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30/01/2023 19:02:03  

Preston Hemphill was one of the officers who initially stopped Mr Nichols prior to his fatal beating.
30/01/2023 19:02:00  

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has told the Commons developers must sign a contract within the next six weeks.
30/01/2023 18:02:08  

Satellite navigation systems for lunar settlements will require local atomic clocks. Scientists are working out what time they will keep. From a report: It's not obvious what form a universal lunar time would take. Clocks on Earth and the Moon naturally tick at different speeds, because of the differing gravitational fields of the two bodies. Official lunar time could be based on a clock system designed to synchronize with UTC, or it could be independent of Earth time. Representatives of space agencies and academic organizations worldwide met in November 2022 to start drafting recommendations on how to define lunar time at the European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Decisions must be made soon, says Patrizia Tavella, who leads the time department at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sevres, France. If an official lunar time is not established, space agencies and private companies will come up with their own solutions, she says. "This is why we want to raise an alert now, saying let's work together to take a common decision." The most pressing need for lunar time comes from plans to create a dedicated global satellite navigation system (GNSS) for the Moon, similar to how GPS and other satellite navigation networks enable precise location tracking on Earth. Space agencies plan to install this lunar GNSS from around 2030. ESA approved a lunar satellite navigation project called Moonlight at its ministerial council meeting on 22 and 23 November 2022 in Paris, and NASA established a similar project, called Lunar Communications Relay and Navigation Systems, last January. Until now, Moon missions have pinpointed their locations using radio signals sent to large antennas on Earth at scheduled times. But with dozens of missions planned, "there's just not enough resources to cover everybody," says Joel Parker, an engineer who works on lunar navigation at the Goddard Center.

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30/01/2023 18:02:08  

The European Union is weighing a proposal to make technology companies that use the most bandwidth, like Netflix and Alphabet, to help pay for the next generation of internet infrastructure, according to a draft document seen by Bloomberg. From the report: The suggestions are part of a "fair-share" vision from the EU's executive arm that could require large tech businesses, which provide streaming videos and other data-heavy services, to help pay for the traffic they generate. The draft document, which is part of a consultation with the industry, suggested firms might contribute to a fund to offset the cost of building 5G mobile networks and fiber infrastructure, as well as the creation of a mandatory system of direct payments from tech giants to telecom operators. The commission also asked companies whether there should be a threshold that would qualify a company to be a "large traffic generator," the document showed. That could be similar to the European governing body's rules designating some tech companies "gatekeepers" and "very large online platforms" in its recent competition and online content rules.

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30/01/2023 18:02:06  

New Yorkers were not happy after the Empire State building lit up in the colours of fellow NFL side and fierce rivals the Philadelphia Eagles.
30/01/2023 18:02:06  

Former US world champion freestyle skier Kyle Smaine dies in an avalanche in Japan.
30/01/2023 18:02:01  

William Shawcross will no longer lead a review of Richard Sharp's appointment owing to past contacts.
30/01/2023 17:02:10  

An anonymous reader shares a report: Jonathan Kanter has been one of Google's main legal foes for nearly 15 years. Last week, as the nation's top antitrust cop, he delivered a threat to break up the internet company. Mr. Kanter, the Justice Department's assistant attorney general for antitrust, filed a lawsuit alleging that Google is an illegal monopolist in the market for brokering ads on the internet. Some of the complaints trace back to early 2000s, when Mr. Kanter started questioning Google's role in the digital economy on behalf of his then-legal clients, including Microsoft. The 140-page lawsuit, which Google, a unit of Alphabet, has said includes untrue allegations and misstatements about its business, embraces charges the government once wrote off as far-fetched. In 2008, the Federal Trade Commission, which also polices threats to competition, said Google wouldn't be able to smother rivals in the digital-advertising world and declined to block its purchase of DoubleClick, an ad broker that the Justice Department now says Google should be forced to sell. The DOJ's lawsuit alleges that threats the FTC dismissed actually came to pass. The company built a moat around its business matching web publishers' supply of ad space with advertisers' demand, according to the DOJ's lawsuit. When new companies tried to compete or customers sought better deals, Google responded by blocking rivals from its platform or buying them outright and forcing them to work only with its products, the lawsuit alleges. Mr. Kanter, 49 years old, is one of the leaders of a movement that sees big technology companies including Google, Amazon.com, Facebook parent Meta Platforms and Apple as monopolists in the tradition of the 19th-century railroad and oil companies that inspired the original antitrust laws. "Today there is nobody in the world who knows more about that business and the antitrust issues surrounding it than Jonathan," said Charles "Rick" Rule, who worked with Mr. Kanter in private practice. "He has been confronting Google for 15 years." Mr. Kanter has spent most of his legal career in private practice, sometimes defending corporate clients from government investigations, but also representing companies in pressing law enforcers to go after rivals that have grown dominant. He began looking into Google during the 2000s decade on behalf of Microsoft, which the DOJ in 1998 alleged was an illegal monopolist in the personal-computer market in a lawsuit settled in 2001.

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30/01/2023 17:02:09  

Arrival, an electric vehicle startup based in the UK, said it was laying off 50 percent of its employees in a bid to reduce costs. The company also named a new CEO, Igor Torgov, who previously served as executive vice president of digital at the company. From a report: Arrival, which announced last year that it was winding down its UK operations in favor of refocusing its business in the US, became a publicly traded company in March 2021 after merging with a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. Founded in 2015, Arrival was developing electric delivery vans for UPS as a customer, as well as ridehailing cars for Uber and public buses. It also has backing from Hyundai and Kia. Arrival's layoffs will bring the company down to a workforce of 800 employees. The company claims that it expects to halve its ongoing cost of operating the business to approximately $30 million per quarter when accounting for reductions in real estate and other third-party costs. Arrival says it currently has $205 million in cash on hand.

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30/01/2023 17:02:08  

In what is emerging as the biggest political scandal of 2030, dozens of MPs from all parties are set to have the whip removed after the contents of secret conversations and group chats were leaked on Chinese social media.

The files, published on Chinese social network Weibo, featured messages from MPs from the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, the DUP, Greens and the newly formed Boris4King Party.[…] Read the rest

30/01/2023 17:02:08  

The Mail on Sunday previewed some of the excesses of the government’s efforts to combat disinformation contained in a report from Big Brother Watch. They even called in the military.

The revelations shed light on the state’s free speech interventions – including the Army’s shadowy 77th Brigade, tasked with combatting disinformation.[…] Read the rest

30/01/2023 17:02:08  

Guido tips his hat to Peter Smith for tying Nicola Sturgeon in multiple knots over the trans prisoner row. Asked simply “are all trans women, women?” – with the Scottish Prison Service having initially sent a double rapist to a women’s-only prison last week –  Sturgeon essentially claimed Smith was asking the wrong question.[…] Read the rest

30/01/2023 17:02:07  

Iceland supermarket boss Richard Walker is still determined to become a Tory MP at the next election – and is vowing to stick around as the company’s chair even if he’s elected to Parliament. Speaking to This is Money over the weekend, Walker, who’s led the £4 billion family firm for over four years, pointed out “plenty of MPs have second jobs.” […] Read the rest

30/01/2023 17:02:06  

It is the latest European country to say it is increasing military spending as a result of the conflict.
30/01/2023 17:02:00  

The bullying inquiry has now taken evidence from figures who have served at the top of government.
30/01/2023 17:01:57  

Strike contingency plans could include bringing Army back to Northern Ireland to cover callouts.
30/01/2023 17:01:57  

The Welsh Rugby Union wants to improve the diversity of the group that runs the national game.
30/01/2023 17:01:55  

After a whirlwind bidding war over an original costume of the TV character, the seller is let down.
30/01/2023 17:01:52  

The broadcaster says he would not have written the comments his colleague made about Meghan Markle.
30/01/2023 17:01:46  

The Fire Brigades Union says it will delay announcing dates for action until after it meets employers.
30/01/2023 16:02:06  

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told lawmakers Monday it had made a series of changes to prevent a repeat of a key computer system outage that forced a nationwide Jan. 11 ground stop disrupting more than 11,000 flights. From a report: The FAA said it has implemented "a one-hour synchronization delay for one of the backup databases. This action will prevent data errors from immediately reaching that backup database." The FAA also said it "now requires at least two individuals to be present during the maintenance of the (messaging) system, including one federal manager."

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30/01/2023 16:01:57  

She had written a Facebook post asking about using the hall as a warm space for vulnerable people.
30/01/2023 16:01:54  

She was five when she starred in the first TV adaptation of The Addams Family in the 1960s.
30/01/2023 15:02:07  

Apple could be on track to release a foldable iPad as early as next year, according to supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. From a report: "I'm positive about the foldable iPad in 2024 and expect this new model will boost shipments and improve the product mix," he tweeted early Monday. Kuo expects it to be joined by a revamped iPad Mini, due to enter mass production in early 2024. Kuo didn't offer many new details on the rumored iPad foldable, but said that it will feature a "carbon fiber" kickstand produced by Chinese component manufacturer Anjie Technology.

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30/01/2023 15:02:06  

Baidu is planning to roll out an artificial intelligence chatbot service similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT potentially China's most prominent entry in a race touched off by the tech phenomenon. From a report: China's largest search engine company plans to debut a ChatGPT-style application in March, initially embedding it into its main search services, said the person, asking to remain unidentified discussing private information. The tool, whose name hasn't been decided, will allow users to get conversation-style search results much like OpenAI's popular platform. Baidu has spent billions of dollars researching AI in a years-long effort to transition from online marketing to deeper technology. Its Ernie system -- a large-scale machine-learning model that's been trained on data over several years -- will be the foundation of its upcoming ChatGPT-like tool, the person said. ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence tool, has lit up the internet since its public debut in November, amassing more than a million users within days and touching off a debate about the role of AI in schools, offices and homes. Companies including Microsoft are investing billions to try and develop real-world applications, while others are capitalizing on the hype to raise funds. Buzzfeed's shares more than doubled this month after it announced plans to incorporate ChatGPT in its content.

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