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04/12/2018 00:04:21  

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, offers a variety of useful features such as instant answers and bangs. The latter are particularly useful for people who want to use DuckDuckGo to search directly on other sites. Typing '!yt keyword', for instance, will do a direct search on YouTube, while '!w keyword' goes to Wikipedia. This library of bangs has been around for a long time and has grown to more than 10,000 over the years. From a report: However, a few days ago, roughly 2,000 of these were removed. Interestingly, this included many bangs that link to torrent sites, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x and RARBG. Similarly, bangs for OpenSubtitles, Sci-Hub and LibGen are gone too. Initially, it was unclear what had happened, but after people started asking questions on Reddit, DuckDuckGo staff explained that this was part of a larger cleanup operation. DuckDuckGo went through its bangs library and removed all non-working versions, as well as verbose ones that were not actively used. In addition, many pirate site bangs were deleted as these are no longer"permitted." "Bangs had been neglected for some time, and there were tons of broken ones. As part of the bang clean-up, we also removed some that were pointing to primarily illegal content," DuckDuckGo staffer Tagawa explains. The search engine still indexes the sites in question but it feels that offering curated search shortcuts for these sites in their service might cause problems. "It may not seem like so at first blush, but it is very different legally if it is a bang vs. in the search results because the bangs are added to the product by us explicitly, and can be interpreted legally as an editorial decision that is actively facilitating that site and its content," the staff wrote.

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30/11/2018 08:02:17  

A new poll by DeltaPoll has found that if a second referendum were held, the public would back ‘No Deal’ over ‘Remain’ by 52-48%. And that’s achieved in the absence of a leave campaign, with the public being subjected to a constant torrent of un-combatted Remain campaigning over the last two years. Be careful what you […]

The post Second Referendum Poll: No Deal Beats Remain appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

23/11/2018 09:58:37  

The woman was waiting for a train with her guide dog when a man shouted a torrent of abuse at her.
21/11/2018 17:01:40  

The FCC has unveiled a new proposal as part of its plan to help reduce unwanted phone and text spam. From a report: In a move that's sure to make wireless operators happy, the FCC at its December meeting will consider a draft Declaratory Ruling on text messaging that would formally rule text messaging services are information services, not telecommunications services. That means carriers will be able to continue using robotext-blocking and anti-spoofing measures to protect consumers from unwanted text messages. Chairman Ajit Pai revealed the plan in a blog post highlighting items on the Dec. 12 meeting agenda. "Today's wireless messaging providers apply filtering to prevent large volumes of unwanted messages from ever reaching your phone," Pai wrote. "However, there's been an effort underway to put these successful consumer protections at risk. In 2015, a mass-texting company named Twilio petitioned the FCC, arguing that wireless messaging should be classified as a 'telecommunications service.' This may not seem like a big deal, but such a classification would dramatically curb the ability of wireless providers to use robotext-blocking, anti-spoofing, and other anti-spam features." That's why he's circulating a Declaratory Ruling that would instead classify wireless messaging as an "information service," denying Twilio's petition [PDF]. "Aside from being a more legally sound approach, this decision would keep the floodgates to a torrent of spam texts closed, remove regulatory uncertainty, and empower providers to continue finding innovative ways to protect consumers from unwanted text messages," Pai said.

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15/11/2018 18:01:50  

The UK has been in a holding pattern since 2016. We must move forward with the EU withdrawal agreement

• Nicky Morgan is a former Conservative education secretary

There are many paradoxes in the whole Brexit process. And one of them is that my MP colleagues who now say they will use the “meaningful” vote in the Commons on the proposed withdrawal agreement to vote against it objected so strongly when 11 of us rebelled against the government in 2017 to secure that vote. As I know to my personal cost, that rebellion led to a torrent of abuse, threats of violence and deselection for the 11 Conservative “mutineers”.

And now, nearly 12 months later, that vote is almost upon us. We often hear how important votes in the House of Commons are, but this one really, really matters.

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14/11/2018 20:01:22  

Stress management and resilience sessions available to help with low morale

Judges are receiving therapeutic support from psychologists because of the strains of their workload, the number of sexual abuse cases they have to hear and threats made against them, the lord chief justice has revealed.

In his annual report, Lord Burnett of Maldon says “low morale” among the judiciary is also due to “poor physical working conditions” and unsatisfactory levels of pay and pensions.

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07/11/2018 20:00:10  

• Independent body investigating three near-identical disputes
• Decision in favour of punters could bring torrent of claims

Ladbrokes could be forced to pay out on hundreds of bets which were turned down by its trading team if the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (Ibas) finds against the firm in three near-identical disputes over bets which are currently being considered by its adjudicators.

The three cases concern requests to place online bets which were referred to Ladbrokes’ traders for approval. An increasing number of punters on racing and other sports are familiar with this practice, and such bets are often either declined or re-offered, either at reduced odds or at a reduced stake that can be as little as 10 pence.

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25/10/2018 17:58:44  

Despite years of hard work women can still be rendered utterly powerless in the face of a torrent of raw male power. Anger is energising, rage is not

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up feeling strangely disoriented. I was unsettled and restless. I was unable to concentrate on my work. I don’t think I did any work at all that day. It was an unfamiliar feeling. It is highly unusual for me to be so incapacitated. I did not, at first, know what was wrong.

But I soon realised that the reason I was feeling this way was that I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by rage.

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