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03/02/2021 16:11:48  

Rural contracts - you guessed it - behind schedule

An independent review of the coalition-era Superfast Broadband programme published by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMC) today argues Britain received value for money, although some rural areas are still waiting for the cable guy.…

26/01/2021 15:09:39  

Julian Knight knocked it out of the park this morning at his DCMS Select Committee, as conversation turned to the Cambridge Analytica circus. Questioning the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, Knight asked if Denham had felt “used as a means to bring about a political objective, as in the undermining of a democratic decision.” Knight contextualised the […]
21/01/2021 13:08:33  

Readers may remember how Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan failed to declare financial interests in the DCMS Committee’s streaming inquiry. Guido can reveal that wasn’t the only time he has been cosy with his questioning. Brennan had also been questioning musicians in the DCMS Committee inquiry – one of whom was involved in getting him […]
15/01/2021 13:07:10  

Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan has been a keen member of the DCMS committee, especially with regard to lobbying for more government intervention with regard to music streaming. Brennan was praised by the Musicians’ Union for “excellent interventions” and being “extremely strong on the MU’s three main asks”. What the Committee wasn’t told is that […]