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26/05/2022 02:07:42  

Scots going abroad for cheaper and quicker obesity operations are "risking their lives" claim medics.
20/05/2022 19:06:43  

Chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver has been protesting over delays to the government's obesity strategy.
18/05/2022 11:06:19  

The BBC's Peter Henley recalls the first time the TV chef tangled with the PM over junk food.
17/05/2022 06:07:11  

Lord Hague says the government is "shallow" and "politically weak" for delaying plans to curb obesity.
14/05/2022 14:05:36  

Boris Johnson is accused of "playing politics with children's health" after delaying new restrictions.
14/05/2022 03:05:32  

But health groups criticise the move to pause the ban on unhealthy food offers and some advertising.