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11/08/2020 13:28:47  

The broadcaster says some free postal entries weren't included in a number of its prize draws.
07/08/2020 11:27:55  

The reality show will swap the Australian jungle for a ruined British castle for this year's series.
06/08/2020 10:27:39  

Boss Dame Carolyn McCall says the broadcaster has been through "one of the most challenging times".
05/08/2020 10:30:01  

The BBC along with ITV are attempting to draw attention to their struggling streaming service ‘BritBox’. (Guido will never understand they didn’t just push the iPlayer brand international). In order to spark attention, and presumably prevent more BBC employees using the established internal name ‘Sh*tBox’, a new series of Spitting Image has been commissioned. This […]
03/08/2020 17:27:13  

Morris presented ITV's North West news programme for 17 years.
30/07/2020 18:26:18  

The announcement ends uncertainty over whether the show would resume amid the coronavirus pandemic.
24/07/2020 18:28:22  

Broadcasters say Boris Johnson’s plan will drastically reduce revenue for industry already in crisis

British television channels could be forced to make cuts of more than £200m to their programme budgets if the government pushes ahead with plans to impose a blanket ban on junk food advertising.

In a further blow to a crisis-hit media industry, ITV would lose about £100m of income if a 9pm, pre-watershed ban is implemented, according to television industry estimates.

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22/07/2020 15:28:05  

The streaming service will adapt four novels for its first raft of original shows, with actors including Jared Harris, Cush Jumbo and Dougray Scott set to star

BritBox has announced its first original series, including adaptations of books by Anthony Horowitz and Irvine Welsh. The streaming platform, created by the BBC and ITV, has until now focused on allowing users access to archived content from British broadcasters – but will now welcome four new series.

Crime, adapted by Welsh from his own novel, is the first time his work has been transferred to the small screen. Dougray Scott will star as the troubled detective inspector Ray Lennox, investigating the disappearance of a schoolgirl. “Delighted that BritBox have picked this up,” said Welsh. “Lennox is a compelling character for me, not so much a cop as a broken avenging angel. So don’t expect a run-of-the-mill cop show, and nonces beware.”

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22/07/2020 07:27:53  

The exploitation of workers and Covid-19 spike in Leicester’s factories should be a ‘wake-up call’ for the rest of the country, says trafficking expert

As a human rights barrister and world-leading expert on human trafficking, Parosha Chandran knows the depths and darkness of abuse that can occur, especially when freedoms are taken away.

So she is not surprised that a study this month calculated there are 100,000 victims of modern slavery in Britain. “The thing about slavery is that it’s a vastly hidden crime,” she says. “There are control mechanisms that are used very effectively by enslavers and traffickers to keep people quiet and to make victims fear going forward to the authorities to ask for help.”

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18/07/2020 07:27:06  

From forcing sheds to Frida Kahlo: test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 What is the architectural legacy of the 1889 Exposition Universelle?
2 What is grown in forcing sheds?
3 For string players, what command contradicts arco?
4 Which UK mammals are grey or harbour?
5 Who did Fanny Sunesson partner to sporting glory?
6 What name was adopted by the general Caius Martius?
7 Which country was formerly British Honduras?
8 What word for a flatterer literally means “fig shower”?
What links:
CH; CG; FB; LC; PH; PO; TH; W?
10 The Drifters; the Shadows; the Young Ones?
11 Bufo bufo; meles meles; talpa europaea; arvicola amphibius?
12 Leslie Mitchell (BBC and ITV); Paul Coia (Channel 4); David Vickery (Channel 5)?
13 Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (south of Cape Horn)?
14 Eva Lovelace; Christina Drayton; Eleanor of Aquitaine; Ethel Thayer?
15 Van Gogh and Gauguin, Arles; William Morris, Bexleyheath; Frida Kahlo, Mexico City?

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17/07/2020 12:27:14  

A big, red triangle on your screen? A security issue, not a foreign film alert

Bork!Bork!Bork! UK broadcaster ITV came under the baleful gaze of bork over the weekend as an unexpected expiration left its online player shorn of those precious advertisements.…

16/07/2020 15:26:54  

Experts say signs are promising but there is a long way to go to show vaccine works

Phase one human trials of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by researchers at the University of Oxford suggest it triggers two types of immune response, unnamed sources working on the vaccine told ITV’s Robert Peston. Not only does the jab trigger the production of antibodies – proteins that can bind to the virus, preventing it from entering cells and flagging it to immune cells – but it also seems to result in the production of “killer” T cells – immune cells that attack infected human cells.

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15/07/2020 21:26:43  

The presenter’s warmth shines through in this special episode, which seems him follow staff at Battersea as they rehome hundreds of animals during the pandemic

Dogs are, famously, good for cheering you up. Programmes about them, however, are very, very good at making you cry. But because of the innate goodness of dogs, it is the kind of cry that cheers you up. When you need a good cry, but nothing is quite tipping you over the edge, purge yourself with a lovely dog programme (nothing with vets, though. Don’t be ridiculous).

So, then, to the special instalment of Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs, subtitled Back in Business (ITV) and covering Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s response to the coronavirus crisis. One moment, as O’Grady notes, its main problem is George the Staffie’s third return to the home after a failed placement (houseboat, cat). The next, plague times are on us and the heat is on to get hundreds of animals rehoused or out to foster carers for as long as lockdown lasts.

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15/07/2020 16:23:18  

The actress played the sherry-loving gossip Betty Eagleton for 21 years in the ITV soap.
14/07/2020 14:26:17  

Carolyn McCall’s comment comes during questioning by MPs about treatment of participants on reality TV shows

ITV’s chief executive, Carolyn McCall, has said she would be comfortable with her children appearing on Love Island while being questioned by MPs angered by her responses to questions about the treatment of participants on the broadcaster’s reality TV shows.

Julian Knight, the chair of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee of MPs, raised the issue of the treatment of participants on the now axed Jeremy Kyle show and Love Island.

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14/07/2020 13:23:06  

Dame Carolyn McCall says competition from Netflix and YouTube is squeezing public service channels.
14/07/2020 13:23:06  

"I'm upset, baffled; I won't be commentating on the big England games in the coming year," he says.
14/07/2020 10:26:19  

  • Tyldesley had spent 22 years as lead commentator
  • Broadcaster will continue to work with the station

Clive Tyldesley is stepping down as ITV’s lead football commentator after 22 years in the position. Tyldesley, who joined from the BBC as an understudy to Brian Moore in 1996, will be replaced by Sam Matterface, but will continue to work with the station.

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13/07/2020 20:26:10  

UK broadcasters help develop guidance for when actors need to work closer than 2 metres

Television actors could soon be kissing, dancing, strangling or indeed doing anything with and to each other that requires close proximity, following the publication of new safety rules for the industry.

Broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky have helped develop guidance for producing television when cast and crew need to work more closely than 2 metres apart.

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13/07/2020 16:26:13  

Parents back project saying it has added resonance in light of Black Lives Matter protests

Doreen and Neville Lawrence’s long, difficult struggle to get justice for their murdered son, Stephen, is to be made in to a three-part television drama.

ITV announced on Monday it had commissioned a sequel to its Bafta-winning 1999 single drama, The Murder of Stephen Lawrence, which was written and directed by Paul Greengrass.

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13/07/2020 13:26:24  

Royal Ascot yielded a healthy fillip to the Levy but other sports are back to bet on and ITV’s racing contract is yet to be signed

Some positive news to start the week (though there will, of course, be some caveats to consider too). Initial figures on betting turnover and gross win on horse racing for the first four weeks of the sport’s resumption from 1 June imply a Levy yield for the month that is short of the pre-lockdown level, but not by as much as could have been expected. Tracks may be spectator-less at present and the good ship racing is still slowly sinking as a result, but the betting public is bailing it out at sufficient speed to keep it afloat for now.

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09/07/2020 19:25:29  

Boris Johnson has no intention of setting up an independent probe of Britain’s handling of the pandemic. MPs and civil society must take the initiative

On Wednesday the World Health Organization appointed a committee of inquiry, to be led by the former New Zealand prime minister, Helen Clark, and the ex-president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to evaluate the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They will produce an interim report in November and a full report in May 2021. For all its limitations, largely imposed by China, the inquiry is a highly important initiative. The pandemic is unrelenting and accelerating. If it is written with independence and authority, the report should help to produce a better model of international and national response to future waves of Covid-19 and to other pandemics.

Boris Johnson was rightly a supporter of an early and independent WHO inquiry. This stands in marked contrast to his cautious and evasive views on a possible inquiry into Britain’s own response. From early in the Covid-19 lockdown, there have been many calls for an inquiry here. Mr Johnson has made vaguely sympathetic noises, but he has never committed himself explicitly to the kind of inquiry that is needed. On 23 June, for example, the Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey, who has led many of the calls, asked in the Commons whether the prime minister would set up an independent inquiry. Mr Johnson responded by saying: “I am sure there will come a moment when lessons need to be learned – indeed we are learning them the whole time – but I do not consider at the moment that a full-scale national inquiry is a good use of official time.”

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07/07/2020 15:25:11  

  • Olympian Lisa Mason forced to train until her hands bled
  • Another gymnast claims to have been hit by a stick

UK Sport has confirmed it is investigating the “shocking and upsetting” allegations of serious physical and emotional abuse of British gymnasts - with one former leading competitor claiming she had been locked in a cupboard and another saying they were forced to train until their hands bled when they were 10 years old.

The funding body of Olympic sport in Britain also called on other gymnasts to share their concerns and said it would hold to account anyone responsible for such abhorrent behaviour.

UK Sport’s response came after one former athlete told ITV sport that young gymnasts would be shouted and screamed at and claimed she was once hit by a stick when she was doing a handstand.

Another, the former Olympian Lisa Mason, said she had been made to train until her hands bled. “My coach put me on the bars until my hands ripped and bled. My hands would then be pulled down and surgical spirit would be poured all over them. I would also have AstroTurf put under the bars so I would burn my feet if I didn’t keep them up. But everyone else is going through it, so you think it’s normal.”

Mason said some gymnasts are afraid to speak out for fear of missing selection for the Tokyo Olympic Games. “The Olympics is next year and we don’t want to rock the boat and upset the people who make those decisions,” she said.

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06/07/2020 18:24:52  

As Rishi Sunak mulls over his summer statement, there is one solution he could consider that would protect our public services

Not since the Great Frost of 1709 has the economy taken such a spine-chilling shock: “A severe recession the likes of which we have not seen,” said the chancellor. On Wednesday, with a thundercloud £300bn deficit and a national debt of 100% of GDP hanging over him as he gives his summer statement, expect nothing normal for the foreseeable future.

Rishi Sunak is besieged by pleas to rescue industries, public services, and the millions falling out of their jobs into the brutality of universal credit. Yesterday his overture was encouraging as he beamed light into the dark theatres, concert halls, music venues, museums and galleries, throwing a last-minute lifeline to the beleaguered arts. Enough to save them all and their army of freelancers, or just for the ministers’ favoured national “crown jewels”? It’s not yet clear, but it is generous enough to spark a flicker of hope that Sunak and Boris Johnson could indeed harbour an unTory belief in what the state must do. The question now is whether they dare tax to match their ambitions.

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06/07/2020 13:24:45  

Racing passed its first major test behind closed doors at Epsom but other tracks are looking at ways to get spectators back

A quick scan of the perimeter of Epsom racecourse a couple of minutes before the Derby on Saturday suggested that no more than 100 to 150 people had ignored the organisers’ pleas to stay away from the track and watch the action unfold on ITV. They were, for the most part, spread out around the perimeter of the course, pressed up against the high metal fence that entirely enclosed it, and were pretty much outnumbered by the many security guards deployed to keep the course secure.

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