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02/08/2021 13:26:18  

The 21st series of the ITV reality show is set to return to Abergele's Gwrych Castle in November.
29/07/2021 12:25:30  

The fat lady may be singing for Simon Cowell's long-running but currently dormant TV talent show.
23/07/2021 10:24:15  

Veteran foreign correspondent let the rude word slip on the ITV show shortly before 0650 BST.
22/07/2021 16:24:08  

The MOTD presenter will now also front Sitting on a Fortune, where contestants can win £100,000.
14/07/2021 09:25:14  

Cringeworthy scenes on ITV’s teatime news broadcast last night as Robert Peston froze and forgot the name of Tyrone Mings’s name live on air. Eventually Charlene White bailed the spluttering hack out. Turning to Twitter Peston apologised for the “brain freeze” and confirmed he felt “an utter moron”

While someone pointed out Peston’s track record of brain fades – including forgetting how mirrors work – the replies were mostly supportive. […] Read the rest

08/07/2021 17:21:10  

One viewer said on social media they had missed 14 minutes of Wednesday's England v Denmark game.
07/07/2021 14:20:56  

An uninvited guest found his way on to the ITV reality show's Majorca set, but was swiftly removed.
02/07/2021 10:19:51  

Messages sent to contestant Chloe Burrows online were "wholly unacceptable", the broadcaster says.
26/06/2021 10:21:47  

'Public money should be going to small companies and those who need to recover from the pandemic'

A leading Green MSP has called for the Scottish government to sever all ties with Amazon – including the £4.7m a year it spends on AWS – following a report alleging the e-tailer dumps thousands of unsold items each week.…

21/06/2021 19:20:51  

Amazon marks millions of unsold products for destruction each year in the UK, according to a new investigation by British television program ITV News. From a report: ITV found stacks of boxes marked "destroy" that were filled with electronics, jewelry, books, and other new or gently used items in one warehouse's "destruction zone." The news outlet caught the practice on camera while going undercover at the Dunfermline fulfillment center in Scotland. It says it tracked some of the goods to recycling centers and a landfill. About 124,000 items at Dunfermline were labeled "destroy" during a single week in April, according to an internal document obtained by ITV News. Just 28,000 items were set aside for donations during the same period. About half of all the stuff that's trashed are things that people returned, a former Amazon employee told ITV. While the other half are "unopened and still in their shrink wrap," the ex-employee said.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

21/06/2021 15:17:39  

ITV’s biggest reality show returns for a seventh series with a brand-new cast of singletons.
16/06/2021 15:16:33  

Participants on the show's seventh series will also receive "comprehensive" psychological support.
15/06/2021 14:19:06  

In a bizarre business move, Swedish cider company Kopparberg has suspended all their GB News advertising after a left-wing Twitter user complained they’d hosted Nigel Farage as a guest. Guido has no doubt Kopparberg will also be suspending ads for BBC, ITV and Sky, who have all interviewed Nige’ on numerous occasions… 

If boycotts are Kopparberg’s thing, Guido can only oblige and encourage its readers to abandon the Swedish brand. […] Read the rest

10/06/2021 16:18:11  

Stuart Rose, the former chair of Britain Stronger in Europe, has admitted that he regrets ever joining the Remain campaign, and that the supposed economic risks of Brexit were deliberately exaggerated by the Treasury. You don’t say.

Speaking to ITV News today, Rose said:

“…People saying that we’ve really got to hit people on the financials.

[…] Read the rest
09/06/2021 16:15:04  

The Bangor native played Chief Inspector Derek Conway in the ITV police drama from 1987 to 2002.