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28/05/2020 23:16:44  

Chocolate Factory insists its practices have been mischaracterized

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming the ad biz employs unfair and deceptive trade practices to collect location data from mobile phones.…

28/05/2020 23:16:42  

Up to 20 people will be allowed to gather at weddings and up to 50 at funerals from Monday in NSW. Follow updates live

Marise Payne, Francois-Philippe Champagne, Dominic Raab and Mike Pompeo have come together to release a statement on Hong Kong.

I cannot even begin to imagine how many hours went into each word. Probably one of the reasons it took so long.

Signatories to this statement reiterate our deep concern regarding Beijing’s decision to impose a national security law in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has flourished as a bastion of freedom. The international community has a significant and long-standing stake in Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. Direct imposition of national security legislation on Hong Kong by the Beijing authorities, rather than through Hong Kong’s own institutions as provided for under Article 23 of the Basic Law, would curtail the Hong Kong people’s liberties and, in doing so, dramatically erode Hong Kong’s autonomy and the system that made it so prosperous.

The Courier Mail reports Nathan Turner, who died at his Blackwater home on Tuesday, and then later tested positive for Covid-19 (he had not previously been tested) and his partner held a party at their home four days earlier.

The 30-year-old had been showing respiratory illness symptoms for some time before his death. He had what authorities describe as a “complicated” medical history. His partner has also been showing symptoms and is in isolation.

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28/05/2020 23:16:42  

Minneapolis city council vice-president Andrea Jenkins sang a portion of the song Amazing Grace and offered her sympathies to the family of George Floyd at a news conference on Thursday morning. Jenkins also called on her council colleagues to call a state of emergency in Minneapolis, declaring racism a public health issue. George Floyd died Monday after a Minneapolis police officer arrested him and placed his knee on his neck for several minutes. Video of the encounter has been shown worldwide.

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28/05/2020 23:16:27  

UK recognises Juan Guaidó as country’s interim president, arguing president Nicolas Maduro rigged 2018 election

A court in London has said that it will need to decide which of Venezuela’s duelling political factions to recognise before ruling on president Nicolas Maduro’s request for the Bank of England to hand over gold the country has in its vaults.

For decades, Venezuela has stored gold that makes up part of its central bank reserves in the vaults of foreign financial institutions including the Bank of England, which provides gold custodian services to developing countries. But since 2018, the bank has refused to transfer the funds to Maduro’s government, which Britain does not recognise.

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28/05/2020 23:16:25  

  • Injury-hit midfielder has made only two Everton appearances
  • Gbamin will undergo surgery next week after training injury

Everton are resigned to being without Jean-Philippe Gbamin until next year after the unfortunate midfielder suffered a serious chilles injury on his return to training.

The Ivory Coast international will undergo surgery next week on an injury sustained in an innocuous, non-contact incident at Everton’s Finch Farm training complex on Thursday. It will be the third operation of the 24-year-old’s brief career at Goodison Park, with his latest extensive lay-off expected to keep him out until 2021.

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28/05/2020 23:16:25  

Wolves midfielder excited to be training properly alongside his teammates with the Premier League return finally in sight

News of the Premier League’s return is music to the ears of Rúben Neves, even if it means the guitar lessons he started during lockdown may have to fade into the background. The midfielder had just completed Wolves’ first contact training session in more than two months on Thursday when news broke that his team could return to match action on the weekend starting 19 June.

Neves can already envisage repeating his pre-match routine. “Coldplay are my favourite band and that’s the kind of music I always listen to before a game,” the 23-year-old said. “Normally the last song I listen to before I take off my headphones is Fix You. I like the words and it helps me to get concentrated for the match.”

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28/05/2020 23:16:25  

  • Sprinter trained over longer distances in lockdown
  • Asher-Smith relieved when Olympics postponed

Dina Asher-Smith has described how running with deer has kept her fit during the Covid-19 lockdown, also admitting she felt relieved when the Olympics were postponed because of the near-impossibility of training sufficiently.

If the Tokyo Games take place next year, Asher-Smith will be highly favoured to build on her 200m gold medal from the 2019 world championships. But that could hardly have felt a more remote prospect when the first British woman to win a global sprint title found herself making do with a complete change of rhythm, and surroundings, over longer distances in a deer park in recent weeks.

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28/05/2020 23:16:24  

This new comedy from the writers of The Inbetweeners boasts Will Arnett and trademark ‘banter’ – but there’s only so long you can watch bored footballers playing Fifa

As the new sitcom from the creators of The Inbetweeners, The First Team (BBC Two) comes with the weight of expectation on its shoulders. In this case, its dopey leads are a little older – in their early 20s, in fact – and they are peripheral players at a struggling Premier League football club. As a potential parking space for the banter bus, you would be hard pressed to find anything better than the dressing room of a football club. Plus, it has Will Arnett playing the club’s gruesome chairman, although his appearance is disappointingly brief. 

The First Team gets off to a slow start, though even the strongest sitcoms rarely find greatness in their early episodes. It inhabits a strange middle ground, as if it’s being stretched between all-out slapstick and the kind of earnest comedies that balance gags with wanting to make an important point. As you might expect from the talent behind it, penis jokes and toilet humour dominate the tone. There’s a running gag about an elongated foreskin. “Is that funny?” says the owner of said foreskin, the monstrous boiling pot of rage, Petey, though the answer appears to be that it definitely is, as we return to the punchline again and again. 

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28/05/2020 23:16:24  

Date moved for Covid-19 travel reasons, but fears raised over delay to green recovery plans

Global talks aimed at staving off the threat of climate breakdown will be delayed by a year to November 2021 because of the coronavirus crisis, the UN has confirmed.

The summit, known as Cop26, which 196 nations are expected to attend, will now take place in Glasgow from November 1 to 12 next year, as reports had anticipated, with the UK government acting as host and president. They were originally set to take place from November 9 this year.

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28/05/2020 23:16:23  

The 16-year-old from Havant was found dead in woodland after disappearing on VE Day

A 29-year-old man has been charged with the murder of 16-year-old Louise Smith, who disappeared on VE Day. Hampshire police said Shane Lee Mays, of Havant, has been remanded in custody and will appear at Portsmouth magistrates court on Friday.

The teenager was last seen alive in the Leigh Park area of Havant at midday on 8 May. Her body was found in nearby woodland at Havant Thicket on 21 May. She was described by a family friend as a “lovely girl with a heart of gold”.

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28/05/2020 23:16:01  

Updates to Coverage of Landmark NASA SpaceX Commercial Crew Test Flight
28/05/2020 23:16:00  

Poll Shows 2-1 Margin in Support of Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea
28/05/2020 23:15:59  

Fresh Antimatter Study Will Help Search for Dark Matter
28/05/2020 23:15:58  

NASA awards SwRI $3 million to develop lunar LASVEGAS
28/05/2020 23:15:55  

Adam Engst, writing for TidBITS: Because force-quitting apps and restarting or shutting down devices are necessary only to fix unanticipated problems, there are two notable downsides to engaging in such behavior as a matter of habit: reduced battery life and wasted time. Why would these behaviors reduce battery life? Remember, iOS is a modern operating system that's built on top of Apple's proprietary hardware. Apple has put a great deal of effort into ensuring that iOS knows the best ways to manage the limited hardware resources within your iPhone or iPad. No one, possibly short of an iOS systems engineer armed with Apple's internal diagnostic and debugging tools, would be able to outguess iOS itself on issues like memory usage, power draw, and CPU throttling. When you invoke the App Switcher in iOS, you can swipe right to see all the apps you've used, possibly since you got your device. (The very first app in my iPhone 11 Pro's App Switcher is Apple's Tips, which I think came up automatically when I turned the iPhone on last year and hasn't been touched since. It's difficult to count apps in the App Switcher, but I probably have at least a hundred in there.) As the number of apps in the App Switcher should indicate, those apps are not necessarily running -- they merely have run at some point in the past. They're much more like the contents of the Mac's Apple > Recent Items menu. In normal usage, iOS devotes the lion's share of CPU and memory resources to the app that you're using. That's sensible -- the performance of that app is paramount. However, the next few apps in the App Switcher may also be consuming some CPU and memory resources. That's because iOS correctly assumes that you're most likely to return to them, and it wants to give you the best experience when you do. The screen shouldn't have to redraw multiple times, Internet-loaded content shouldn't have to update, and so on. [...]

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

28/05/2020 23:13:09  

The pair, hired for role play involving a broom, mistakenly went to the wrong house with machetes.
28/05/2020 23:13:03  

The North Antrim MP wrote that he 'wouldn't let the NI Executive' track and trace his movements.
28/05/2020 22:16:38  

The price will only go down

The maintainers of OpenSSH, widely used for connecting securely to servers and devices over networks, have warned that the SHA-1 algorithm will be disabled in a "near-future release".…

28/05/2020 22:16:37  

Friday: China passes repressive national security law to clamp down on Hong Kong. Plus, Adam Liaw power-ranks the best dishes of lockdown

Good morning, this is Richard Parkin bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Friday 29 May.

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28/05/2020 22:16:22  

Malfunction caused rocket to shut down about five seconds after ignition

The first launch demonstration of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket ended in failure this week.

The California-based company aims to place small satellites into space using LauncherOne, which is carried under the wing of a converted 747 jumbo-jet aircraft.

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28/05/2020 22:16:20  

Trump has used and abused the platform for long enough. And his latest executive order is just another distraction

The president’s executive order on social media will kick off a heated debate over free speech on the internet that will, in all likelihood, lead to nothing. This manufactured dispute is a distraction for the media, and it will almost certainly be an effective one. It would be in everyone’s interest – including its own – if Twitter pulled the plug on this specious debate, banned Trump for repeated and egregious violations of its rules, and helped us all focus on what’s more important.

More than 100,000 people in the United States have died of Covid-19, more than any other nation in the world. The figure is probably an undercount.

More than 1.7 million people in the US have had confirmed cases of Covid-19, more than any other nation in the world. The figure is almost certainly an undercount.

The US federal government completely botched the rollout of testing for the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, and continues to lag in providing adequate testing for its populace.

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28/05/2020 22:16:20  

Sources say force stopped short of definitive statement because cases not tested in courts

Durham police believe Dominic Cummings probably did break lockdown rules following an investigation into his travels around north-east England during lockdown, the Guardian understands.

On Thursday the force released a report saying the prime minister’s special adviser “might have” breached health protection regulations when he embarked on a 52-mile round trip to the town of Barnard Castle with his wife and son on her birthday.

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28/05/2020 22:16:19  

PM gags Vallance and Whitty when they are asked if Cummings breached lockdown

Boris Johnson has blocked his two most senior scientific advisers from answering questions on whether his senior aide, Dominic Cummings, broke the lockdown.

At No 10’s daily press conference, the prime minister twice prevented questions from journalists who wanted to know whether Prof Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, believed Cummings had stuck to the rules.

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28/05/2020 22:16:19  

After nine extraordinary weeks the woman behind the event said Thursday’s should be the last

On Thursday 26 March, Britons stood just inside their front doors, a little unsure if they would be the only ones taking part in a very unBritish ritual. It was three days since Boris Johnson had announced a draconian lockdown, and, in a horrifyingly fearful time, it was not difficult to feel immense gratitude to those health workers risking everything to save lives. But was anyone else really going to turn out to clap?

Few can have predicted the wall of noise that followed that first Thursday night and every Thursday since – the applause rising from doorsteps, the smiles and waves between neighbours who had never previously spoken to each other, the new national ritual that, for many, became the clearest fixed point in the week. Isolated in our homes, we were speaking together as never before.

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28/05/2020 22:16:19  

PM also refuses to allow top scientific advisers to talk about chief aide at daily No 10 briefing

Boris Johnson has brushed aside a growing revolt of almost 100 of his own MPs and defied ongoing calls for Dominic Cummings to be sacked, despite a police investigation that failed to exonerate him for a potential breach of lockdown.

The prime minister was again besieged by questions about his chief adviser as the crisis overshadowed his decision to cautiously ease the lockdown in England, which will require millions of citizens to abide by the letter and spirit of new guidelines.

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