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News Mine Lexicon Analysis - Wednesday 27/01/2021

30for     Covid     
10by     with     
8from     Day     The     
7Covid19     Johnson     
6EU     Boris     
5police     rules     Coronavirus     quarantine     Scotland     says     your     
4Will     over     Euston     HS2     tunnel     protesters     new     death     under     AstraZeneca     Holocaust     Memorial     Biden     Starmer     you     PMQs     more     lockdown     
3Test     2021     Not     Soon     China     People     cyber     officer     kidnapping     Russia     Time     Labour     Lockdown     WATCH     news     sentenced     hotel     network     Policy     could     can     been     attack     open     schools     UKs     first     team     coronavirus     goes     boss     How     sales     deaths     
2Stack     Overflow     was     than     Engine     NASA’s     Its     intelligence     jailed     trying     hawk     top     secrets     Mexico     about     its     University     Users     Calls     Into     TikTok     Corbyn     leader     murder     begins     Command     botnet     Emotet     ransomware     shut     Labour’s     Things     LIVE     Wednesday     briefing     weeks     British     years     New     vaccines     warns     South     errors     school     shows     months     hospital     looks     access     Social     Health     Report     Says     First     Party     Queue     Jumping     Contactless     limit     rise     dad     pandemic     border     support     that     Ive     Boy     Google     Changes     against     Workers     Deaths     Irish     government     toll     some     risk     Tells     March     Police     growing     hours     Three     workers     staff     amid     variant     will     reopen     before     Sir     ISS     lose     Vaccine     Oxford     deal     cases     Wales     plant     Googles     report     Wall     Streets     testing     Pfizer     has     customers     good     NI     88     cyclist     prayer     Front     occupy     100ft     station     park     excluded     without     hopes     saved     hotspots     investment     there     stay     restrictions     across     May     Juno     divorce     Emma     Portner     global     help     economy     
12019     hack     guided     advice     none     other     Upcoming     RS25     Series     Demonstrate     Lower     Cost     Rocket     Components     Artemis     Program     Intuitive     Machines     Completes     Initial     Testing     NASAs     Moonbound     Payloads     Bill     Gates     Too     Start     Thinking     About     Next     Pandemic     Starts     Using     Anal     Swabs     HighRisk     haul     DBaaS     Neo4j     joins     fully     managed     club     doubts     linger     cloudiness     Selects     Research     Proposals     Leadership     Initiative     OIG     Efforts     Mitigate     Risks     Posed     Orbital     Debris     10yearold     Sudo     Bug     Lets     Linux     Gain     RootLevel     Access     Former     SEC     Chairman     Agency     Investigation     Online     Stock     Trading     Platforms     Extinction     running     save     sharks     rays     Navalny     protests     threatens     fines     posts     Jeremy     Setback     exparty     suspension     fight     baking     Masterchef     finalist     Kinnaird     Libby     Squire     trial     Accused     denies     sexual     thrill     killing     Eviction     control     notorious     Windows     multinational     raid     MDA     Appoints     VicePresident     Satellite     Systems     Nintendo     Sued     European     Gamers     Hampered     Broken     Controllers     Top     Times     January     Called     Government’s     Already     Committed     LITTLEWOOD     6PM     evening     least     another     five     14     French     heiress     Pictures     gorgeous     gibbon     lunar     corona     Rawlings     funeral     Ghanaians     bid     farewell     expresident     Zealand     urges     people     ditch     influencerstyle     tourism     photos     issues     heightened     alert     transition     Hogging     endangers     nations     Africa     expert     Philippa     Benefit     predominant     factor     mums     Whitehaven     Benedicts     manager     stole     toner     worth     £100000     Footage     rammed     motorbike     Oldbury     Basildon     nurse     meets     baby     taken     international     swoop     Get     lawn     UKGov     reform     laws     operators     PAC     savages     2025     gigabit     targets     Media     Damages     Teenagers     Mental     Loses     Round     Legal     Battle     Revises     Key     Worker     Priorities     Vaccinations     Britain     diverge     Poland     implement     neartotal     ban     abortion     Wednesday      Bank     pays     thousands     adult     children     during     Priti     Patel     sets     measures     Excluded     Devastated     penalised     racist     street     Todays     sophisticated     victim     Woodland     Trust     PreXmas     breach     investigation     TiVo     Want     Ads     Spells     Out     Consequences     Apples     Privacy     Push     IDFA     Row     Gets     Heated     FarRight     Proud     arrested     ahead     Capitol     riots     revealed     informer     What’s     bag          Carla     Diana     Manchester     Arena     Inquiry     Showsec     did     contribute     bombing     Crisploving     Norfolk     parrot     flies     again     diet     complacency     antiSemitism     Facebook     apologises     Plymouth     Hoe     Four     cold     calling     marketing     firms     fined     almost     £500k     ICO     Shed     Hundreds     India     After     National     Security     Projected     Cause     Extra     190     Vulnerable     Daily     Badger     cull     effectively     banned     2022     Environment     Secretary     announces     sign     executive     orders     environment     possible     immediately     February     half     term     checks     figures     Hotel     travellers     entering     Nicola     Sturgeon     visit     essential     Firms     worried     survive     regret     professor     teaching     online     course     already     dead     AMC     Spikes     260%     Traders     Ignite     Shorted     Stocks     like     GameStop     BlackBerry     Bed     Bath     &     Beyond     Merkel     Davos     Should     Choose     Down     Begins     8     administration     restore     Palestinians     Hart     postBrexit     fishing     tape     teacher     vaccinations     Blackford     policies     Vaccinate     teachers     halfterm     Liverpool     knifeman     terrifying     train     passenger     monitoring     unionist     discontent     further     Leon     Briggs     CCTV     restrained     offshore     left     semisubmerged     lift     shaft     JCB     recruit     400     surge     production     Cough     fatigue     sore     throat     common     Englands     Tom     Jones     told     wouldnt     succeed     curly     industrial     contribution     sneakernet     spacefarers     GitLab     removes     starter     tier     must     either     5x     features     Just     Companies     Expect     All     Employees     Return     Office     Apologise     Attacking     Task     Force     Bomb     disposal     called     factory     suspicious     package     Ten     African     incident     Wrexham     Tilt     Brush     VR     painting     source     damages     teenagers     mental     health     Reddit     army     taking     guard     Boeing     737     Max     cleared     fly     crashes     promises     allout     assault     batteries     counter     China’s     lithiumion     domination     BBC     Six     O’Clock     News     Expert     Hating     Bashing     Remain     Campaigning     Hardline     Centrist     Who’s     Asking     Questions     sued     fund     alleged     flaws     Nia     Dennis     gymnasts     black     excellence     routine     viral     Frances     Sanofi     boost     supply     shortages     Cyclist     Josh     Quigley     multiple     fractures     second     serious     Keon     Lincoln     boys     released     Children     12     among     Middlesbrough     drug     Chaos     chaos     engineering     Deputy     Director     Prison     Counter     Terrorism     Wants     Abolish     Prisons     motherandbaby     homes     Disclosure     duty     bishop     Wirral     driver     who     killed     curfew     watch     saves     swept     into     River     Wye     Peterborough     mosques     loudspeakers     rejected     Could     these     Brits     shake     awards     season     Nottingham     HR     finance     software     just     18     massive     Unit4     system     upgrade     Maps     COVID     Locations     Jenrick     We’ve     Got     Wrong     Milestone     Pages     Stimulating     Bookcase     Watch     Bailiffs     planning     Construction     mega     lab     halted     Welsh     ministers     criticised     81     yet     Bristol     policeman     took     armed     three     knives     Hinkley     Point     nuclear     later     greater     cost     music     gigs     independent     venues     BeyondCorp     Enterprise     Chromeshaped     approach     cloudnative     zero     trust     computing     Travel     latest No     scientific     evidence     hotels     publish     criteria     easing     next     Patient     returns     306     considers     making     can’t     bug     outside     morning     PMs     sorrow     citizenship     Pets     listen     troubles     judgement     hits     only     evicting     blood     probing     prostate     cancer     AI     claims     99%     success     using     relaxing     methods     Intel     reveals     US$475m     Vietnam     Communist     loves     hightech     industry     Axiom     Names     Private     Crew     Paying     $55     Million     Trip     many     area     tool     find     Easter     updates     what     level     priority     contacted     Q&A     different     does     compare     regions     families     offered     early     Woman     restart     chemotherapy     jab     Fistral     Beach     Christmas     trees     repair     dunes     Newquay     Nicholas     Wintons     statue     Train     services     reduced     country     Ultimate     Collection     Winsock     Software     offline     Firefox     85     crumbles     cacheabusing     supercookies     potent     partitioning     powers     Substance     Found     Antarctic     Ice     Solve     Martian     Mystery     Lammy     Jury     Previously     Argued     Was     Biased     Against     Elliot Page to     wife     Broadband     overpaying     because     missed     contract     notifications     pharmacist     tampering     guilty     plea     Rescued     Chinese     miners     feel     reborn     harrowing     ordeal     Climate     change     Biggest     poll     supports     emergency     Arrivals     face     actress     Jane     Fonda     Golden     Globes     lifetime     achievement     opens     door     Groups     stock     debut     AMDs     Lisa     Our     processor     Ryzen     faster     PC     Archbishops     daily     Goldman     Sachs     $10m     1MDB     scandal     Dear     Please     hard     I’d     I’m     Yours     Samsung     

The News Mine Lexicon Analysis is a dynamic analysis of the words used by major media sources in describing their articles and news headlines, for content published today.

Thus, by counting the occurences of words, in theory one can detect the key phrases, nouns, and verbs making today's news headlines. This is a snapshot of what humans are reading, writing, and thinking about at this moment in time.

This can also be described as a Tag Cloud.
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