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18/09/2019 15:16:13  

Ofcom report finds startling lack of diversity among UK broadcasters

Television workers are twice as likely to have attended private schools compared with other workers, according to a report from Ofcom, which has found a startling lack of diversity among UK broadcasters.

Women and those from minority ethic groups remain under-represented in senior roles in the TV industry in the UK, and disabled people are under-represented in all roles, according to the media regulator’s annual report into diversity and equal opportunities in the industry.

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18/09/2019 06:15:44  

Exclusive: Nick Pollard’s resignation could hit CGTN’s UK expansion plans

China’s state-owned global news channel CGTN has been dealt a blow to its UK expansion plans following the resignation of a former regulator hired in the wake of Ofcom’s investigation into allegations the broadcaster aired prisoners’ forced confessions.

Former Ofcom executive and ex-Sky News boss Nick Pollard was taken by CGTN last year as a consultant to help it abide by television rules as it built a new European base, but has left due to his concerns about the impartiality of the broadcaster’s coverage of the protests in Hong Kong.

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17/09/2019 13:11:34  

Ofcom's report highlights how much work must be done to provide full fibre access to all by 2025.
06/09/2019 06:57:15  

I told the optician and its parent company but I was ignored

After an unsatisfactory experience with David Clulow Opticians, I discovered it uses a premium-rate phone number for its customer service, costing about 67p a minute.

Moreover, its website fails to display call charge information alongside the number, which is a breach of Ofcom regulations.

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30/08/2019 11:16:29  

Ofcom said a new (020) 4 code will be introduced as there are fewer than half a million numbers left to hand out.
29/08/2019 15:20:45  

Claims loosening BT's price cap will cost businesses £230m

Vodafone has lobbed a sueball at UK comms regulator Ofcom for relaxing regulation of BT's wholesale fibre leases - a move it claims could cost British businesses £230m.…

18/08/2019 13:19:50  

Small TV companies claim BBC trying to get them to lease shows for longer for same fee

The BBC has been accused of trying to strong-arm independent TV producers into extending the availability of their shows on the iPlayer from 30 days to one year without paying millions in additional licensing fees.

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, this month gave the green light for the biggest expansion of the BBC iPlayer since its launch in 2007, to enable the corporation to fight back in the streaming war against Netflix and Amazon.

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12/08/2019 15:21:02  

Interim measure until Brexit, or never... whichever happens first

The UK government has threatened hosting platforms with big fines for providing access to unpleasant videos and will task UK comms regulator Ofcom with looking after how that happens.…

12/08/2019 09:15:46  

The UK plans to give new powers to the media regulator in order to comply with EU law.
11/08/2019 23:15:52  

A photo of Prince Andrew travelling to church with the Queen features on several newspaper fronts.
09/08/2019 17:16:27  
08/08/2019 14:19:43  

Digital video continues to power entertainment growth with gaming spend slightly up

The streaming revolution has notched up another milestone with UK consumers spending more than £100m a week on digital entertainment services such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music in the first half of the year for the first time.

UK consumers spent a total of £3.3bn on entertainment products in the first six months of the year, a 4.5% increase compared with a year earlier, as the popularity of subscription music and TV streaming services more than made up for the decline in sales of traditional CDs and DVDs.

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07/08/2019 13:19:59  

But still care about catching bent cops

People in the UK are gawping at their gogglebox an average of three hours and 12 minutes per day – 49 minutes less than in 2012 – thanks to online streaming, according to a report from Ofcom.…

07/08/2019 00:15:38  

The majority of UK viewers still watch programmes on their TV set - but streaming is catching up.
06/08/2019 23:19:46  

Ofcom report highlights scale of challenge broadcasters face from streaming services

The scale of the challenge UK broadcasters face in the streaming era has been thrown into stark relief by a new report, which estimates that 34 extra series of the BBC hit Bodyguard – or 14 more Love Islands – would have needed to air last year to make up for the drop in traditional TV viewing as audiences flock to rivals including Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

The report, by the media regulator Ofcom, highlights the huge growth in popularity of streaming services in the UK. The number of subscribers to the three most popular - Netflix, Amazon and Sky’s Now TV - leapt by almost a quarter last year to 19.1m.

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06/08/2019 23:16:26  
05/08/2019 16:19:27  

Channel 4 News presenter was at ‘predominantly white’ pro-Brexit rally on 29 March

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow has been cleared by the media regulator after saying he had “never seen so many white people in one place” while describing a pro-Brexit protest – partly because video footage of the crowd did indeed show that the protesters were overwhelmingly white.

The journalist was reporting from outside parliament on 29 March, the day Britain had been due to leave the EU, when he made the unscripted comments, prompting thousands of complaints to Ofcom that his remarks had been racist or offensive.

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05/08/2019 12:15:34  

Media regulator Ofcom rejects complaints against Channel 4's Jon Snow and Nigel Farage's LBC show.
01/08/2019 10:15:33  

Ofcom gives permission for the BBC to keep programmes up for one year, instead of just 30 days.
30/07/2019 18:19:11  

New rules to protect contestants in Love Island and programmes like it are needed, but must be designed with unintended consequences in mind

The morning after the finale of the latest series of Love Island must have brought a powerful sense of anticlimax to all those involved in making it – even if such feelings were mingled with relief. For the past eight weeks the participants and producers have occupied a cultural hotspot, their show the talk of water coolers and social media feeds across the land. Last year’s concluding episode won the highest-ever audience for ITV2 and this year’s shock win by Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill proved that the format retains the power to surprise.

But if a comedown is inevitable following weeks of dramatic competition, the journey back to earth was speeded up by Ofcom’s announcement that it plans to add two new rules to the broadcasting code. The regulator’s aim is to ensure that reality show contestants are offered stronger protection from the emotional turbulence that can follow from their sudden celebrity – or indeed notoriety. If agreed, the new requirements to protect the dignity of members of the public, and avoid causing them “unjustified distress or anxiety”, will also make the job of making such entertainment programmes much more onerous.

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30/07/2019 17:19:43  

2.6 million customers hit... over period of nearly 8 years

UK comms watchdog Ofcom fined Brit MVNO Giffgaff £1.4m today for overcharging around 2.6 million users to the tune of around £2.8m.…

30/07/2019 10:19:08  

Ofcom investigation finds billing error led to network overcharging 2.6 million users

Giffgaff has been fined £1.4m for overcharging 2.6 million mobile phone customers.

An Ofcom investigation revealed the network, which is owned by O2’s parent company Telefónica, overcharged users a total of almost £2.9m.

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30/07/2019 08:15:16  

Regulator Ofcom says "unacceptable" mistakes affected 2.6 million customers of the mobile phone group.
29/07/2019 17:16:07  
29/07/2019 11:19:31  

New rules could radically change how shows such as Love Island are made in the UK

British TV and radio stations will be explicitly required to protect the “welfare, wellbeing and dignity” of individuals who take part in their programmes, under proposals that could radically change how reality TV is made in the UK – and have a collateral impact on news and documentaries.

The Media regulator, Ofcom, said it was proposing to add two rules to the existing broadcasting code to protect members of the public who take part in programmes, in an announcement timed to coincide with the final of this summer’s series of Love Island.

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