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11/12/2018 13:04:22  

Parliament is in lockdown and there is a heightened police presence on the estate, after an alleged intruder was reportedly tasered by armed police within the estate by Carriage Gates, having made it a few meters inside. Two police cars are now parked outside. UPDATE: ITV’s Paul Brand has taken a photo of what appears […]

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10/12/2018 23:05:38  

The story of the star’s battle to clear his name adds weight to a wider look at his career and commitment to privacy

They dealt with what I suspect his devoted fans refer to only as “his trouble” upfront in last night’s documentary Sir Cliff: 60 Years in Public and Private (ITV). The 78-year-old singer suffered four years of turmoil after police raided his Berkshire home as a result of an allegation made as part of Operation Yewtree. The BBC broadcast live footage and named Sir Cliff as the subject of the complaint. After two years of investigation he was neither arrested nor charged. He sued the BBC for invasion of privacy and this year was awarded damages of £210,000.

The effect of these events on Cliff, his career and his fans was threaded through the rest of the programme, adding a little heft to what was essentially – and would, four years ago, have been purely – a piece of hagiographic fluff about the “Peter Pan of pop” who has survived six decades of changing tastes and fashion and sold 250m records along the way.

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09/12/2018 23:01:17  

"My grandkids will be jumping around the living room now," the football manager says after winning.
06/12/2018 21:01:32  
06/12/2018 20:05:15  

Decision means there will be no debate between two leaders before next week’s parliamentary vote

ITV has withdrawn plans for a Brexit debate on Sunday night, meaning there is now little chance of a televised head-to-head between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May before next week’s crucial vote.

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06/12/2018 20:00:48  

The channel had invited Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to go head-to-head in a debate on Sunday.
05/12/2018 14:05:03  

Carolyn McCall said it was ‘ludicrous’ ad seen 65m times online could not run on TV

The chief executive of ITV has said she believes Iceland’s controversial anti-palm oil festive campaign should have been allowed to air on TV.

As part of its festive campaign the discount supermarket struck a deal with Greenpeace to rebadge an animated short film featuring an orangutan and the destruction of its rainforest habitat at the hands of palm-oil growers.

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05/12/2018 12:00:34  

The actor first appeared in the ITV soap more than 30 years ago.
04/12/2018 17:04:36  

Decision leaves open possibility of similar debate going ahead on ITV
Follow the latest Brexit news - live updates

The BBC has cancelled its plans for a Sunday night televised Brexit debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn after Labour objected to the proposed format.

The move, which ensures viewers will be able to watch the scheduled final episode of David Attenborough’s Dynasties programme on BBC One, still leaves open the possibility of a similar debate going ahead on ITV this weekend.

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04/12/2018 11:04:31  

BBC and ITV fostering a Sunday night scheduling impasse for their respective debates
Follow the day’s political developments - live updates

Both BBC and ITV are pushing ahead with plans to host a Sunday evening televised Brexit debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, despite the physical impossibility of the prime minister and the Labour leader being in two different television studios at the same time.

The farcical situation has occurred because neither political party is willing to back down on its preferred debate format. As a result both broadcasters are now officially insisting they are continuing with preparations for their own rival debates in five days’ time, with no idea which leaders – if any – will turn up to their event.

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03/12/2018 20:04:35  

The only question worth asking is should we still do Brexit. The rest is a distraction

Let the chronicles of this turbulent time record how the prime minister and the leader of the opposition agreed that Britain should leave the European Union, so they argued instead about which channel should host an argument between them. Theresa May wants to defend her Brexit deal on the BBC; Jeremy Corbyn prefers to attack it on ITV. It is the perfect culmination of British politics since the referendum: a confected row over a piece of theatre to avoid a real debate.

Parliament starts hearing arguments over May’s plan on Tuesday. This should be the final ascent, the peak of a democratic process, but the climb has been a mapless scramble through fog. The view from the summit will not be much clearer than it was in the foothills, when no one had a clue how to untangle EU membership, and only charlatans and fools said it would be easy.

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03/12/2018 13:05:14  

Broadcaster seeks new partner to replace Superdrug, which quit after three series

ITV is hoping to attract a new multimillion-pound sponsor for Love Island when the next batch of romance-seeking millennials hit screens next summer.

The most recent series of Love Island, won by Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, proved to be TV gold, smashing viewing records and providing the nation’s watercooler moments over the summer.

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03/12/2018 11:05:20  

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Geoffrey Cox, the attorney general, making a statement to MPs about his Brexit legal advice

I’ve already mentioned the Sun story, knocked down by Sajid Javid, saying Downing Street has been considering postponing the Brexit vote because Theresa May seems so likely to lose. Here are three other Brexit stories around this morning.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid is locked in a Brexit row with Theresa May over how quickly to restrict low-skilled immigration, the Sun can reveal.

Sources claimed the Home Secretary wants to keep the border open to low skilled workers beyond the end of 2020 in a sop to business. But the PM is said to want to introduce restrictions as soon as the post-Brexit transition phase is over in two years’ time so firms are forced to train up young Brits ...

Theresa May’s chief Brexit adviser secretly warned her that the customs backstop is a “bad outcome” for the UK which will see regulatory checks in the Irish Sea and put security co-operation at risk, The Telegraph can reveal.

Oliver Robbins warned in a letter to the Prime Minister that there is no legal “guarantee” that Britain will be able to break off from the backstop, potentially leaving the UK trapped in a Customs Union with the EU.

A confidential analysis of the withdrawal agreement by the House of Commons’ own expert legal team comes to the same conclusion as President Trump – that Theresa May’s Brexit deal would prevent the UK from entering trade deals with countries such as the US ...

The note – marked ‘not for general distribution’ and obtained by BrexitCentral – is dated 26th November and states that the UK-EU customs union which would come into effect if the backstop is triggered “would be a practical barrier to the UK entering separate trade agreements on goods with third countries”.

Q: Will the TV debate go ahead?

May says Jeremy Corbyn wants it to be on ITV. That is so he can watch I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, she says. But she says she is a Strictly fan and wants to watch that.

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03/12/2018 09:05:40  

Accusations of imbalance while May and Corbyn accuse each other of running scared

Wrangling over a planned politicians’ TV debate on Brexit due to take place in less than a week’s time has intensified after both Conservative Brexit supporters and the Liberal Democrats formally wrote to broadcasters insisting they should be included.

With Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn yet to decide between an event on BBC or ITV and trading accusations about the other running scared, a group of Tory Brexiters have sought the inclusion of someone from their side, arguing that the two leaders are too close together on the issue for the debate to be worthwhile.

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02/12/2018 14:04:34  

Dalton, Anthony and Scarlett battle it out in the final of the singing contest and it’s musicals week on Strictly

7.30pm, ITV

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02/12/2018 00:00:02  

The Labour leader - who wanted a Brexit debate on ITV - says he will do it with the BBC on one condition.
01/12/2018 18:03:48  

Labour leader rejects ‘messy’ BBC proposal that includes 20-strong panel of commentators

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he wants Theresa May to debate with him in a one-on-one format, following a continuing dispute over which broadcaster would host the event and in what format it would be held.

The main broadcasters have proposed their own respective formats after Labour accepted a challenge from the prime minister to debate with Corbyn about her Brexit deal on live television. The BBC’s would include a panel of 20 prominent commentators that are equally split between supporting and opposing May’s Brexit deal, while Sky and ITV’s bid would be a more straightforward head to head.

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01/12/2018 15:03:56  

The actor on her playwriting debut, Hole, at the Royal Court, the power of Beyoncé, and the pleasures of Vanity Fair

Ellie Kendrick, 28, is an actor and writer. She started acting professionally as a teenager, starring in the BBC’s The Diary of Anne Frank while still at school in Kent. She has since appeared in Game of Thrones, Mike Bartlett’s Press on BBC One, ITV’s recent adaptation of Vanity Fair, Hope Dickson Leach’s acclaimed 2017 film The Levelling, and has performed at London’s Royal Court, Hampstead and Globe theatres. Hole, Kendrick’s professional debut as a playwright, is at the Royal Court until 12 January. She lives in south London.

Tell us about your play, Hole...
It’s a show with an all-female cast, and features Greek myths, songs, astrophysics, feminist politics and a giant fluffy pink hole! I wrote it in 2016, on one of the Royal Court’s writing groups.

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01/12/2018 12:03:46  

The finale of the TV talent show is upon us. Once the harbinger of pop and the driving force behind the charts, its impact now barely makes a squeak

Winning The X Factor (Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 December, 7.30pm, ITV) used to guarantee a lot of things: the Christmas No 1, pride of place in Syco’s stable and, as Harry Styles once suggested to Matt Cardle, a generous amount of “pussy”. Judging by this season of the show, the champion won’t even be able to buy a tin of Whiskas with the spoils from the shrivelling talent contest.

In its glory years, this autumn telly staple gifted the nation with proper pop stars One Direction, Little Mix and Fleur East, who was last seen chowing down on a wallaby in I’m a Celebrity. Of course, with the highs have come the lows: that moment Cheryl danced like your nan on Baileys with Reggie and Bollie, a brief flirtation with presenting duo Flack and Murs, and the unsavoury sight of Tulisa’s nicotine patches.

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01/12/2018 08:03:38  

BBC, ITV or stepping aside for a celebrity edition of The Chase? Whatever, you don’t get to decide

With little over a week to go until parliament votes on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, one issue is taking up a disproportionate amount of time among Westminster’s political advisers and the nation’s broadcasters: arguing over the format of a proposed hour-long televised debate between the prime minister and Jeremy Corbyn.

While the real business of selling the deal to MPs continues in parliament, the political and media class are locked in debate over the debate format. This has now splintered into various strands of subsidiary debates, each of which plays to different issues and insecurities among the political class and the general public that have emerged during the Brexit process.

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30/11/2018 15:02:25  

England Manager Gareth Southgate has become the latest footballer to weigh in on Brexit. He told an ITV 4 documentary broadcast last night that he thought the “undertones of voting on Brexit were racial undertones.” On today’s Politics Live, ConservativeHome’s Mark Wallace delivered two key rebuttals to this tired Remainer refrain. “There is a huge […]

The post appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

30/11/2018 07:05:10  

Campaign says confining debate to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would breach BBC guidelines

The People’s Vote campaign has formally complained to the BBC and Ofcom over plans to hold a televised Brexit debate without including a supporter of a second referendum.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to take part in a discussion of the prime minister’s Brexit plan on national television next Sunday evening, although there is disagreement between the two political parties over whether the BBC or ITV should host the debate.

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29/11/2018 19:03:42  

In Commons debate, MPs from all sides urge minister to introduce powers allowing worst landlords to have properties seized

MPs have called on the government to confiscate properties from the country’s worst landlords, following a series of revelations about tenants being exploited by rogue sections of the country’s private rented housing sector.

The calls followed a hard-hitting report by parliament’s housing, communities and local government select committee in April, as well as a Guardian and ITV News investigation last month, which revealed that convicted landlords who have been ruled unfit to rent out their properties were continuing to operate by exploiting loopholes in the law.

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29/11/2018 14:59:43  

Jeremy Corbyn tells This Morning programme he prefers ITV's Brexit debate proposal.
29/11/2018 13:02:20  

Downing Street are very bullish on making a May v Corbyn TV debate happen. They have lined up the BBC, Labour say they prefer ITV’s format and earlier timing. The Tories think May’s concrete plan will contrast well with Corbyn’s evasiveness and ambiguity with viewers. They claim Seumas Milne knows that and is making excuses […]

The post Seumas Evasive Over TV Debates appeared first on Guido Fawkes.