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18/07/2019 14:17:50  

The division lists are out after the Government’s crushing defeat by 41 votes on Grieve’s latest Brexit-blocking amendment. 17 Tory MPs voted directly against the Bill, including DCMS Minister Margo James who resigned to do so: Guto Bebb Steve Brine Alistair Burt Jonathan Djanogly Justine Greening Dominic Grieve Sam Gyimah Richard Harrington Margot James (resigned) Phillip […]

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18/07/2019 13:17:45  

Margot James resigned as a DCMS minister to back the amendment…

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15/07/2019 08:19:11  

(Report) The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MPSecretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport100 Parliament…
15/07/2019 08:19:10  

(Press Release) Open Rights Group has today sent an open letter to DCMS Secretary of State, Jeremy Wright, calling on him to introduce legislation requiring the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to make their privacy certification scheme compulsory.
04/07/2019 13:17:52  

Ticket resale website has allegedly ignored warnings to comply with consumer law

The UK’s competition regulator will seek to have ticket resale website Viagogo found in contempt of court, after the company allegedly ignored repeated warnings to comply with consumer law.

The Competition and Markets Authority has sent a “letter before action” to Viagogo, officially triggering a process it warned in March would begin unless the company cleaned up its often-criticised business practices.

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02/07/2019 06:17:31  

Select committee says delaying legislation for a few more years would be shortsighted

The government must urgently legislate to ensure digital campaigning is covered by electoral law, rather than hoping Britain will not have a general election until 2022, a parliamentary committee has warned.

Under current law, Britain is not due to have a “major” election until the Scottish parliamentary vote in May 2021. But the digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) committee has warned that planning on such a basis is shortsighted.

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01/07/2019 14:18:29  

(Press Release) The government needs to convene a comprehensive meeting with all relevant stakeholders to map a way forward on its Internet regulation plans, says a leading group of experts in an open letter to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
20/06/2019 13:14:12  

The Government is continuing to have a hard time getting their ludicrous Porn Laws through, this morning Jeremy Wright came to the Commons to confirm Guido’s report from last month that the Porn Laws will not be coming into force on 15th July. The problem apparently is that DCMS forgot to notify the EU of […]

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20/06/2019 09:16:16  

(Press Release) The Open Rights Group has responded to reports that government plans to force online porn companies to verify the age of users have been delayed again. According to reports by Sky journalists, DCMS had failed to notify the European Commission about the measures in the Digital Economy Act.
18/06/2019 11:10:39  

TV host invited to appear before MPs investigating reality TV, following the death of a participant.
06/06/2019 09:11:01  

Guido’s list is holding steady this morning with just one new high profile backer has announced this morning, DCMS Committee Chair Damian Collins has declared for Boris, becoming the second Select Committee chair to join his column in two days, having yesterday secured the backing of Defence Committee Chair Julian Lewis. 55% of the Parliamentary […]

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