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23/09/2022 13:32:36  

Guido has the new autumn schedule for Talk TV. To no one’s surprise Tom Newton Dunn’s “The News Desk” has been scrapped. The new line up seems far more like an ITV schedule:

  • 4pm to 7pm – Vanessa Feltz
  • 7pm to 8pm – Jeremy Kyle Live
  • 8pm to 9pm – Piers Morgan Uncensored
  • 9pm to 10pm – The Talk
  • 10pm – 11pm – First Edition with Tom Newton Dunn

Jeremy Kyle gets the warm-up spot for Piers Morgan.

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19/08/2022 22:27:24  

Young adults in the UK are spending more time scrolling on social media site TikTok than watching broadcast television, according to an Ofcom report on Wednesday that highlights the growing generational divide in media habits. From a report: In its annual survey of consumption trends, the media regulator found that those aged 16 to 24 spent an average of 53 minutes a day viewing traditional broadcast TV, just a third of the level a decade ago. By contrast, people over the age of 65 spent seven times as long in front of channels such as BBC One or ITV, viewing almost six hours' worth of broadcast TV a day -- a figure that has risen since 2011. The faster take-up of streaming services and social media among young people poses an ever greater challenge to broadcasters as they try to cope with an economic slowdown, satisfy their most loyal older viewers and invest to keep pace with fast-changing consumption habits.

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