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27/01/2023 13:01:36  

Dr Simon Taylor has been a busy man these past few weeks. Earlier in the month, Guido reported on his ITV News appearance, where the channel introduced Taylor simply as “a GP in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire”, and sat back as he ranted about the government’s handling of the NHS and claimed “It was easier to get patients seen in Afghanistan.”[…] Read the rest

26/01/2023 11:01:22  

Earlier this week it was revealed Conservative candidates are receiving vital “unconscious bias” training ahead of their selection, with useful lessons in “white resentment” and gender fluidity all on the menu. Would-be MPs were even advised against being alone with a member of the opposite sex…

Now ITV reports the Party has deleted the course entirely, after a fierce backlash from Tory MPs – including the Common Sense group, chaired by Sir John Hayes – warned that the training was “divisive nonsense” that needed scrapping.[…] Read the rest

23/01/2023 13:00:22  

The watchdog received 705 objections about the ITV commentator's World Cup comments about Qatar.
12/01/2023 09:59:30  

There’s still no love lost between Liz Kendall and Jeremy Corbyn. Both appeared on Robert Peston’s ITV show last night, and clearly the wounds of 2019 haven’t yet healed for Liz Kendall, who tore into Corbyn for the scale of Labour’s defeat and his total failure to root out antisemitism within the party.[…] Read the rest

10/01/2023 11:59:25  

After congratulating the BBC on adequately implementing guest transparency standards, Guido sees ITV is yet to follow suit. Reporting on an anti-Tory campaign, ITV News wrote an article about claims made by a GP and army veteran Simon Taylor, in which he slammed the government’s handling of the health service and claimed “It was easier to get patients seen in Afghanistan.” […] Read the rest

09/01/2023 01:59:08  

Many of Monday's papers react to Prince Harry's Sunday night interview with ITV.
08/01/2023 21:59:07  

In an interview with ITV, Harry said many things about his mother's death were "unexplained".
05/01/2023 18:58:35  

Syston Knitting Banxy says she is "truly honoured" her work appeared on the ITV soap at Christmas.
05/01/2023 10:58:35  

In a trailer for a new ITV interview, the prince is also asked if he will attend his father's coronation.
26/12/2022 15:56:41  

Going into the 2021 Christmas recess, Downing Street was desperate that a fortnight break from Partygate would allow for a reset of its operation by the new year. By close of play of 2021, we’d had the original Mirror allegation about a rule-breaking Christmas party, the ITV footage of Allegra Stratton, and the Guardian photo of Boris and Carrie in the backyard, drinking wine around a table with aides.[…] Read the rest

21/12/2022 11:55:29  

Producers made the offer after the singer said watching the ITV soap makes him feel "at home".
21/12/2022 01:55:22  

ITV boss Kevin Lygo says Jeremy Clarkson's comments in The Sun do not represent the channel's values.
19/12/2022 13:55:27  

Many viewers of ITV’s coverage of the World Cup Final were displeased with one instance of pre-match pontificating, and none more so than Lee Anderson. The MP took to Twitter to call out Gary Neville, who utilised his platform to proclaim “we’ve got a current government in our country who are demonising rail workers, ambulance workers and, terrifyingly, nurses”.[…] Read the rest