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19/02/2020 21:54:07  

America wanted a cover-up of Kremlin ties to DNC intrusion, court told

Julian Assange was offered a pardon by the White House only if he publicly said Russia did not hack the Democratic National Committee, according to the WikiLeaks supremo's lawyer.…

19/02/2020 21:53:44  

Travel options have been narrowed by a growing list of countries denying entry to passengers from the ship

The cheers of celebration have faded. The waving of roses has ceased. Having finally reached a friendly port willing to accept them after nearly two weeks of uncertainty at sea, hundreds of cruise ship passengers stranded in Cambodia by the new coronavirus outbreak are now simply trying to find a way home.

“It’s a weird feeling to travel and go on a trip and you don’t know when you can come home,” said US citizen Lydia Miller, 55, who is camped out at a hotel in Phnom Penh, waiting to hear how she and her husband might be able to return home.

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19/02/2020 21:53:40  

In February 1904 the explorer’s ship was stuck on a shoal being battered by heavy seas and a howling gale

It is February 1904 and Robert Falcon Scott’s ship is on a shoal off the coast of Antarctica. “We were in the worst possible position, dead to windward of the bank, with wind, sea and current all tending to set us faster ashore,” he writes in The Voyage of the Discovery (1905).

“The hours that followed were truly the most dreadful I have ever spent. Each moment the ship came down with a sickening thud which shook her from stem to stern, and each thud seemed to show more plainly that, strong as was her build, she could not long survive such awful blows.”

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19/02/2020 21:53:39  

‘My name is Amy, but when I was in fourth-grade Spanish they gave me the name Elena,’ Klobuchar said at an event in Nevada

On Tuesday, Amy Klobuchar opened the Culinary Union forum in Nevada with a very interesting introduction.

“My name is Amy, but when I was in fourth-grade Spanish they gave me the name Elena,” she said to the room. Presumably she was trying to appeal to the large number of Latinx people present – the Culinary Union is Nevada’s largest immigrant organization, and about 54% of its members identify as Latinx.

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19/02/2020 21:53:38  

I rented a car through the Gig app. But when I lost cellphone service, I found myself stuck by a remote highway

On Saturday morning, I used an app on my phone to unlock a vehicle from Gig, a car sharing startup, and set off for a Valentine’s Day weekend trip to northern California with my partner.

By late Sunday afternoon, we were sitting on the side of a remote highway, a software issue on our smart car rendering it unusable. It was getting dark, we had no way of getting home, and I was contemplating the limits of the sharing economy and the ultimate costs of convenience.

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19/02/2020 21:53:38  

The city council released plans to build an ‘erotic centre’ to prevent rowdy tourists

Amsterdam is considering moving part of its red light district indoors to an “erotic” complex where prostitutes no longer beckon customers through street-front windows that often attract rowdy tourists.

In plans released on Wednesday, the Dutch city said the complex could include a bed and breakfast for prostitutes as well as a sex club, sex theatre and cafes.

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19/02/2020 21:53:02  

An anonymous reader writes: Google today launched the first Android 11 developer preview, available for download now at developer.android.com. The preview includes a preview SDK for developers with system images for the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and the official Android Emulator. While it's the fifth year running that Google has released the first developer preview of the next Android version in Q1, this is the earliest developer preview yet. Android N (later named Android Nougat), Android O (Android Oreo), Android P (Android Pie), and Android Q (Android 10) were all first shown off in the month of March. Last year, Google used the Android Beta Program, which lets you get early Android builds via over-the-air updates on select devices. This year, however, Google is not making the first preview available as a beta (you'll need to manually flash your device). In other words, Android 11 is not ready for early adopters to try, just developers.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

19/02/2020 21:49:58  

The BBC asked people in Wanstead and Basildon for their opinions on the policy.
19/02/2020 21:49:51  

TrinamiX has developed a facial recognition software that they say could provide better security.
19/02/2020 20:54:08  

Thursday: Court hears Trump offered Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack. Plus, why plane seats needn’t bring out our worst

Good morning, this is Richard Parkin bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Thursday 20 February.

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19/02/2020 20:53:51  

Alessandro Michele has boosted brand’s global sales but CEO warns of coronavirus impact

The backstage area of a fashion show is where the magic happens. Hidden from view, models are transformed from gawky 19-year-olds into the living embodiment of a luxury brand’s vision via the judicious application of make-up and wigs.

The Gucci show in Milan on Wednesday took an unexpected turn, then, by positioning its backstage area on a revolving curtained platform in the middle of the catwalk. Dry ice filled the room, the curtain raised and the key players were revealed: models in their white dressing gowns, make-up artists, hair stylists and dressers, brushing hair, applying lipstick, pulling up socks and arranging hat brims just so. The soundtrack, Ravel’s Bolero, lent a balletic air to the calm, methodical work.

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19/02/2020 20:53:50  

Jurors wanted to reread Miriam Haley’s testimony and asked to see Weinstein and Haley’s emails on day two of deliberations

The jury at Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in New York is wrestling with one of the most fiercely contested aspects of the case – the contact the disgraced movie mogul maintained with his accusers even after he allegedly sexually assaulted them.

As the jury entered the second day of their deliberations at the New York supreme court in Manhattan on Wednesday, the five women and seven men sent a note to the judge asking to see key evidence relating to Miriam Haley, a former Project Runway assistant producer. They want to be reread Haley’s testimony relating to when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Weinstein in July 2006 as well as a second encounter in which she had sex with him in a Beverly Hills hotel about two weeks later.

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19/02/2020 20:53:49  

British retailer secures vital £20m loan agreement with US bank as it fights for survival

Laura Ashley has staved off the threat of imminent collapse after securing access to sufficient funds to meet its immediate funding needs.

The clothing and furnishing retailer said talks with the US bank Wells Fargo over the terms of a £20m loan facility had concluded successfully.

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19/02/2020 20:53:45  

  • F1 team intend to safeguard personel from virus
  • Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time in testing in Barcelona

McLaren are adhering to a strict policy in an attempt to safeguard their personnel from the coronavirus. The team clarified their position after it emerged they are not allowing anyone who has visited China in the past 14 days to enter their motorhome during testing in Barcelona. It is understood no other team in the paddock has adopted the same policy.

The Chinese Grand Prix has already been postponed because of the coronavirus and the threat is still being taken seriously at McLaren, who emailed a Chinese journalist who had just arrived in Europe and informed him he should not enter their motorhome.

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19/02/2020 20:53:45  

They fought to a draw in Los Angeles in December 2018 but Fury’s versatile nature and size could earn him victory

Deontay Wilder will put his WBC heavyweight title on the line against Manchester’s Tyson Fury on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in a replay of their epic split draw in December 2018.

The much-anticipated rematch of two unbeaten giants with 71 professional wins between them, the two best fighters today in boxing’s prestige division, has been called the most important heavyweight championship fight since the second meeting between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield in 1999 – and this time the promotional bluster just might be true.

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19/02/2020 20:53:44  

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19/02/2020 20:53:42  

‘Pull up your pants, this isn’t Southend!’ Watching the ex Spurs manager and chums yucking it up by the genteel seaside will waste your time – and ruin Dorset’s beaches

‘I’m sweating my knackers off here,” said Joe Pasquale from inside improbably shiny medieval armour. It was dressing-up day at Corfe Castle, the Dorset fortress knocked up by William the Conqueror 1,000 years ago, knocked down by Oliver Cromwell in 1649 and today the site of a royal battle for a throne nobody in their right minds would want.

Both Pasquale and Harry Redknapp are kings of the jungle, each having won I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here. But which of them is the true king? Pretend you care. The matter could only be decided by the two reality show recidivists mincing around in costume holding toy swords while tourists held up phones to record the moment for posterity. Imagine two cockney muppets wading through treacle while trading under-scripted boy bants and you’ll get the gist.

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19/02/2020 20:53:42  

Trump’s chief of staff gives clear warning about using Chinese firm to supply equipment

Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff has warned there could be “a direct and dramatic impact” on the sharing of intelligence between the US and UK if Boris Johnson’s government goes ahead with allowing Huawei to supply equipment to build the British 5G mobile phone network.

Mick Mulvaney’s remarks represent one of the most forceful warnings yet by senior Trump administration officials, who have repeatedly made clear their concerns about the British decision to allow the Chinese company to supply its technology.

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19/02/2020 20:53:07  

Remarks by Vice President Pence to NASA Langley Research Center Personnel and Guests | Hampton, VA
19/02/2020 20:53:05  

Local authorities in India-controlled Kashmir have opened a case against hundreds of people who used virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent a social media ban in the disputed Himalayan region in a move that has been denounced by human rights and privacy activists. From a report: Tahir Ashraf, who heads the police cyber division in Srinagar, said on Tuesday that the authority had identified and was probing hundreds of suspected users who he alleged misused social media to promote "unlawful activities and secessionist ideology." On Monday, the police said they had also seized "a lot of incriminating material" under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), the nation's principal counter-terrorism law. Those found guilty could be jailed up to seven years. "Taking a serious note of misuse of social media, there have been continuous reports of misuse of social media sites by the miscreants to propagate the secessionist ideology and to promote unlawful activities," the region's police said in a statement. The move comes weeks after the Indian government restored access to several hundred websites, including some shopping websites such as Amazon India and Flipkart and select news outlets in the disputed region. Facebook, Twitter and other social media services remain blocked, and mobile data speeds remain capped at 2G speeds.

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19/02/2020 20:53:05  

Lambda School claims 86% of grads get jobs paying over $50,000 a year. In a new report, Lambda's founder admits the real number is much lower. Additionally, internal documents show Lambda can be profitable if even 1 in 4 grads get a job. Lambda plans to enroll 10,000 students in 2020. From the report: The point of a coding boot camp, obviously, is to help you get a better job. Lambda's claim, reproduced on its website, that "86% of Lambda School graduates are hired within 6 months and make over $50k a year" is an understandably attractive proposition for students -- and a key pillar of Lambda's marketing. Students I talked to confirmed that the feeling that it was likely that they would be able to land high-paying jobs was a key part of deciding to attend. However, a May 2019 Lambda School investment memo -- entitled "Human Capital: The Last Unoptimized Asset Class" -- written for Y Combinator and obtained by Intelligencer, tells a very different story. In a section warning that student-debt collections may prove too low, it matter-of-factly states that, "We're at roughly 50% placement for cohorts that are 6 months graduated." A recent interviewee for work at Lambda School also confirmed to me that the company's own internal numbers, which the interviewee was provided as part of their interview process, seem to indicate a roughly 50 percent or lower placement rate. So where does that 86 percent figure come from? Lambda has reported graduate-outcome statistics at the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), a voluntary trade organization of coding boot camps whose purpose is to ensure that participating schools publish truthful information about student outcomes. Lambda School founder Austen Allred has often used this report to defend his company online. But where other boot camps have multiple reports spanning many student cohorts, Lambda has only reported statistics for its first 71 graduates -- 86 percent of who, the school claims, found jobs. Sheree Speakman, the CEO of CIRR, told me that Lambda has not undergone the standard independent auditing for the sole report it has submitted, and that her communications to Lambda School regarding further reporting and auditing have gone unanswered. Lambda's former director of career readiness, Sabrina Baez, told me that placing Lambda's first batch of students was extremely difficult, largely owing to how underdeveloped the curriculum was at the time. When asked about Lambda's claim that 86 percent of its first graduates were placed within six months, she told me, "I would say out of that 71 students, within six months of them graduating it was probably a 50-60 percent placement rate," and added that Allred sometimes exaggerated student-placement progress on Twitter -- recalling, as an example, an instance in which she told Allred that a student might receive an offer soon, only to find out later that he had tweeted that the student had already received an offer. Further reading: The High Cost of a Free Coding Bootcamp.

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19/02/2020 20:49:57  

A town council has threatened legal action after a refit in one of the chain's pubs.
19/02/2020 20:49:46  

PM Justin Trudeau is under growing pressure to solve a conflict over a pipeline as trains sit idle.
19/02/2020 19:54:45  

Meanwhile, would-be buyer Ethos attempts closed-room meeting to push deal through

The Internet Society's own members are now opposing its sale of the .org internet registry to an unknown private equity firm.…

19/02/2020 19:54:45  

Mystery facility hit by 'commodity' infection thought to be Ryuk

America's Homeland Security this week disclosed it recently responded to a ransomware infection at an unnamed natural gas plant.…