts with false details may be blocked without notice.
  2. All users accounts to be settled immediately via our payment contractors links on our web site. No credit facilities will be offered to customers accept by prior agreement.
  3. For the purpose of VAT accounting and the definition of "supply of services", we will generate VAT Invoices and include VAT at the relevant rate, at the point of crediting your account or of the effective transaction date. All charges we quote will include VAT. VAT Invoices will be provided to you in electronic format for you to print out.
  4. All transactions will be logged in order to comply with the law and accurately charge customers fairly for the services they use according to our published tariffs.
  5. No SPAM, UCE, or unsolicited advertising will be permitted via our services. Usage that might be against the spirit of this rule is subject to clearance to determine its lawful compliance and receivers' consent.
  6. Accounts breaking the rules will be barred at our sole discretion and no refunds will be available.
  7. Your data will remain confidential, however we will cooperate with public authorities if asked to do so regarding the upholding of the law.
  8. No porn, no gambling, no money laundering, no criminal activity, and no dubiously immoral content will be permitted on our web servers and systems.
  9. We will endeavour to run the best service possible but we regret we can not take responsibility for the many technology suppliers outside of our auspice. Internet and GSM Telecom systems are infrequently prone to failure for which there is very little we can do to mitigate against without charging a much high price for our services. We will always keep you informed via our status page.
  10. The technology we provide is the Intellectual Property of Critical Computer Company Limited. Our software is Copyright ©. You are not permitted to copy our code, reverse compile, or steal our technology.
  11. You are not authorised to resell or re-lease our services without prior agreement from us.
  12. News Mine is an experimental application written for fun and in good faith. We don't necessarily own the content of the pages it links to and the copyright ownership remains under the ownership of the copyright holder. Our data-engine simple reads the publicly available URL's within the searched pages, and indexes just the URL title and article description field (if available) as is done by most internet search engines. We consider that we are performing a free public service by helping readers find genuine internet content.
  13. We operate a SPAM filter on our email systems which will delete suspected SPAM emails. If your communication is very important, then please ensure we acknowledge it.
Last revised 05/02/2010.