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31/01/2023 01:02:14  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Nearly 45GB of source code files, allegedly stolen by a former employee, have revealed the underpinnings of Russian tech giant Yandex's many apps and services. It also revealed key ranking factors for Yandex's search engine, the kind almost never revealed in public. [...] While it's not clear whether there are security or structural implications of Yandex's source code revelation, the leak of 1,922 ranking factors in Yandex's search algorithm is certainly making waves. SEO consultant Martin MacDonald described the hack on Twitter as "probably the most interesting thing to have happened in SEO in years" (as noted by Search Engine Land). In a thread detailing some of the more notable factors, researcher Alex Buraks suggests that "there is a lot of useful information for Google SEO as well." Yandex, the fourth-ranked search engine by volume, purportedly employs several ex-Google employees. Yandex tracks many of Google's ranking factors, identifiable in its code, and competes heavily with Google. Google's Russian division recently filed for bankruptcy after losing its bank accounts and payment services. Buraks notes that the first factor in Yandex's list of ranking factors is "PAGE_RANK," which is seemingly tied to the foundational algorithm created by Google's co-founders. As detailed by Buraks (in two threads), Yandex's engine favors pages that: - Aren't too old - Have a lot of organic traffic (unique visitors) and less search-driven traffic - Have fewer numbers and slashes in their URL - Have optimized code rather than "hard pessimization," with a "PR=0" - Are hosted on reliable servers - Happen to be Wikipedia pages or are linked from Wikipedia - Are hosted or linked from higher-level pages on a domain - Have keywords in their URL (up to three)

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31/01/2023 01:02:14  

Frontier, an internet service provider (ISP) that services 25 US states, has just launched 5 Gig fiber internet service across its entire network. The Verge reports: Frontier launched 2 Gig fiber internet service less than a year ago, and the 5 Gig plan is currently available in all of Frontier's fiber-connected markets, with no phased rollouts. Compared to the cable-bound internet that most of us are familiar with, Frontier's 5 Gig internet is reported to have upload speeds that are up to 125 times faster and up to five times faster downloads, all delivered with less latency. The new 5 Gig network is one of the fastest internet options currently available in the US, with other fiber-enabled ISPs like Verizon Fios and Google Fiber still capped at around 2Gbps. Right now, the only other 5 Gig network currently available in the US is through AT&T, which offers 2 Gig and 5 Gig plans. Google Fiber is also slated to add 5-gig and 8-gig plans to its lineup sometime this year, despite its numerous setbacks.

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31/01/2023 01:02:11  

Could the shooting of a six-year-old girl spark change in India where organ donation is rare?
31/01/2023 01:02:11  

A teenager's post about her first "luxury bag" has drawn tens of millions of views.
31/01/2023 01:02:11  

Logging and road building will be once again banned in much of Alaska's Tongass Forest.
31/01/2023 01:02:03  

Top lawyer Robert Henderson may have fanned the flames of the conspiracy theory to hide paedophile activity.
31/01/2023 01:02:02  

Wales High School in Rotherham will be closing to most pupils when teachers strike over pay on Wednesday.
31/01/2023 01:01:57  

The 55-year-old Baywatch star is releasing both a memoir and Netflix documentary this week.
31/01/2023 01:01:56  

Firms are creating artificial animal fats that they promise will make meat-free products taste better.
31/01/2023 01:01:55  

The consumption of pornography is widespread among children, the children's commissioner says.
31/01/2023 01:01:51  

It is three years since the UK left the EU and time to start looking at the evidence.
31/01/2023 00:02:11  

Sports fashion retailer JD Sports has confirmed miscreants broke into a system that contained data on a whopping 10 million customers, but no payment information was among the mix. The Register reports: In a post to investors this morning, the London Stock Exchange-listed business said the intrusion related to infrastructure that housed data for online orders from sub-brands including JD, Size? Millets, Blacks, Scotts and MilletSport between November 2018 and October 2020. The data accessed consisted of customer name, billing address, delivery address, phone number, order details and the final four digits of payment cards "of approximately 10 million unique customers." The company does "not hold full payment card details" and said that it has "no reason to believe that account passwords were accessed." As is customary in such incidents, JD Sports has contacted the relevant authorities such as the Information Commissioner's Office and says it has enlisted the help of "leading cyber security experts." The chain has stores across Europe, with some operating in North America and Canada. It also operates some footwear brands including Go Outdoors and Shoe Palace. "We want to apologize to those customers who may have been affected by this incident," said Neil Greenhalgh, chief financial officer at JD Sports. "We are advising them to be vigilant about potential scam emails, calls and texts and providing details on now to report these." He added: "We are continuing with a full review of our cyber security in partnership with external specialists following this incident. Protecting that data of our customers is an absolute priority for JS."

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31/01/2023 00:02:09  

A BBC News investigation reveals how violent gangs are abusing LGBT community members they meet online.
31/01/2023 00:02:04  

Under the bill some employees would have to work during strikes - and could be sacked if they refuse.
31/01/2023 00:02:02  

Teachers' strikes, GP waiting times and the cost of living crisis lead some of Tuesday's papers.
30/01/2023 23:02:10  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet, written by Jack Wallen: PikaOS is very similar to that of Nobara Linux, which opts for a Fedora base. But what are these two Linux distributions? Simply put, they are Linux for gamers. [...] So, what does PikaOS do that so many other distributions do not? The most obvious thing is that it makes it considerably easier to install the tools needed to play games. Upon first logging in, you're greeted with a Welcome app. In the First Steps tab, you have quick access to tools for updating the system, installing patented codecs and libraries, installing propriety Nvidia drivers, installing apps from the Software Manager, and installing WebApps. Next comes the Recommended Additions, where you can install the likes of: PikaOS Game Utilities is a meta package that installs Steam, Lutris, GOverlay, MangoHud, Wine, Winetricks, vkBasalt, and other gaming-centric tools; Microsoft TrueType fonts for better Windows font emulation; Blender for creating 3D images; OBS Studio for streaming; Kdenlive for non-linear video editing; Krita for painting; and LibreOffice for productivity. In the Optional Steps tab, you can add AMD proprietary drivers, ROCm drivers, Xone drivers, and Proton GE (for Steam and Wine compatibility). Finally, the Look And Feel tab allows you to customize themes, layouts, and extensions. The layouts section is pretty nifty, as it allows you to configure the GNOME desktop to look and feel like a more traditional desktop, a MacOS-like desktop, a Windows 11 layout, a throwback GNOME 2 desktop, and even a Ubuntu Unity-like desktop. As far as pre-installed software goes, it's pretty bare bones (until you start adding titles from the Recommended Additions tab in the Welcome App). You'll find Firefox (web browser), Geary (email), Pidgin (messaging), Weather, Calculator, Cheese (web camera software), Rhythmbox, Contacts, a few utilities, and basic games. However, installing new apps is quite simple via the Software Manager app. Of course, the focus of PikaOS is games. When you install the PikaOS Game Utilities, you'll get Steam installed, which makes it easy to play an endless array of games on the Linux desktop. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when you launch the PikaOS Game Utilities installation, it opens a terminal window to run the installation. Give this plenty of time to complete and, in the end, you can launch Steam, log in to your Steam account, and start playing. Just remember, the first time you launch the Steam app, it will take a moment to update and configure. But once it's up and running... let the games begin.

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30/01/2023 23:02:09  

Impossible Foods, which makes plant-based nuggets, burgers and patties, is reportedly laying off 20% of its staff, Bloomberg reported first. TechCrunch reports: According to the story, the 12-year-old company currently employs about 700 workers, which could then affect over 100 employees. This comes as the company made a 6% reduction in its workforce last October. While we know layoffs can happen anytime, it seems like the company was doing well. Earlier this month, the Redwood City, California-based company reported a year of record sales that included over 50% dollar sales growth in 2022. The company also touted that its Impossible Beef product was "the best-selling product by volume of any plant-based meat brand in the U.S." Months before that, CEO Peter McGuinness said in an interview with Bloomberg Technology that the company had a strong balance sheet, good cash flow and growth of between 65% to 70%. In total, Impossible raised $1.9 billion in venture capital, according to Crunchbase data. The last time the company raised capital was a $500 million Series H round in November 2021, and it was at that time that the company was valued at $7 billion. [...] Impossible is not the only plant-based meat alternative company to make layoffs in recent months. In a regulatory filing made last October, Beyond Meat said it planned to lay off about 200 employees, or 19% of its workforce, as part of cost-saving measures as sales were slumping.

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30/01/2023 23:02:07  

The ex-president, currently staying in Florida, wants to "enjoy being a tourist", his lawyer says.
30/01/2023 23:02:07  

The BBC has seen evidence of how officers pose as dates online to seek out and arrest their targets.
30/01/2023 22:02:11  

Dutch health technology company Philips will scrap another 6,000 jobs worldwide as it tries to restore its profitability and improve the safety of its products following a recall of respiratory devices that knocked off 70% of its market value. From a report: Half of the job cuts will be made this year, the company said on Monday, adding that the other half will be realised by 2025. The new reorganisation brings the total amount of job cuts announced by new Chief Executive Roy Jakobs in recent months to 10,000, or around 13% of Philips' current workforce.

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30/01/2023 22:02:09  

A San Mateo County District Attorney has said the suspect was angered over a workplace dispute.
30/01/2023 22:02:04  

Sadiq Khan tells MPs the government policy adds "little value to London communities".
30/01/2023 22:02:01  

An inquest into five people's deaths in Plymouth is told firearms licence training was "on the job".
30/01/2023 22:02:00  

Two men are held on suspicion of the murder of Ashley Dale who was shot in her back garden.
30/01/2023 22:02:00  

The Church of England ruled that Dr Stephen Sizer had "provoked and offended the Jewish community".