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08/10/2020 16:02:51  

Widely anticipated and always the bookies favourite, Allegra Stratton has been confirmed as the new Downing Street Press Secretary. Her experience as a television reporter on Newsnight, ITV News and with Peston will stand her in good stead. 40 year-old Allegra is married to the Spectator’s James Forsyth. They have one child. She has done […]
06/10/2020 13:02:33  

GMB continues to count the days since the government launched a boycott of their programme, with Piers Morgan declaring today marks the 161st day. Since calendar watching appears to be all the range at ITV, Guido thought he’d see how long Piers has managed to stay silent on his SS Nazi Uniform shame – 115 […]
23/09/2020 12:01:44  

16.75 million tuned in for Boris’s sit down address to the nation last night, where he reinforced what was said in the Commons earlier. Guido understands Boris wrote the words himself… The viewership from each main channel was: BBC One – 9.14m ITV – 3.51m Channel 4 – 2.80m BBC News – 0.82m Sky News […]
21/09/2020 11:58:45  

ITV confirms its first celebrity skater for next year's programme, won last time by Joe Swash.
17/09/2020 12:58:29  

The ITV series' last episode draws high praise, despite cavils over the amount of on-screen smoking.
14/09/2020 11:01:13  

Ed Miliband has made a curtain-twitching admission to ITV political reporter Shahab Khan this morning, saying that he would report people to the police if he sees them having gatherings of more than six. Perhaps on top of being an MP, a shadow minister, and hosting a podcast, the former Labour Party leader can take […]
09/09/2020 13:34:40  

A group of British East and South East Asians describe The Singapore Grip as "a kick in the teeth".
27/08/2020 13:32:02  

This year's winner will be crowned the King or Queen of the Castle (instead of the Jungle).