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17/01/2021 10:04:52  

The UK has the capacity to meet target to reach every adult by autumn, the foreign secretary says.
17/01/2021 09:07:58  

Not a machine-generated headline, we swear

Facebook and its Irish subsidiary on Thursday announced the filing of a lawsuit in Portugal against two people for allegedly scraping Facebook profile data and other browser info using malicious Chrome extensions.…

17/01/2021 09:07:54  

Dallas, TX-based cloud security firm Trend Micro interviewed 500 IT directors and managers, CIOs and CTOs — and discovered that over two-fifths of them believe they'll be replaced by AI by 2030. ZDNet reports: Only 9% of respondents were confident that AI would definitely not replace their job within the next decade. In fact, nearly a third (32%) said they thought the technology would eventually work to completely automate all cybersecurity, with little need for human intervention. Almost one in five (19%) believe that attackers using AI to enhance their arsenal will be commonplace by 2025. Around a quarter (24%) of IT leaders polled also claimed that by 2030, data access will be tied to biometric or DNA data, making unauthorised access impossible. In the shorter term, respondents also predicted the following outcomes would happen by 2025. They predict that most organisations will have significantly reduced investment in property as remote working becomes the norm (22%) Nationwide 5G will have entirely transformed network and security infrastructure (21%), and security will be self-managing and automated using AI (15%). However, attackers using AI to enhance their arsenal will be commonplace (19%)

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17/01/2021 09:04:57  

In the 1980s Greece demanded Britain return the Parthenon marbles, a sculptural frieze removed by Lord Elgin almost two hundred years earlier.
17/01/2021 09:04:53  

Players and clubs say golf could be safely resumed within Covid-19 regulations.
17/01/2021 09:04:53  

The story of how a widow and an archaeologist found a buried ship attracted Fiennes and Mulligan.
17/01/2021 09:04:50  

Kelechi discovered her talents during the first lockdown and now her paintings are going global.
17/01/2021 08:05:25  
17/01/2021 08:05:24  
17/01/2021 08:05:24  
17/01/2021 08:05:24  
17/01/2021 08:05:23  
17/01/2021 08:04:55  

The two women were targeted by gunmen while travelling to their office in a vehicle, officials say.
17/01/2021 08:04:51  

Petition started for anglers to drive to fish in Wales as angling helps "people's mental state".
17/01/2021 07:04:54  

Dozens of top players are forced to isolate for 14 days, throwing their preparations into disarray.
17/01/2021 07:04:50  

A BMA doctor describes how she and other frontline staff are coping with the third wave of Covid-19.
17/01/2021 06:07:52  

"NASA declared the Mars digger dead Thursday after failing to burrow deep into the red planet to take its temperature," reports the Associated Press: Scientists in Germany spent two years trying to get their heat probe, dubbed the mole, to drill into the Martian crust. But the 16-inch-long (40-centimeter) device that is part of NASA's InSight lander couldn't gain enough friction in the red dirt. It was supposed to bury 16 feet (5 meters) into Mars, but only drilled down a couple of feet (about a half meter). Following one last unsuccessful attempt to hammer itself down over the weekend with 500 strokes, the team called it quits. "We've given it everything we've got, but Mars and our heroic mole remain incompatible," said the German Space Agency's Tilman Spohn, the lead scientist for the experiment... InSight's French seismometer, meanwhile, has recorded nearly 500 Marsquakes, while the lander's weather station is providing daily reports.

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17/01/2021 06:07:52  

"Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who was knighted for inventing the internet navigation system known as the World Wide Web, wants to re-make cyberspace once again," reports Reuters: With a new startup called Inrupt, Berners-Lee aims to fix some of the problems that have handicapped the so-called open web in an age of huge, closed platforms such as Facebook. Building on ideas developed by an open-source software project called Solid, Inrupt promises a web where people can use a single sign-on for any service and personal data is stored in "pods," or personal online data stores, controlled by the user. "People are fed up with the lack of controls, the silos," said Berners-Lee, co-founder and chief technology officer of Inrupt, in an interview at the Reuters Next conference... John Bruce, a veteran technology executive who is CEO of Inrupt, said the company had signed up Britain's National Health Service, the BBC and the government of Flanders in Belgium as pilot customers, and hoped to announce many more by April... A key aim for Inrupt is to get software developers to write programs for the platform. Inrupt, like the original web, is at its core mostly a set of protocols for how machines talk to one another, meaning that specific applications bring it to life. "The use cases are so broad, it's like a do-over for the web," Berners-Lee said. In a video interview, Berners-Lee tells Reuters that what people are worried about isn't privacy per se but "the lack of empowerment" — for example, to collaborate with people. And then he acknowledges that the worldwide web does suffer from limited access control. "I wanted it to be a collaborative space, but in a way that was naive, because collaborative spaces you need to be private. You need to start off with just a limited sharing, and then you allow the sharing to increase." Social networks provided some features like a unique login and identity. But unfortunately, then "The large social networks will tend to get larger" — and ultimately without a single global signon, users then become trapped in separate silos.

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17/01/2021 06:07:10  
17/01/2021 06:05:25  
17/01/2021 06:05:24  
17/01/2021 06:05:24  
17/01/2021 06:04:51  

More than half of the Church of England's 14,000 parishes will not open for Sunday services later.
17/01/2021 06:04:51  

The government is planning new laws to stop England's monuments being removed "on a whim" by protesters.
17/01/2021 03:04:52  

In a tweet, fellow rapper Ice-T said he had spoken to Dr Dre, who was "safe and looking good".