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22/10/2021 11:39:20  

The presenter's final guest will be Kate Garraway, who will then take over hosting duties.
21/10/2021 21:39:56  
21/10/2021 10:39:14  

Hemel Hempstead is the setting for shows including ITV's Grantchester and two Netflix series.
12/10/2021 13:37:22  

The well-known broadcaster is retiring from his news anchor role at ITV Meridian.
04/10/2021 09:35:43  

But ITV says the actor and presenter will continue to host its All Star Musicals specials.
24/09/2021 16:36:41  

ITV has released a clip from an interview with Keir Starmer, in which he is forced to watch voters in Durham savaging his leadership. His response? Effectively that ITV spoke to the wrong voters:

Starmer: Next time you’re in Darlington – I think on your patch -…

Presenter: Consett that was

Starmer: Yeah I know, just to give you a counter example… in Darlington when you’re next there with a camera go an talk to tha taxi rank drivers…

Guido’s heard Starmer receives warm receptions from certain Darlington characters…[…] Read the rest

22/09/2021 20:33:27  

Lewis Bloor upset "fellow fraudsters" when he left an alleged diamond scam for TV life, court hears.
18/09/2021 08:35:21  

This week 200,881 visitors visited 623,559 times viewing 1,076,098 pages. The most read and shared stories in order of popularity were:

[…] Read the rest
17/09/2021 01:32:16  

Elizabeth Estensen, who played landlady Diane Sugden, says it is time to "say goodbye".
16/09/2021 12:35:02  

While yesterday may not have been great for Dominic Raab, at least he can take solace in the fact he had a better reshuffle than Robert Peston. ITV’s senile senior political reporter spent all day tweeting every thought process, speculation and briefing with the acumen and insight of a first-year politics student.[…] Read the rest

02/09/2021 08:29:23  

Piers Morgan has spoken out after Ofcom cleared ITV over his criticism of Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain.