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19/05/2019 09:29:36  

All of a sudden, he’s gone far beyond mere ‘bababababa’ and ‘plpplpplpplp’

After 10 months of patient silence, this week saw an explosion in my son’s vocabulary, as his wayward mash of vowels and consonants gave way to a torrent of altogether more defined syllables. This will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his earlier work. Few who heard his first releases, babababababa or plpplpplpplpplpplp could doubt he was one to watch, and his dadadada earned golden opinions from those who heard within it the freshness of German new wave troubadours Trio, only with the arch and knowing delivery of a young Alan Bennett.

Since he was slow to crawl, and still has no teeth, we’ve taken the fact that he’s babbling a little earlier than his playmates as a sign that he is destined for a life of the mind. ‘What use is a full head of teeth anyway?’ we ask ourselves. Let lesser children pursue a career in competitive eating, a life of Crunchie bars. By the time he’s six our son may still be toothless, but he’ll also be doing speaking tours for his second biography of Lord Liverpool, and presenting one of those moderately dumbed down history programmes on BBC2 – the kind that only get made if the presenter agrees to do at least one or two interstitial segments dressed in period costume.

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19/05/2019 09:29:35  

The death of a Jeremy Kyle guest should be the moment broadcasters celebrate rather than exploit their guests

The trouble with having very little is the perception that you can be easily bought. Many participants on The Jeremy Kyle Show, on being asked why they went on, said that they had never stayed in a hotel before. The seductive triad of an all-expenses-paid trip, free booze and 15 minutes of fame is a far cry from an everyday life that is scarcely examined.

Over the past week, my inbox has been packed with horror stories about the machinations of The Jeremy Kyle Show, with claims that members of the production team infiltrated 12-step programmes, transgender support groups and other havens for various fragments of vulnerability. The emerging pattern from these stories is this: one member joins the group to identify potential guests and gains their trust. Time passes, usually a few weeks, and they offer a “solution” to their conflicts, internal or external. The show was rarely mentioned until a few days before filming the accounts suggest. If true, in any other level of society, we would see this for what it is: grooming and manipulation. All in the name of the 9.25am entertainment slot.

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19/05/2019 09:29:34  

An equalling out of sex hormones, a woman’s chance to explore her person-ness, the falling away of vanity… Eva detects a gleaming glamour

The menopause comes,” says Kristin Scott Thomas’s character in Fleabag, “and it is the most wonderful fucking thing in the world.” Despite a “crumbling” pelvic floor and a number of other horrors, she continues, “You’re free, no longer a slave, no longer a machine with parts. You’re just a person.” A moment here, to imagine anything better? Than being just a person? In the world? Bloodless and free?

Something has started to happen as my body hurls itself towards the end of its 30s – older women are talking to me about the menopause. I love these moments, when small torches are passed down, relay-like. I remember being in my earliest 20s, working in a shop with women who gleefully told me about the glory of turning 30, its secrets and relief. And then, when I was pregnant, older mothers would tell me about the complicated pleasures to come with eyes dry and wide. This is a similar thrill – it’s happened three times so far, complaints wrapped in reveries, about what you become when you become menopausal. An opinion piece by Lisa Selin Davis in the New York Times suggested that, much like the talk a parent gives their child about sex, “We need to have The Talk, but for 45-year-olds… We perimenopausal women need to talk to one another, and the rest of the world, about what’s happening.”

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19/05/2019 09:29:33  

Tory MP’s tribute to the Victorians is more fantasy than history

At some point during his busy political schedule, Jacob Rees-Mogg managed to convince an editor that what the world really needs in 2019 is an updated version of Mrs Ernest Ames’s An ABC for Baby Patriots.

And so we have The Victorians – Twelve Titans Who Forged Britain, which provides a reassuring narrative of past British greatness through the lives of 11 men and one woman (Queen Victoria had to be included for obvious reasons). This is not history as we usually think of it, however, but rather a sentimental vision of the past as the author wishes it had been (think Ripping Yarns played straight and without the canned laughter).

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19/05/2019 09:29:33  

• Captain leaves on a high after City complete domestic treble
• ‘The time has come for me to go’

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany will leave the club this summer, after signing off with victory in the FA Cup final on Saturday, where City thrashed Watford 6-0 to complete a domestic treble. The 33-year-old joined the club in the summer of 2008 and has made 360 appearances.

Related: At home with Vincent Kompany: 'Setbacks, racism – everything fed my fire'

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19/05/2019 09:29:32  

Truly, the Brexit party leader moves in mysterious ways

“It was one of those things they keep in a jar in the tent of a sideshow on the outskirts of a little, drowsy town. One of those pale things, drifting in alcohol plasma, forever dreaming and circling, with its peeled dead eyes staring out at you and never seeing you” – Ray Bradbury, The Jar, Weird Tales, November 1944.

Last Friday morning, in a packed working men’s club in the 97% Leave voting North Yorkshire moorland town of Blackleg Wang, I heard the chants of “Ni-gel! Ni-gel! Ni-gel!” die away, as Nigel Farage took the stage at his latest Brexit party rally. I was shocked. It was a long time since I had seen a politician who was actually popular with anyone.

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19/05/2019 09:29:31  

The actor on playing a factory owner in Rutherford and Son, shyness, and Peter Mannion’s take on Brexit

Roger Allam is a distinguished English actor whose stage work has ranged from Inspector Javert in the original London production of Les Misérables to Adolf Hitler in David Edgar’s Albert Speer. His TV roles include Peter Mannion MP in The Thick of It and DCI Thursday in ITV’s Endeavour. He is now starring in the National Theatre’s production of Githa Sowerby’s overlooked 1912 classic, Rutherford and Son.

Is director Polly Findlay right to say that Githa Sowerby merits a place alongside Ibsen and Shaw?
Yes, I think she is. I can’t think of another play as good from that period. It takes a very cold, hard stare at the patriarchy, capitalism, industrialisation and the relations between men and women, families. It’s extremely challenging and very strong stuff. It was a huge hit in its time but then languished for almost a century. It is certainly time that it was done again.

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19/05/2019 09:29:31  

3D printed soil, urban farming and artificial intelligence will all make an appearance at this year’s event

Weed is not a word often associated with the immaculate gardens of the Chelsea flower show. But with hydroponics and urban farming making grand appearances at this year’s event, it will be on a lot of visitors’ lips.

“With the right lights you can grow whatever you like, even if you’re inside a dark, north-facing flat in London or Birmingham,” said Jody Lidgard, one of Chelsea’s most decorated designers. “It’s almost like marijuana,” he chuckled. “It’s funny, but it’s true. They’ve been leading the way.”

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19/05/2019 09:29:30  

As the light fades on Westeros, with almost inevitable fan disappointment to follow, we look at shows that got their last act right – and those who failed

Warning: this article contains spoilers

At 2am on Monday morning thousands of people across the country will stumble out of bed to watch the final episode of TV’s biggest show, Game of Thrones.

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19/05/2019 09:29:29  

From a teenage threesome to sleeping with the school rugby captain, comedians, writers and presenters remember their first times


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19/05/2019 09:29:27  

Candidate who made remarks about raping MP could be public order risk, says cathedral

Exeter Cathedral has banned a Ukip candidate from taking part in hustings for Thursday’s European elections, saying he may be a risk to public order.

Carl Benjamin, who is under police investigation for comments he made about raping the Labour MP Jess Phillips, had been due to speak at the event alongside other candidates for the South West England region on Wednesday evening.

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19/05/2019 09:29:27  

President Xi appeared open to discussing Tibet but the Dalai Lama’s hosts in Delhi were not so keen, a book reveals

China’s President Xi Jinping agreed to meet the Dalai Lama during a state visit to India in 2014, but the plan was quashed by Delhi, the Buddhist spiritual leader has said.

The bombshell claim, which could signal that in the early years of his term Xi was open to the most radical shift in China’s Tibet policy in decades, was made during an interview for a book by Indian journalist Sonia Singh, an executive at the Delhi-based television channel NDTV.

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19/05/2019 09:29:26  

Solicitor for family of Molly Russell, who killed herself after viewing self-harm material on social media, is willing to represent Steve Dymond’s family

The Jeremy Kyle Show could be subjected to detailed scrutiny at the inquest into a participant’s apparent suicide. A lawyer who is representing the family of a teenager who took her own life having viewed self-harm material on social media said she was open to taking the case.

At many inquests bereaved families do not have legal representation because of a lack of legal aid funding. But Merry Varney, a partner at the law firm Leigh Day, said she would be prepared to act for the family of Steve Dymond, who was found dead last week after appearing on Kyle’s show, and that the funding could be found.

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19/05/2019 09:29:26  

Nationwide Care Services does not pay workers for time spent travelling between appointments, whistleblowers say

A firm supplying hundreds of home carers has been accused of failing to pay workers for travel time between appointments, meaning they earn less than the minimum wage, a Guardian investigation can reveal.

Whistleblowers allege that Nationwide Care Services, which has eight branches across the Midlands employing more than 400 staff, does not pay its employees for the time taken to get to and from vulnerable people’s homes to provide care. Carers are also pressured to cut short appointments with elderly people to meet “impossible” rota schedules, the whistleblowers claim.

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19/05/2019 09:28:19  

Guido knows they were wrong in Australia, but this one feels like a stretch…

The post Batten: I Don’t Believe The Polls appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

19/05/2019 09:28:18  

Seems like it’s bigger news these days when someone announces they’re not standing than when they announce they are…

The post Tobias Ellwood Announces He Isn’t Standing For Leadership appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

19/05/2019 09:25:43  

Recomendo: issue no. 147
19/05/2019 09:25:38  

Officials believe they were dumped in a river in Nairobi after an illegal abortion was carried out.
19/05/2019 09:25:38  

He outlined "strongly pro-life" views on abortion, amid a row over strict new laws passed in several states.
19/05/2019 09:25:28  

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex post new pictures on Instagram to mark their first anniversary.
19/05/2019 09:25:23  

Eurovision audience members give their verdicts on the 2019 contest.
19/05/2019 09:25:23  

The winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest says the UK should “step up" its entry.
19/05/2019 09:25:22  

A series about three women recovering from addiction wins the 5 Live Rachael Bland New Podcast Award.
19/05/2019 09:25:22  

Brexitcast, You, Me and the Big C and My Dad Wrote A Porno also won at the British Podcast Awards.
19/05/2019 09:25:12  

Rail firms and regulators say there will be no repeat of the chaos which hit the network in 2018.