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26/10/2021 00:36:21  

Owen Jones, a British newspaper columnist and activist for the Labour Party, writes in an opinion piece for The Guardian: The aftermath of the horrific killing of Conservative MP David Amess should have been a moment for politicians and the public to unite in an effort to protect democracy. Instead, the discussion has been derailed by a push to ban anonymous social media accounts, which would stifle free speech and democratic rights. Threatening online messages to politicians and other public figures should be taken seriously. As someone who has experienced online abuse, and a physical attack at the hands of the far right, I know all too well the danger. But, in this tragic event, there seems to be no known connection between the death of Amess and anonymous online posting. While MPs are grieving, and understandably feel vulnerable, we must ask whether strengthening the online safety bill is the right approach. By shifting attention away from extremism toward online anonymity, do we hinder our democracy? There are many legitimate reasons why a citizen may not feel comfortable posting their opinion or sharing information under their own identity. Given the number of politicians who offer off-the-record quotes to journalists on a daily basis, generally for fear of their jobs or other harmful consequences, MPs will be able to empathize with this. The bill would allow Ofcom to punish social networks that fail to remove "lawful but harmful" content. Defining abuse is politically subjective -- what is seen as accountability by some could be seen as abuse by others. Mark Francois, who is campaigning for the changes, said "while people in public life must remain open to legitimate criticism, they can no longer be vilified or their families subject to the most horrendous abuse." While there is no place for verbally violent, threatening or disturbing language, what can be defined as vilification versus illegitimate criticism is harder to judge... Friendly reminder: Slashdot continues to allow users to post comments and stories anonymously as an "Anonymous Coward." This is something that's been criticized since its inception, but it's something we think is important and plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

25/10/2021 02:32:44  

UK networks agree to block almost all internet calls coming from abroad if they pretend to be UK numbers.
23/10/2021 06:39:28  

The government says it will tackle extreme posts but Twitter warns Ofcom will be "muddling through".
20/10/2021 16:39:00  

Almost a million people in the UK were misled by calls or messages over the summer.
14/10/2021 21:37:55  

The BBC Nolan Investigates podcast says the charity's work raises questions of impartiality.
06/10/2021 01:36:03  

Video-sharing platforms have a legal duty to enforce strict rules - or be fined or even suspended.
01/10/2021 16:35:09  

Independent fibre providers warn that the reduction in price could harm investment and competition.
28/09/2021 17:38:19  

‘One Touch Switch’ is great, but logistics are an issue for BT, while Virgin cites data protection worries

Switching broadband providers could be about to become a lot easier if proposals unveiled by Ofcom today are put into place.…

22/09/2021 17:37:37  

'Warning: this report contains highly offensive language and discussion of content which may cause offence'

NSFW UK comms regulator Ofcom has taken the unusual step of employing survey company Ipsos MORI to swear 186 times at 368 different members of the public and record what they thought about it.…

22/09/2021 12:34:00  
14/09/2021 14:35:56  

Ofcom: You know, superfast broadband is available if you'd care to take it up

The UK is second worst in the G7 league of industrial nations – only pipping Italy (61st) in terms of broadband speed, according to a report published today by Cable.co.uk.…

04/09/2021 07:32:34  

This week 170,157 visitors visited 481,612 times viewing 754,859 pages. The most read and shared stories in order of popularity were:

You’re either in front of Guido, or you are behind…

[…] Read the rest
02/09/2021 14:32:22  

After his resounding Ofcom victory against Princess Pinocchio” yesterday, Piers jokingly asked whether it meant he could have his job back at GMB. By the sounds of things, they should be begging him to return.

New figures for the breakfast show reveal a ratings crisis: a year ago today, Piers and Susanna brought in 788,000 viewers; today just 562,000 tuned in – an 18.8% audience share.[…] Read the rest

02/09/2021 08:29:23  

Piers Morgan has spoken out after Ofcom cleared ITV over his criticism of Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain.
01/09/2021 11:32:01  

Ofcom has cleared Piers Morgan of his comments on Meghan Markle, which sparked an unprecedented 55,000 complaints:

“The Interview between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey contained serious allegations and it was legitimate for this Programme to discuss and scrutinise those claims including their veracity.

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01/09/2021 11:29:47  
01/09/2021 10:29:10  

TV watchdog Ofcom rejects a record 58,000 complaints about his criticism of the Duchess of Sussex.
31/08/2021 15:33:01  

Along with plans to finally break into their advertising budget, GB News‘ forthcoming relaunch is also supposedly going to launch regular news bulletins, moving away from the current features-focused output. Guido’s mole, however, suggests this is proving more difficult than expected, thanks to Ofcom.[…] Read the rest