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28/04/2022 03:02:27  

Netflix and other streaming services are to be regulated by Ofcom, under new government plans.
27/04/2022 23:04:32  
04/04/2022 10:03:32  

According to Melanie Dawes, the newly-appointed CEO of Ofcom, the quango will increase headcount by 400 staff ahead of new powers to police the internet in the Online Safety Bill, which will be voted on in Parliament after Easter,. That’s a lot of censors…

Ofcom will have Putin-style powers block websites from being seen in the UK if those sites fail to uphold their new legal duty of care to remove “harmful content”.
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01/04/2022 19:00:30  

The UK media regulator is getting a new supremo in the ex-BBC chairman, after a two-year search.
31/03/2022 14:03:19  

FBPEers, brace yourself: former BBC chief and current Ofcom chair nominee Lord Grade used a select committee appearance this morning to profess he “admires the courage”¬†of actor-turned-politico Laurence Fox for speaking out on political issues. Appearing in front of the DCMS Committee following his nomination, Grade expressed his admiration for Fox’s anti-woke campaigning, albeit with the inevitable caveat that he doesn’t “necessarily agree with [it]”.[…] Read the rest

29/03/2022 23:00:17  

An annual survey of media habits, from Ofcom, reveals how under-age children use social media.