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24/05/2022 09:10:18  

Last night’s Partygate photos, taken on the event of Lee Cain’s leaving drinks on 13th November 2020, will prove difficult terrain for the PM, even after having escaped a second fine from the Met’s investigation last week. In November 2020 the country was in a full national lockdown, with gatherings only permitted if “reasonable” for work…

As with the birthday cake debacle, details of the gathering were leaked to the press contemporaneously, to very little fanfare.[…] Read the rest

23/05/2022 18:10:09  

Congratulations to ITV, who have managed to win the race to leak the first Partygate photo ahead of the Sue Gray publication. The leaked snaps show the PM giving a toast to Lee Cain at his leaving do on November 13, behind a table-full of wine, gin and fizz.[…] Read the rest

23/05/2022 17:07:20  

The photos published by ITV News show Boris Johnson holding up a glass at a leaving do in November 2020.
17/05/2022 11:06:02  

She was well known for writing and creating the ITV series Fat Friends, which starred James Corden.
06/04/2022 19:03:47  

Among the post-Partygate clear-out of Boris’s top team in No. 10 was his PPS Martin Reynolds, whose infamous ‘BYOB’ email invite – leaked to ITV – swiftly earned him the SW1 nickname of “Party Marty”. Instead of being fired he was foundy a comfy Foreign Office role…

No sooner was he out the door, then Peter Wilson was in, swapping an ambassadorship in carnival loving Brazil for Partygate central.[…] Read the rest

06/04/2022 13:02:50