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19/05/2019 13:09:36  

The programme was criticised by a judge in 2007, yet it only ever faced 11 investigations

In 2013, more than 1 million people watched a 17-year-old girl being called a “crackhead” and a “silly anorexic slapper” by her sister on national television while a well known TV presenter informed them that the girl had “slept with 33 men”.

The girl then took and failed a lie detector test – a controversial device which measures blood pressure, breathing patterns and sweat – while crying and in distress. But who wouldn’t be, with all this being broadcast to the nation on the Jeremy Kyle Show? One concerned viewer complained to Ofcom and the media regulator found that the show had breached the broadcasting code, a rare event in its 14-year run.

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15/05/2019 16:29:37  

You have a year – Ofcom

Bad luck, ISPs and networks – Brit comms regulator Ofcom has made good on its threat to make firms inform punters about better broadband, mobile, pay TV and home phone deals before their contracts expire.…

15/05/2019 08:25:55  
15/05/2019 07:29:29  

More than 20m users could save a fifth on landline, broadband, TV and mobile packages

More than 20 million customers could save a fifth on the cost of their landline, broadband, TV and mobile packages after a ruling by Ofcom.

The broadcasting and media regulator has introduced rules forcing broadband, TV and phone companies to tell customers when their contracts are coming to an end, and alert them to the best deals available.

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13/05/2019 13:29:02  

Media codes meant to ensure fair elections leave the Women’s Equality party battling for coverage others get on a plate

This morning I woke up wondering if lightning ever struck twice – and hoping that it did. In April 2016, as my Icelandair flight made its final descent into Heathrow, a fireball engulfed the plane. By the time I reached arrivals, news organisations were on the phone asking for eyewitness testimonies. I had little to say about my split-second inside a giant firework, but the platform gave me an opportunity to speak about something else. “What did you think when the lightning hit?” asked one interviewer after another. My responses were the same: “I thought, ‘I can’t die – I have to vote for the Women’s Equality party (WE) next week.’”

The party I had co-founded months earlier was in the closing stages of its first election campaigns. Our biggest task, as a new party, was to let people know we existed. WE went on to pick up more than 350,000 votes. Now I am fighting another campaign, this time as WE’s lead candidate in London for the European elections. If you weren’t aware of my candidacy, or that we’ve just published the most bold and radical manifesto of this electoral contest, or that we’ve just won our first seat in the local elections, in Congleton, don’t be surprised. Ofcom guidelines, intended to ensure fair elections by allocating TV and radio airtime to parties according to measures such as their past performance, are often misinterpreted as instructions to silence newer parties. It takes a stroke of luck, good or bad, to get us public attention.

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13/05/2019 12:29:38  

Department to appeal High Court ruling over ministerial powers

UK Home Office ministers are to appeal against a High Court judgment, handed down a few weeks ago, that prevents them from ordering regulators like Ofcom to stop carrying out their statutory duties.…

08/05/2019 17:28:39  

Um, are we supposed to feel proud about this?

Wow. Pat yourself on the back, Blighty. The average download speed UK punters receive has surpassed the distinctly average 50Mbps, comms regulator Ofcom said today.…

08/05/2019 15:28:53  

International arm of China’s state-run CCTV allegedly aired confession forced from Briton

The UK broadcasting regulator has launched a formal investigation into an allegation that China Global Television Network (CGTN), the international news channel of China Central Television (CCTV), aired a confession forced from a British private investigator while imprisoned in China.

Ofcom said it would investigate whether CGTN, which was launched as CCTV’s new international brand in 2016, had broken the UK broadcasting code. In the UK, CGTN airs on platforms including Sky and Freesat, the free-to-air satellite joint venture run by ITV and the BBC. If found in breach of the code, Ofcom has the power to deliver sanctions ranging from on-air apologies to substantial fines and, in the most serious cases, revoking UK broadcast licences.

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01/05/2019 23:27:09  

Foreign secretary’s press freedom day speech ramps up British assault on RT

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt will on Thursday declare the Russian government-owned TV station RT to be a “weapon of disinformation” in a speech to mark World Press Freedom Day.

The comments, to an audience in Ethiopia, mark an escalation of a British ministerial assault on the standards of the Russian broadcaster, originally known as Russia Today, which had faced repeated investigations into its output by the media regulator Ofcom.

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30/04/2019 10:27:11  

Tesco Mobile is network with poorest customer service with TalkTalk at bottom of broadband league

TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile have been named as the UK’s worst broadband and mobile providers respectively in Ofcom’s latest customer service survey.

The study by the media and broadcasting regulator, which looked at customer satisfaction, complaints and call-waiting times, found that for the third year running TalkTalk’s broadband customers received the worst treatment of any provider.

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30/04/2019 09:22:39  

It's the third year in a row that the broadband provider has come bottom of Ofcom's customer survey.
29/04/2019 16:22:36  

Political presenter Andrew Neil had challenged former SNP leader Alex Salmond over literacy standards in schools.
23/04/2019 15:27:20  

Ministers can't tell Ofcom to ignore the law after all

UK comms regulator Ofcom can't be ordered to ignore its legal duties, the High Court has ruled, paving the way for GSM gateway operators to claim compensation after Home Office ministers and mandarins destroyed their businesses.…

19/04/2019 13:25:38  

Oh and remove the guard bands, would you Ofcom?

Ofcom is amenable to technical tweaks that mobile operators have requested to 5G rules, launching a consultation yesterday.…

15/04/2019 13:27:28  

Guest on Urdu-language Channel 44 show made serious allegations, says Ofcom

A UK-based TV station has been fined £75,000 by Ofcom after broadcasting hate speech about the Ahmadi community, amid growing fears that the religious group is facing persecution.

Channel 44, an Urdu-language current affairs satellite channel, broadcast two episodes of a discussion programme featuring a guest who “made repeated, serious and unsubstantiated allegations about members of the Ahmadiyya community”, the broadcasting watchdog said.

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12/04/2019 07:23:51  

Reactions to the Channel 4 presenter’s Brexit rally remark revealed how unused people like me are to being racialised

“I’ve never seen so many white people in one place.” Ofcom received more than 2,500 complaints about this off-the-cuff remark made by Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow while covering last month’s pro-Brexit demonstration in London. The media regulator has this week launched an investigation into his comments.

Related: Ofcom investigating 'white people' remark by Jon Snow

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11/04/2019 20:20:21  
08/04/2019 15:19:44  
08/04/2019 13:18:57  

Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow drew criticism for comments he made about crowds at a Brexit protest.
08/04/2019 12:23:26  

Channel 4 News presenter made comment at Westminster pro-Brexit protest on 29 March

The media regulator has launched an investigation into comments made by Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, who said of a pro-Brexit protest that he had “never seen so many white people in one place”.

Ofcom said it had received 2,644 complaints about Snow’s comment, which he made during a live broadcast from outside the Houses of Parliament on 29 March as pro-Brexit protesters gathered in Westminster on the day the UK was meant to leave the European Union.

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04/04/2019 22:21:39  

The United Kingdom is working on legislation that would hold social media executives liable for harmful content distributed on their platforms. The leaked white paper comes less than 24 hours after Australia passed sweeping legislation that threatens huge fines for social media companies and jail for their executives if they fail to rapidly remove "abhorrent violent material" from their platforms. From the report: Under plans expected to be published on Monday, the government will legislate for a new statutory duty of care, to be policed by an independent regulator and likely to be funded through a levy on media companies. The regulator -- likely initially to be Ofcom, but in the longer term a new body -- will have the power to impose substantial fines against companies that breach their duty of care and to hold individual executives personally liable. The scope of the recommendations is broad. As well as social media platforms such as Facebook and search engines such as Google they take in online messaging services and file hosting sites. Other proposals in the online harm white paper include: - Government powers to direct the regulator on specific issues such as terrorist activity or child sexual exploitation. - Annual "transparency reports" from social media companies, disclosing the prevalence of harmful content on their platforms and what they are doing to combat it. - Co-operation with police and other enforcement agencies on illegal harms, such as incitement of violence and the sale of illegal weapons. "Companies will be asked to comply with a code of practice, setting out what steps they are taking to ensure that they meet the duty of care -- including by designing products and platforms to make them safer, and pointing users who have suffered harm towards support," the report says. "The code of practice is also likely to include the steps companies will be expected to take to combat disinformation, including by using fact-checking services, particularly during election periods, and improving the transparency of political advertising. Regulated firms will be expected to comply with the code of practice -- or explain what other steps they are taking to meet the duty of care. However, many questions are left to the regulator to determine."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

01/04/2019 11:22:16  

Customers to be reimbursed automatically under new Ofcom scheme

Broadband and landline customers will get money back from their providers when things go wrong from Monday – without having to ask.

Only around one in seven broadband or landline customers who suffer delayed repairs, installations or missed engineer appointments have received compensation from their provider, and even then, only in small amounts, Ofcom said.

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30/03/2019 08:21:22  

With huge audience growth forecast, the race is on to lead podcast distribution

Podcasting is experiencing a Netflix moment. Global hits – from the ground-breaking Serial to Up and Vanished, and TV crossovers such as Dirty John – and Spotify’s plan to spend up to $500m on leading producers have made podcasts a hot media property.

Global monthly podcast listener figures are forecast to grow more than six-fold, from 287 million in 2016 to 1.85 billion in 2023, according to the Ovum research company Ovum. In the UK, Ofcom says that nearly 6 million people tune into a podcast each week, double the number of five years ago.

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26/03/2019 19:20:53  

UK-based Iran International broadcast a separatist who spoke in support of the Ahvaz terrorist attack in 2018

Iran International did not breach the broadcasting code by interviewing a spokesman for a separatist group who praised last September’s terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, the British regulator Ofcom has ruled.

The news channel, which broadcasts in Farsi but is based west London, interviewed Yacoub Hor al-Tostari, a spokesman for the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz in the immediate aftermath of the attack on a military parade which left 30 people dead, and which was later condemned by the UN security council as a “heinous and cowardly terrorist attack”.

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25/03/2019 19:16:55  

The former MP's talkRadio show breaches impartiality rules when discussing Labour and anti-Semitism.