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18/07/2019 22:18:58  

  • Saint-Etienne defender set to be first major summer signing
  • Spurs made late effort to hijack €30m (£27m) transfer

The young St-Étienne centre-back William Saliba has decided to join Arsenal despite a late attempt by Tottenham to sign the France Under-20 international.

Arsenal agreed a five-year deal with the 18-year-old last week and he looked all set to sign for the Gunners, but late interest from their North London rivals delayed the announcement.

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18/07/2019 22:18:57  

• Chef de mission hoping for 380 athletes in Tokyo
• Paralympic team to decrease slightly on Rio

Great Britain is on course to send its biggest team to an overseas Olympics, with the aim of staying in the “upper echelons” of the medal table at Tokyo 2020.

Team GB recorded their best results since 1908 when 366 athletes brought home a total of 67 medals from Rio 2016. The British Olympic Authority [BOA] predicts 378 athletes will travel to Japan, though there is caution about projecting a medal total to rival Rio.

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18/07/2019 22:18:56  

• England 58-47 South Africa
• New Zealand now face England in the semi-final

England put on their most attractive display of this World Cup as their captain, Serena Guthrie, marshalled a brilliant first-half performance in their 58-47 victory against South Africa. It gave them an 11-goal half-time lead that carried them to a comfortable win, and the Proteas were not helped by the fact that the only person who might have been able to hold Guthrie – their own captain, Bongiwe Msomi – took an awkward fall and hobbled off court after 11 minutes of play.

England finish their group top and will now face New Zealand in the semi-finals, after the Diamonds defeated the Silver Ferns by a single goal in a stunning morning game. New Zealand had fought back from a six-goal half-time deficit – but Israel Folau could only watch from the stands with everyone else as his wife, Maria, New Zealand’s go-to pressure shooter skimmed the rim with her last-second attempt to draw level.

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18/07/2019 22:18:55  

A consultation I am launching is the first step towards equalising the roles of men and women at home and in work

In the 44 years since statutory maternity leave was introduced to the UK, the experience of parenting has changed almost beyond recognition. Fathers and same-sex partners want to be more involved and share parenting more equally – not just in the later stages of childhood, but right from the first second that their child is born.

I firmly believe that mums and dads should be given the opportunity to do this and that’s why, back when I was shadow minister for women and equalities, I first set out to develop the shared parental leave policy we have today.

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18/07/2019 22:18:54  

PM says she hopes better paternity leave and time off to care for premature infants will be one of her lasting legacies

Theresa May is throwing down the gauntlet to her successor, pushing for fathers to have more time with their newborns. Writing in the Guardian she says she hopes that better paternity leave and time off work to care for premature infants will be one of her lasting legacies as prime minister.

She says the status quo is holding back women and reinforcing the gender pay gap.

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18/07/2019 22:18:24  

Space Foundation to Offer Free Space Commerce Workshop for Minority Business Owners
18/07/2019 22:18:21  

"Powering a Changing World" at Propulsion and Energy Forum
18/07/2019 22:18:19  

Red wine's resveratrol could help Mars explorers stay strong, says Harvard study
18/07/2019 22:18:17  

Drinking red wine on the red planet
18/07/2019 22:18:14  

Amazon has set up 14 Amazon Go stores in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. They do not have any cash registers so once customers have scanned a screen from a special app on their phone at the entrance, they just grab their items and walk out the door, while Amazon magically charges their credit card. By all accounts, the company intends to open more of these stores in the months and years ahead. Bloomberg Businessweek reports today the kind of investment Amazon has made into these stores -- it is the ecommerce firm's most ambitious research project to date -- but despite that, how these stores are just like 7-Eleven stores, but with more complexity and cost. From the report: From a technological perspective, the Go stores are a marvel -- a succinct demonstration of Amazon's capacity to devote vast resources toward applying the state of the art in artificial intelligence to an everyday problem. They also illustrate the company's tendency to pursue technology for technology's sake (see: the Fire Phone), resulting in a store that offers all the selection of a 7-Eleven, but with more complexity and cost. Scores of cameras pointed at all angles hang from the ceilings to track shoppers as they wander the aisles, while precise scales embedded in the shelves tabulate products down to the gram to figure out which ones have been picked up. Behind the scenes, sophisticated image recognition algorithms decide who took what -- with Amazon workers in offices available to review footage to ensure shoppers are accurately charged. Each store also has a local staff on hand to help people download the Go app, restock shelves, and, in locations with a liquor section, check IDs. Will all this work be worth it? Some Go stores seem almost deserted except for the lunchtime rush. Employees familiar with Amazon's internal projections say the outlets in Chicago, in particular, are falling short of expectations, and the company has had to resort to raffles and giveaways of tote bags and other branded goodies. Yet, as the turbulent history of the project suggests, the Go store isn't so much the culmination of the company's efforts but something closer to an ongoing experiment. And the potential prize -- a big piece of the $12 trillion grocery industry -- is one that Amazon, with its limitless resources and appetite for risk, may be in the best position to claim.

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18/07/2019 22:18:14  

A broker that helped sell AT&T customers' real-time location data says it will fight a class action lawsuit against it. From a report: The broker, called LocationSmart, was involved in a number of data selling and cybersecurity incidents, including selling location data that ended up in the hands of bounty hunters. "LocationSmart will fight this lawsuit because the allegations of wrongdoing are meritless and rest on recycled falsehoods," a LocationSmart spokesperson said in an emailed statement. LocationSmart did not point to any specific part of the lawsuit to support these claims. On Tuesday, activist group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and law firm Pierce Bainbridge filed a class action lawsuit against LocationSmart, another data broker called Zumigo, and telecom giant AT&T. The lawsuit's plaintiffs are three California residents who say they did not consent to AT&T selling their real-time location data through the data brokers. The lawsuit alleges all three companies violated the California Constitutional Right to Privacy, and seeks monetary damages as well as an injunction against AT&T to ensure the deletion of any sold data.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

18/07/2019 22:15:18  

About 600 million were watching in 1969 - thanks largely to an unlikely outpost in rural Australia.
18/07/2019 22:15:14  

The US President inaccurately claimed he quickly told his supporters to stop their racist chant.
18/07/2019 22:15:11  

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the average temperature was 61.6F (16.4C).
18/07/2019 22:15:04  

The 17-year-old boy became unwell at the property in Pitreavie Court, Hamilton in the early hours of Wednesday.
18/07/2019 22:15:04  

Theresa May says "it's not fair" parents have to return to work before their baby leaves hospital.
18/07/2019 22:15:00  

The world premiere of the fifth series of Peaky Blinders was held in Birmingham ahead of its return to BBC One later this year.
18/07/2019 22:14:53  

The charge will wipe out profits, but Boeing says it hopes the aircraft will resume flying this year.
18/07/2019 21:19:13  

Ukrainian civil war a bonanza for dodgy malware hosting firms

A growing crop of so-called bulletproof hosting companies are using the ongoing civil war in Ukraine to host Magecart malware without fear of the police coming knocking.…

18/07/2019 21:19:08  

Andrés Manuel López Obrador also vowed to bring down violence stemming from drug violence

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico has called the jail conditions of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán inhumane, while vowing to bring down violence stemming from drug violence by creating a society less obsessed with material wealth.

Guzmán will spend the rest of his days behind bars in the United States after a judge sentenced him to life in prison plus 30 years. A jury found him guilty in February after a 12-week trial.

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18/07/2019 21:19:07  

Friday: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says only the ‘strongest and fastest’ action on climate change will save the reef. Plus: US destroys Iranian drone

Good morning, this is Helen Sullivan bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Friday 19 July.

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18/07/2019 21:19:07  

Police raided 48 cafes, businesses and residences connected to the ’Ndrangheta group, seizing C$35m in assets, including five Ferraris

Canadian police have arrested nine suspected members of the the Calabrian organised crime group ’Ndrangheta, who are accused of money laundering and illegal gambling in the Toronto area.

Over three days, police raided 48 cafes, businesses and residences connected to the group, seizing C$35m ($26.8m) in assets, including five Ferraris.

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18/07/2019 21:18:47  

Watermill, Newbury
Marietta Kirkbride’s play about a village torn over forgiving a sex offender convincingly channels older voices

The #MeToo movement has inspired a number of plays giving voice to the victims of sexual predation. Now comes drama tackling the inner lives of sex offenders themselves, the most prominent of these being Downstate, a Steppenwolf and National Theatre co-production, and David Mamet’s current West End play, Bitter Wheat.

Marietta Kirkbride’s Our Church is far quieter and more English than either of these. It is set in a fictional village that could be the backwaters of Ambridge. Three church committee members eat Hobnobs and discuss parish matters, from dwindling volunteers (“We need fresh blood”) to a diseased pear tree, a renegade cow and a game of croquet for villagers.

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18/07/2019 21:18:46  

Games to be added to list of protected events, while airing of women’s sport to be studied

Campaigners have welcomed the government’s stated intention to add the Paralympic Games to the list of sporting events that must be screened live on free-to-air television in the UK, with ministers also considering whether to ensure major women’s sporting events remain accessible to all.

The protected list of so-called “crown jewels” events that have to be shown on terrestrial TV has not changed substantially since it was introduced more than 20 years ago.

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18/07/2019 21:18:42  

• Zimbabwe suspended over concerns of ‘political interference’
• ICC also approve concussion replacements at board meeting

Zimbabwe’s participation in the upcoming World T20 qualifiers is in doubt after the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended their membership.

At an ICC board meeting in London, the sport’s governing body ruled that Zimbabwe Cricket had failed to ensure its board was free from government interference.

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