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18/07/2019 15:19:16  

The ITV show is fast fashion’s biggest advocate, but the planet can’t take any more £1 bikinis

Like millions of viewers, I’m hopelessly addicted to Love Island in a way I never thought I would be. But my biggest problem is not so much with the show per se, it’s with fast fashion.

'Fast fashion' is a phrase coined to describe inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. Critics say that the industry has a large carbon footprint, and creates water and air pollution. Clothes are often manufactured in poor working conditions.

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18/07/2019 09:19:16  

Mihika Sharma’s smart stick, which helps blind people cross the road, is one of the winning entries in this year’s Tech4Good awards

Nine months since the government unveiled its social prescribing strategy to tackle loneliness, progress is still patchy. One in 20 adults in England feel lonely often or always, according to data from the Office for National Statistics. And two-thirds of disabled people report feeling lonely. Part of the problem is that efforts are being hampered by austerity: figures out this month showed that £7.7bn has been cut from adult social care budgets in England, and the number of daycare centres has fallen by more than 40% from 2010 levels.

Technology is already at the forefront of efforts to reduce loneliness, but the winners of this year’s Tech4Good awards, announced on Wednesday, show how innovative use of technology can improve access to cultural and leisure activities, which are an excellent way to bring people together.

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17/07/2019 11:17:45  

Poor Anna Soubry. She’s lost influence, friends, and will probably lose her seat. She has poured her heart out to ITV’s Paul Brand “we made some terrible mistakes over leadership and I can tell you now that the problem was was that Chuka wouldn’t step up to it. And if Chuka had stepped up to […]

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16/07/2019 21:18:48  

As one half of Saint and Greavsie, the former striker spoke about the sport he loved with enjoyment and wit. We could do with some of that now

“I am someone who believes that what we need without a doubt is more of Jimmy Greaves,” wrote the performance poet John Hegley in Greavsie, an ironic yet affectionate early-1990s paean to a then ubiquitous figure. “The more I get of Greaves, the more my life achieves.”

The Premier League’s paywall model would soon be bringing down the curtain on one of the more curious and varied media careers of an ex-footballer. ITV’s failure to land broadcast rights to what the victor, Sky, would trail as a “whole new ball game” meant the axe for Saint and Greavsie in July 1992.

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15/07/2019 18:18:36  

Thousands withdrawn from bank account not disclosed to administrators, judge hears

The high court has ruled that Gavin Woodhouse can be removed as a director of a series of his subsidiary companies after a judge heard the embattled financier had been withdrawing tens of thousands of pounds from a bank account he had kept secret from administrators.

The move follows temporary administrators taking control of five Woodhouse companies over the past two weeks, including care homes and a planned adventure park. A crisis has engulfed the entrepreneur’s business interests after an undercover investigation by the Guardian and ITV News raised questions about what had happened to millions of pounds of private investors’ savings.

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13/07/2019 09:18:28  

Amy Hart’s departure from the reality show highlights the excessive sympathy women offer to the men who hurt them

You might be surprised to learn that Love Island is shedding light on contemporary developments in feminist philosophy. You might also be surprised that philosophers are avid watchers of reality television.

But the ITV show gives us a unique opportunity to observe the relationships of 20-somethings – from their beginnings to the point where they flourish and, often, break apart. With these glimpses of human behaviour – albeit in the context of a television show – we can get an insight into how many women act, particularly at the end of a relationship.

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12/07/2019 09:18:40  

The myth of heroic leaders versus banal managers is misleading - we need bosses who can do both

There they stood, those two titans of political statesmanship, battling it out for the chance to be our next prime minister. On one side was Jeremy Hunt, measured and careful, pointing out the difficulties our country faces in its attempt to achieve Brexit. And opposing him was Boris Johnson, full of broad-brush optimism, rejecting what he called the “defeatist” attitude of his rival, declaring that great things would be possible if only we believed hard enough in the opportunity.

Leaders do and say big and exciting things, and the rest of us are supposed to – well, follow

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11/07/2019 16:18:33  

Only a fair tax system can fund the level of public services everyone deserves

As the Conservative party’s leadership election descends into an ugly no-deal Brexit competition, it is fair to say that there hasn’t been much serious discussion about what the Tories want a post-Brexit Britain to look like. There has been the usual 1980s-style obsession with swingeing tax cuts, and some back-of-a-cigarette-packet attempts to reverse some of the cuts that both of the contenders voted for, but it’s been left to others to talk about the harsh realities faced by millions.

A report, There is an Alternative, which was published last week by the IPPR thinktank, brought a welcome blast of cold air to anyone who thought austerity had come to an end, as Theresa May promised it had last year. The authors lay bare the deficit in care, which has terrible consequences for those who need it and their loved ones, who are often having to fill the gap themselves.

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10/07/2019 11:17:46  

Fresh from cheekily playing footage of Matt Hancock devouring a stroopwafel when he thought the cameras weren’t rolling, ITV’s Good Morning Britain have done it again to the unfortunate Health Secretary. This time they’ve caught him getting intimately involved with the froth on his cappuccino and sucking it off his finger. You’d think he would […]

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10/07/2019 11:14:42  

The TV presenter says he is "beside himself with excitement" to revive Dale Winton's ITV game show.
10/07/2019 08:18:29  

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and the latest from the Tory leadership contest

In the ITV Tory leadership debate last night Boris Johnson, the clear favourite to be next prime minister, again refused to rule out proroguing parliament to stop MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit. This morning, in an extraordinary intervention, Sir John Major, the former Conservative prime minister, told the Today programme that he would be willing to go to court to seek a judicial review to stop this happening. He said:

I think the idea of proroguing parliament is utterly and totally unacceptable from any British parliamentarian or democrat. I for one would be prepared to go and seek judicial review to prevent parliament being bypassed.

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10/07/2019 08:17:25  

Last night the two Tory leadership candidates went head to head on ITV to put their cases to the Tory membership, and the country. Just twelve days to go – the result will be announced on 22 July… The debate saw some of the first significant blue-on-blue of the contest, with less than flattering qualities […]

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10/07/2019 06:14:42  

Boris Hunt and Jeremy Hunt traded jibes in a feisty debate on ITV.
09/07/2019 22:18:19  

Smirks, smugness and self-love will not deter predominantly rightwing, old, white and male Tory voters

Tuesday night’s televised debate on ITV between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson is the only chance the public will get to see the two candidates to succeed Theresa May argue their points head-to-head. But it won’t change anything.

Related: We’d be better off picking someone at random and giving them keys to No 10 | John Crace

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09/07/2019 21:18:31  

Be optimistic? Johnson offers pitiful object lesson in failing to answer any serious questions

There was a brief frisson of excitement when someone said that Jason McCartney was in the spin room for the ITV leadership debate in Manchester. No one knew the former North Melbourne Aussie rules footballer and current list manager at the Greater Western Sydney Giants was in town. Then the excitement died a little. It was a different Jason McCartney. Jason McCartney, the former Tory MP who lost his seat at the 2017 general election and was now delegated to be cheerleader in chief for Team Boris. Point man to explain to a room full of hacks why his man had won the debate. Even if he hadn’t. Understandably McCartney looked slightly overawed by the responsibility.

Over on the other side of the room rooting for Team Hunt was another former MP, Rob Wilson. Him and me neither. It hadn’t been meant to be like this. The spin room had been billed to be full of ambitious Tory MPs, slavering for top jobs when their man became prime minister. Except it turned out that the Conservative whips hadn’t quite trusted their Labour counterparts to pair their absentee MPs and had ordered them all back to Westminster for the crucial vote on the Dominic Grieve amendment to force parliament to report fortnightly throughout October. Even then it hadn’t been enough as the government was defeated by a single vote. A sign of things to come.

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09/07/2019 14:18:32  

Move follows investigation into entrepreneur by the Guardian and ITV News

Gavin Woodhouse has lost control of another company after a court ordered temporary administrators to take control of the embattled entrepreneur’s main property group.

The move comes five days after a high court judge ruled that Woodhouse’s business model appeared to be “thoroughly dishonest” and a “shameful abuse of the privileges of limited liability trading”, as she appointed interim managers to run three of the developer’s firms.

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09/07/2019 13:18:40  

Tory leadership candidates to face off on ITV as protest planned at Manchester venue

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will debate head-to-head for the first time in the battle to be prime minister, as protesters gather outside to demonstrate against the choice being made by 0.25% of the population who are members of the Conservative party.

Johnson, the frontrunner in the Tory leadership race, will face Hunt in front of an audience of 200 ITV viewers in Manchester, answering questions via the moderator, Julie Etchingham, and challenging each other during the 90-minute programme.

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09/07/2019 00:14:42  

The two leadership candidates will debate head-to-head for first time in an hour-long ITV show.
05/07/2019 11:18:05  

Face of Channel 4 racing coverage became a household name and starred on reality TV

John McCririck, the flamboyantly attired and garrulous racing pundit who became a household name as the face of Channel 4’s racing coverage, has died at the age of 79.

Typically clad in a trademark deerstalker hat and clutching a cigar, his gesticulating style was known even to many of those who were uninterested in the sport, about which he started broadcasting in the 1980s for ITV.

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04/07/2019 16:17:49  

Move comes a week after publication of investigation by the Guardian and ITV News

Gavin Woodhouse has lost control of three of his companies after a judge ruled that his business model appeared to be “thoroughly dishonest” and a “shameful abuse of the privileges of limited liability trading”.

The moves come a week after publication of an undercover investigation by the Guardian and ITV News, which raised questions about the business interests of Woodhouse, who has raised millions of pounds from private investors but whose firms have a multimillion-pound “black hole”.

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04/07/2019 12:18:04  

Attempt to stop content being buried in on-demand services of Sky and Virgin Media

The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has called for new laws to ensure that shows made by UK broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 continue to get top billing on on-demand services such as Sky – but the rules will not apply to Netflix and Amazon.

The regulator has recommended that the government bring in legislation to guarantee that the content and streaming services of iPlayer, ITV Hub and All4 are not buried deep in the on-demand services of competitors such as Sky and Virgin Media or through smart TVs such as Samsung.

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03/07/2019 17:17:49  

Two senior aides depart Northern Powerhouse Developments following investigation

Two of the most senior advisers to Northern Powerhouse Developments, the company owned by embattled financier Gavin Woodhouse, have quit the business in the wake of a series of allegations about its finances.

The departures have emerged a week after publication of an undercover investigation by the Guardian and ITV News, which raised questions about the business interests of Woodhouse, who has raised millions from private investors but whose firms have a multimillion-pound “black hole”.

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02/07/2019 22:18:15  

Strap into your harness and scale the tallest trees in the rainforest with the empress herself. She will show you astonishing things – and leave you agog

It is amazing to see Judi Dench in the wild. Almost the last of her kind – there are thought to be only three or four grandes dames left in the country, mostly roaming round Downton Abbey – the ITV documentary Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure was a rare chance to see her unscripted and at play. Her natural habitat is the stage and screen, but with the adaptability for which this species is known she looked as comfortable in the jungle as she does anywhere else, from the Lyttelton to exotic Marigold hotels.

Hang on, I’m getting a message through my earpiece … Ah. Apparently, we were meant to be marvelling at the creatures and canvas of the tropical rainforest through which Dame Judi journeyed, not Dame Judi herself. But who, really, has ever been able to take their eyes off her when she’s about? She looks, at the age of 84, as she has always looked – part-sprite, part-empress – and sounds like she has always sounded – whisky, honey and just about to tell the filthiest joke – and remains the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. This time, with orangutans nearby.

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02/07/2019 16:16:19  

Jeremy Hunt has told ITV he believes a WTO exit could be as damaging for the UK as the 2008 financial crisis was, which saw unemployment rise by 50% more in less than three years. Worse than even George Osborne was predicting before the referendum… He said he bases his assessment on Bank of England […]

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02/07/2019 16:14:20