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18/07/2021 21:23:57  
15/07/2021 11:22:41  

Henry Dimbleby led an independent review into the food we eat, which suggests sugar and salt should be taxed.
15/07/2021 09:25:27  

Following Guido’s story yesterday that Boris’s food tsar Henry Dimbleby is proposing huge taxes on foods high in sugar and salt (plans which would cost every household an estimated £172 every year), Robert Jenrick made this morning’s media round to push back on the proposals and insist that they are not government policy – yet.[…] Read the rest

14/07/2021 16:25:18  

Sources tell Guido that Henry Dimbleby’s new “National Food Strategy” – an upcoming review commissioned by the government to investigate ways of reducing the “damage” of our food system – will argue that the UK has become trapped in a “junk food cycle“, and that breaking out of it requires implementing (as rumoured) a £3 per kg tax on sugar and a £6 per kg tax on salt.[…] Read the rest