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16/12/2019 13:40:52  

Maintainer: 'Most companies were reluctant to support the project their product depends on because it is available for free'

Interview In May this year, users of popular open source project FUSE for macOS noticed the source code for the latest update was missing. The project had become closed source and was no longer free for commercial use. But as The Reg discovered when we had a talk with its maintainer, there was a very good reason for that – and it's not a good look for the many companies that used it.…

16/12/2019 13:40:38  

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16/12/2019 13:40:31  

Kick off the festivities with a refreshing, fruity drink and a bowl of delicious oven-baked nuts

When it comes to throwing parties, the world falls into two quite distinct camps: those who love to do so, and those who would rather do almost anything else. Since Christmas has a mysterious way of conjuring up parties regardless, you may be looking at a fast approaching soirée with nervous excitement or abject terror. Getting organised early is key, and finding a few delicious recipes to start the proceedings will amuse your guests while you try to keep the show on the road. Good luck!

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16/12/2019 13:40:29  

Manchester Arena
The band who rose from the ashes of Creed pack a bombastic, bludgeoning noise – but are best when they allow their songs space to breathe

Florida rockers Alter Bridge are masters of the epic and bombastic. Their drums erupt like walls of cannons. Choruses stretch to the back of the arena and beyond. Guitars are played hard by men with legs apart; wailing solos come along as reliably as buses.

Two decades ago, in a previous incarnation, Creed, they were one of the biggest bands on the planet. Albums such as 1999’s Human Clay and 2001’s Weathered went multi-platinum on the back of radio-friendly rock anthems such as My Sacrifice and With Arms Wide Open. When that band fell apart in 2004 amid vocalist Scott Stapp’s drug abuse and undiagnosed bipolar disorder, guitarist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Phillips and bass player Brian Marshall added new vocalist Myles Kennedy and regrouped as Alter Bridge, and gradually hauled themselves back to playing vast arenas.

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16/12/2019 13:40:28  

Decision to pull several ads for the wedding planning site Zola launched a storm of protest and calls to #BoycottHallmarkChannel

The Hallmark Channel, reversing what it called a “wrong decision” said on Sunday it would reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples it pulled following a complaint from a conservative group.

The decision by Crown Media, Hallmark’s parent company, to pull several ads for the wedding planning site Zola featuring two brides kissing at the altar launched a storm of protest. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and William Shatner criticized the move and the hashtag #BoycottHallmarkChannel was trending on Twitter at one point.

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16/12/2019 13:40:27  

Burglar killed Leonard Harris, 78, and Rose Seferian, 83, during robberies in 1998

A man has been jailed for life for the murder of two pensioners in their own homes more than 20 years ago under the double jeopardy law.

Michael Weir killed Leonard Harris, 78, and Rose Seferian, 83, during the robberies in 1998, leaving them both for dead.

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16/12/2019 13:40:24  

  • Wolves draw La Liga strugglers Espanyol
  • Copenhagen v Celtic, Rangers v Braga

Manchester United will play Brugge in the Europa League’s round of 32 and Arsenal have been drawn against Olympiakos.

United finished top of Group L and will take on the Belgian side, who failed to qualify for the Champions League knockout phase after finishing a distant third behind PSG and Real Madrid in Group A.

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16/12/2019 13:40:24  

It is delusional to try to channel the president’s populism for good – we need fire-breathing warriors to take him on

Since the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, there has always been a strain of aspirational thinking within the Resistance that maybe, just maybe, his vague and mostly fictional populist sensibilities could be harnessed for good. “The man is a deranged fascist, yes,” the thinking goes, “but perhaps he will do something nice for all the laid-off manufacturing workers and such purely to spite the Republican establishment that made fun of him.” Trump offers just enough unpredictability that forces whose most fervent desire is for things to just get back to normal can imagine that his racist rightwing populism might be nudged over into progressive populism, without him noticing. Hope springs eternal, for those willing to ignore reality indefinitely.

Some would call this “maintaining a positive attitude”. Others would call it, more accurately, “maintaining a gullible attitude”. Either way, this brand of thought has preoccupied certain Democratic constituencies enough to make their opposition to this administration perfunctory, rather than passionate. It is hard to maintain an appropriately obsessive focus on throwing the bastard out if you are always harboring the dream of striking a deal with him.

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16/12/2019 13:40:22  

These are such troubling times for the actual denizens of Buckingham Palace, it’s increasingly hard to muster an interest in their fictional counterparts

How we cooed when Olivia Colman was cast in the third series of The Crown. A glorious meeting of British institutions, her rendering of Elizabeth II would capture the sovereign’s stoicism while revealing the beating heart beneath. But it wasn’t to be. The problem is not, as one columnist claimed, Colman’s “distinctly leftwing face”, but rather her determination to remain expressionless at all times. The overall effect of her persistent thousand-yard stare is that of a woman trying desperately to hold in a fart.

But it would be unfair to blame this season’s deficiencies solely on Colman. The Crown still looks good enough to eat, but, like many long-running dramas about privileged people incapable of getting dressed by themselves, it has lost its allure. In the opening two series, we had pomp, circumstance, a gripping family saga and a costume department to die for. At the centre of it all was a humane portrait of a young woman thrust into a role that, in hereditary terms, should never have been hers. Now we are stuck with a hard-nosed monarch and her emotionally stunted spouse whose own children need an appointment to visit them, despite their living under the same roof.

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16/12/2019 13:40:21  

Steve Lazarides was the art renegade’s strategist, photographer and minder. As his shots are published, he recalls the politics, parties and soaring price tags of ‘Matey Boy’

One Christmas, Steve Lazarides and Banksy decided to kill Santa. “Reject false icons,” read the slogan hastily spray painted across their shopfront, behind a highly festive effigy they had created of Father Christmas dangling from a noose. Dotted around were signs intended to lure passersby into their shop, in the hope that they would join in the party and buy some artworks. The signs, however, may have had the opposite effect. “Santa’s Ghetto,” read one. “Stinking art piss,” read another.

“There were a few complaints about what we did to Santa,” says Lazarides, once Banksy’s right-hand man. “And about the noise. We didn’t care. It was a group show we did every year, so artists could make a little dough and punters could pick up some affordable art for Christmas stockings.”

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16/12/2019 13:40:21  

Matthew Feargrieve accused of attacking Ulrich Engler at Royal Opera House in London

A lawyer repeatedly punched a fashion designer in a dispute over a front row seat at an opera performance, a court has heard.

Matthew Feargrieve allegedly attacked Ulrich Engler with “a constant flow of blows” after he climbed into an empty seat next to him and moved Feargrieve’s partner’s coat at the Royal Opera House in central London.

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16/12/2019 13:40:20  

Democrats are pressing for John Bolton, the former national security adviser fired by Donald Trump in September, and the president’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, to be called to testify in the impeachment trial expected to be held in the Senate next month.

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16/12/2019 13:40:19  

Johnson’s top aide concerned department wasting billions on misjudged procurement

Dominic Cummings is seeking to launch a review of Ministry of Defence spending and strategy next year, after concerns that the department has been wasting billions on misjudged procurement.

The anticipated review from Boris Johnson’s most influential aide comes amid expectations of a wider revamp of Whitehall operations and after he singled out the £6.2bn decision to build two new aircraft carriers as continuing to “squander billions of pounds”.

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16/12/2019 13:40:18  

OBR forecast means tax rises rather than tax cuts will be needed, say analysts

The scope for significant tax cuts in the new government’s budget has been reduced after gloomier predictions for the public finances from the Treasury watchdog showed higher levels of public borrowing and a deterioration in the British economy.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) warned that government borrowing was on course to be about £20bn higher than previously expected in each year to 2023-24, dramatically cutting the government’s room for manoeuvre after Boris Johnson’s election victory.

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16/12/2019 13:40:18  

Potential Labour leadership candidate says ex-colleague Caroline Flint made story up

Emily Thornberry, a potential Labour leadership candidate, has threatened to sue her former colleague Caroline Flint for “making up shit” about her.

Thornberry said she had consulted lawyers after Flint, who lost her Don Valley seat last week, claimed on live television that Thornberry had once said to a fellow MP in a leave-voting seat that she was “glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours”.

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16/12/2019 13:39:19  

Fair to say that CCHQ’s reaction to the Exit Poll was slightly more positive than in the sullen studios of Channel 4 or Novara Media…

The post CCHQ’s Exit Poll Reaction appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

16/12/2019 13:38:15  
16/12/2019 13:37:20  
16/12/2019 13:36:48  

China invites Arsenal's Mesut Ozil to visit the country, saying his criticism of the treatment of Uighur Muslims there was "influenced by untruthful remarks".
16/12/2019 13:36:41  

Daish Holidays, who run the Claremont Hotel, confirm a second part of the building has collapsed.
16/12/2019 13:36:41  

Wesley Streete is accused of murdering Keeley Bunker, whose body was found in woodland.
16/12/2019 13:36:39  

The Labour MP denies saying Leave voters were "stupid" and says she is taking legal action.
16/12/2019 13:36:38  

New Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome is the Baby of the House at 23.
16/12/2019 13:36:37  

The man sprayed "excessive" amounts of the scent before lighting a cigarette, firefighters say.
16/12/2019 13:36:36  

No 10 says the government plans to begin the legislation process "in discussion with the Speaker".