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27/01/2021 00:09:52  

YouTube on Tuesday said it's again extending its suspension of former President Donald Trump, who's been banned from posting videos to his channel since Jan. 12. Comments on Trump's videos will also remain disabled indefinitely. CNET reports: "In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will remain suspended," a YouTube spokesperson confirmed to CNET. "Our teams are staying vigilant and closely monitoring for any new developments." YouTube first extended Trump's suspension last week, saying it would reevaluate the situation in a week. The company gave no indication on Tuesday of how long the latest extension would last. YouTube has a three-strikes policy when it comes to policing its platform. Three infractions within a 90-day period results in being permanently kicked off the platform. The first strike typically comes with a one-week ban that prohibits the posting of new content. A second strike comes with a two-week ban. YouTube also suspended Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump's lawyer, from a program that allows partners to make money from ads on their videos, after Giuliani broke YouTube's rules by repeatedly sharing election misinformation. Over the last three years, YouTube's Partner Program paid out more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media organizations.

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26/01/2021 16:09:53  

YouTube has paid out more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media organizations over the last three years, according to a new letter published by CEO Susan Wojcicki. From a report: In Wojcicki's first letter to creators of 2021, the CEO spent some time addressing YouTube's growth. The number of new channels that joined the company's Partner Program, which allows creators to earn advertising revenue, more than doubled in 2020. YouTube also "contributed approximately $16 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2019, supporting the equivalent of 345,000 full time jobs," according to an Oxford Economics report that Wojcicki highlights. The letter also focuses on the work YouTube's team still has in front of them. Mainly, transparency, especially where content strikes and advertising dollars are concerned. Wojcicki noted that at the "scale we operate, it's hard for creators to keep up with changing Community Guidelines." Wojcicki's letter states that YouTube wants to be better about communicating changes to avoid channel strikes. After three strikes within a 90-day period, a channel is terminated.

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25/01/2021 15:06:35  

The media regulator decided not to pursue complaints about decency over the channel's satire.
22/01/2021 16:09:06  

Has your password been pwned? MS browser will tell you

Microsoft has detailed how the Password Monitor feature in Edge works after it pushed version 88 of the browser into the Stable channel.…

22/01/2021 12:09:04  

'Not us, guv' from all involved – except TiVo, which fixed it while blaming nameless third party

NSFW-ish The mystery began when a Reg reader wrote in to say their Xbox Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) was displaying an image of a suggestively posed semi-nude person alongside BBC4 while the channel was off air.…

22/01/2021 07:05:57  

The IFA2 interconnector to France could deliver 1.2% of Britain's energy needs, National Grid says.
21/01/2021 14:08:38  

Over the last decade or so, Eurostar has booked hundreds of millions of euros in profits for shareholders. This morning the French transport minister, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, has told French lawmakers that negotiations are underway over protecting the cross-channel rail link which, hit by the 95% drop in passengers, has seen its profits turn into losses. […]
20/01/2021 18:08:24  

The Tory party got some primetime – albeit disastrous – publicity on Channel 4 last night as Jess Anderson, a parliamentary staffer for a Tory MP, set out to find love. Social media was decidedly loveless given some of her prime Tatler Tory quotes: “People say don’t talk about politics, religion, sex on a first date, […]
19/01/2021 22:08:33  

Manifest v3 in stable channel release plus JavaScript timer throttling, security fixes

Google on Tuesday announced the stable channel release of Chrome 88, which includes support for an extension platform revision known as Manifest v3.…

19/01/2021 03:05:14  

The latest daters are in unfamiliar surroundings as the Channel 4 series moves to a new restaurant.
18/01/2021 13:08:15  

Also: Departures from Redmond, going big with Surface Hub, and celebrating third place

In brief Build 21292 of Windows 10 arrived for Dev Channel Windows Insiders last week and while there was little of interest, the team was delighted to note that it had continued to work on the x64 emulation in the Arm edition of the operating system.…

18/01/2021 11:07:52  

Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace & Justice Project launched via Zoom last night, guest-starring the likes of Zarah Sultana and Len McCluskey, and treating viewers to some classic crank moments. The headline announcement at this stage was Jezza’s, slightly optimistic, vow to take on Murdoch’s new TV channel: “Unlike his last attempt to buy out Sky, this […]
14/01/2021 20:07:25  

Silicon Valley's leading lobby, the Internet Association, is struggling to manage the competing interests of the companies it represents just as the industry faces a tide of bipartisan anger. From a report: Tech will fight policy battles around antitrust, content moderation and privacy without a unified industry voice. Major tech firms have drawn attention in recent days for pressing pause on political donations in the wake of last week's deadly attack on the Capitol. But lobbying, the other major path for currying favor in Washington, hasn't been working for tech for a while. Too many firms working at cross purposes. The Internet Association was founded almost a decade ago to be Silicon Valley's voice in Washington. But now its biggest members -- companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon -- increasingly bump heads as they each seek to channel policymakers' fury away from themselves, and they can have wildly different goals from smaller members. Facebook, for instance, has signaled that it's open to new federal laws introducing privacy regulations and modest updates to Section 230, tech's liability shield. Smaller companies worry giants could handle the burden of complying while they'd struggle to survive.

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13/01/2021 09:03:59  

The Google-owned service said the president had broken its rules over the incitement of violence.
13/01/2021 07:07:08  

YouTube has taken action against President Donald Trump and barred new videos from being uploaded to his channel for at least seven days, citing violations of its policies and "concerns about the ongoing potential for violence." NBC News reports: It's the latest action against Trump after last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob. Twitter and Facebook have both also suspended or blocked the president's accounts. YouTube issued "a strike" to Trump's channel, and said comments would also be disabled indefinitely. The company also said it removed new content posted Tuesday.

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