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27/05/2022 17:10:50  

Guido was unsure whether DCMS would be able to provide an tangible example of content that is “legal but harmful” before the passage of their Online Safety Bill.

“Is it true it will impact freedom of expression?
No we’ve put in legal protections in the 19th section”

Now we have our answer…

Guido reckons this rap isn’t even Nadine’s best TikTok content…[…] Read the rest

07/05/2022 17:07:26  

The BBC reports: Large tech companies such as Google and Facebook will have to abide by new competition rules in the UK or risk facing huge fines, the government said. The new Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will be given powers to clamp down on "predatory practices" of some firms. The regulator will also have the power to fine companies up to 10% of their global turnover if they fail to comply.... The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said as well as large fines, tech firms could be handed additional penalties of 5% of daily global turnover for each day an offence continues. For companies like Apple that could be tens of billions of US dollars. "Senior managers will face civil penalties if their firms fail to engage properly with requests for information," the government said. However, it is unclear when exactly the changes will come into force, as the government has said the necessary legislation will be introduced "in due course...." Google's search engine, which is currently the default search engine on Apple products, will also be looked at by the regulator, the government said. It added it wants news publishers to be paid fairly for their content — and will give the regulator power to resolve conflicts. The BBC reports the new rules also "aim to give users more control over their data," and that the new regulator "will also make it easier for people to switch between phone operating systems such as Apple iOS or Android and social media accounts, without losing data and messages."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

26/04/2022 13:05:05  

Intervening on the story of the day, Business Minister Paul Scully has confirmed before a Commons Select Committee that the government is not planning on arresting Elon Musk the next time he visits Britain. MP Nus Ghani asked the question in light of the DCMS Online Harms Bill, which “mandates that platforms have to remove content that emotionally distresses people – so are we going to be arresting Elon Musk when he arrives in the UK, or are we going to change the Online Safety Bill?”[…] Read the rest

14/04/2022 18:04:13  

Among the tens of billions spaffed out by the government during the last two years-worth of pandemic funding, Guido reckons DCMS needs to reflect on their part played in handing out cash to dubious culture and arts programmes. Research by the Taxpayers’ Alliance now shows the government coughed up over £1 billion in cultural grants during 2020-21.[…] Read the rest

31/03/2022 14:03:19  

FBPEers, brace yourself: former BBC chief and current Ofcom chair nominee Lord Grade used a select committee appearance this morning to profess he “admires the courage” of actor-turned-politico Laurence Fox for speaking out on political issues. Appearing in front of the DCMS Committee following his nomination, Grade expressed his admiration for Fox’s anti-woke campaigning, albeit with the inevitable caveat that he doesn’t “necessarily agree with [it]”.[…] Read the rest