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30/07/2021 15:28:35  

An Ofcom survey of regular users ranked Huffington Post lower than Twitter, YouTube and other social media sources as a source of news and understanding about Covid. The majority of readers of newspapers like The Sun and the Daily Mail rated the publications as providing helpful news about Covid-19, compared to less than a third of Huffington Post readers.[…] Read the rest

28/07/2021 16:25:17  

Anna-Sophie Harling will have responsibility over how big technology companies regulate harmful speech.
27/07/2021 16:29:02  

Operator shall talk unto operator or the big stick will be wielded

UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom has kicked off a consultation process regarding licence applications for non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) systems such as Starlink and OneWeb.…

09/07/2021 16:21:25  

Broadcaster Piers Morgan accounts for a large number of the 142,660 complaints received in 2020/21.
08/07/2021 12:24:02  

Good Morning Britain received 145 complaints over Richard Madeley’s interview with SAGE scientist (and card-carrying communist) Susan Michie, in which Madeley quite rightly challenged Michie over her radical politics and questioned whether they informed her views on Covid policy. A completely fair question, and a long time coming.[…] Read the rest

05/07/2021 16:20:35  

The media watchdog received 390 complaints about a lockdown restrictions debate on its launch night.
30/06/2021 17:22:37  

Britain's proposed new internet law entails a government power grab with worrying implications for freedom of speech, according to civil liberties groups, academics and the tech industry. From a report: The groups are concerned the proposed Online Safety Bill would hand to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden disproportionate powers in the name of protecting users from "harmful" content. The Bill allow him to "modify" a code of practice -- the blueprint created by the regulator Ofcom for how tech companies should protect users -- to ensure it "reflects government policy." Critics say such powers, which were set out in a draft of the proposed law published in May and due for imminent scrutiny by MPs and peers, could undermine the regulator's independence and potentially politicize the regulation of the internet. "The notion that a political appointee will have the unilateral power to alter the legal boundaries of free speech based on the political whims of the moment frankly makes the blood run cold," said Heather Burns, policy manager at the Open Rights Group. The draft bill -- which hasn't yet begun its formal passage through parliament -- is due to be checked line-by-line by legislators before being brought back to parliament later this year, where it will then pass through the stages it needs to end up on the statute books. The U.K. government and opposition parties are currently finalizing which lawmakers will sit on the pre-legislative committee.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

10/06/2021 13:18:30  

Let's hope Sachin Jogia sticks around longer than his predecessor

Ofcom is to get a new full-time CTO this autumn in Sachin Jogia, who has spent the last nine years at Amazon and is currently GM of the Alexa Smart Home product management and business teams.…

09/06/2021 06:14:59  

Online shopping soared, topping £110bn in sales, while adult sites were visited by half of over-18s.