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04/04/2020 08:03:56  

This week 221,304 visitors visited 715,773 times viewing 1,179,652 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: Peston’s Testing Shortage Disinformation Jezza’s Shambolic Last Plan Where are the Coronavirus Hotspots? BBC Proposes Replacing Licence Fee with Broadband Levy Vulnerable Corbyn Flouts Self-Isolation & Social Distancing Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour […]

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01/04/2020 17:04:16  

Coronavirus might have stopped dramas like Line of Duty in their tracks, but with Small Axe, Us and Normal People, Wenger is pressing on – ignoring critics who claim his shows are too ‘woke’

These are trying times for the BBC. The government talks about abolishing the licence fee. Certain newspapers compete to haul the programme makers over the coals for various crimes, from “woke” casting to “mucking around” with classics. There are rumours of declining ratings and mutterings about the muscle of Netflix and Amazon. Add to that a pandemic that has forced some of the corporation’s biggest dramas – including Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders – to cease production and it would be no surprise to find Piers Wenger in a pessimistic mood. In fact, the opposite is true.

“It’s been a really mad time,” says the head of BBC drama. “But it’s also been inspiring in terms of the ingenuity creators, producers and casts are showing to get their shows on screen.” He’s been holding “daily calls to talk about the longer term impact this crisis will have on the kind of story audiences are most in need of”.

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01/04/2020 17:03:34  

The BBC’s response to the government’s consultation on decriminalising the licence fee is out. Their £4 billion solution to funding Gary Lineker? Switching the charge onto broadband bills – portraying it as an ‘efficiency measure’. Forgive Guido for not taking the BBC seriously in its desire to make efficiency savings… The 40-page response states: “In […]

The post BBC Proposes Replacing Licence Fee with Broadband Levy appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

01/04/2020 14:04:32  

With licence fee under threat, where can corporation get the money from?

The BBC has floated the idea of replacing its licence fee with a broadband levy in its submission to a government consultation.…

01/04/2020 12:04:08  

In the midst of this pandemic, the BBC is proving its worth. Don’t let Boris Johnson destroy it for ideological reasons

You only have until 5pm today, Wednesday 1 April, to add your voice to the government’s consultation on the fate of the BBC. The government aims to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee, undermining its funding base yet again by nearly £300m a year. That cut would come after the government has already stripped away 30% since 2010, according to an estimate by the Voice of the Listener and Viewer. To have your say and defend the BBC from politically motivated vandalism, here’s the official site.

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31/03/2020 16:03:58  

Corporation responds to government plan to decriminalise non-payment of licence fee

The BBC has said the television licence fee could ultimately be replaced by a monthly levy on broadband connections, in response to the UK government’s proposals to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee.

The public broadcaster said it strongly supported keeping the current court-enforced television licence fee system in place for the medium-term. But it is willing to consider following other European countries and implement a funding model “linked directly to an existing common household bill” such as an internet connection, council tax, or electricity supply.

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25/03/2020 18:35:54  

Proposal to axe 450 jobs and pay for the licence fee for over-75s put on ice

The BBC has paused plans to cut 450 journalism jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving staff who were expecting to be made redundant unsure if this is a long-term change in policy or merely a stopgap during the pandemic.

The redundancies were announced at the end of January in a bid to save £80m from the BBC’s budget, with shows such as the Victoria Derbyshire programme axed and hundreds of roles due to go across the rest of the organisation.

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22/03/2020 15:35:23  

Streaming sites could not make same distinctive British shows, says Alice Webb

The outgoing BBC children’s director has said YouTube and Netflix could not provide the same distinctive British kids’ programmes funded by the licence fee, as the corporation responds to the coronavirus outbreak by bringing forward the launch of a child-friendly version of iPlayer.

Alice Webb used her interview with the Guardian to defend the quality of the corporation’s children’s output in the face of threats to the BBC’s funding package, suggesting British parents would miss high-quality children’s shows if the broadcaster’s budget was cut.

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