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21/09/2020 17:02:04  

Also: Darkness beckons for Dev Channel Insiders, TypeScript 4.1 beta arrives, Xbox swallows Bethesda

In Brief Release Channel Windows Insiders were treated to Build 19042.508 of Microsoft's flagship operating system last week as Microsoft readied the OS for an October release.…

18/09/2020 00:01:45  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: WeChat users who download the Chinese app for personal or business communications won't be targeted by President Donald Trump's executive order that will prohibit using the app for some transactions, the U.S. said. The U.S. Commerce Department plans to clarify by Sept. 20 which transactions will be prohibited. But it doesn't intend to define "the relevant transactions in such a way that would impose criminal or civil liability on such users," according to a government filing Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco. The U.S. WeChat Users Alliance is seeking a preliminary injunction against Trump's executive order. A hearing on the request is scheduled for Thursday. According to the WeChat users group, Trump's Aug. 6 order would sunder the primary and often exclusive channel many U.S. residents use to communicate with family and friends in both China and the U.S. WeChat is also used to run businesses and non-profit organizations, practice religion and as a source news. WeChat is so integral to Chinese and Chinese Americans' lives that a ban would be like "losing a limb" for some users, the group claims. "Having first failed to articulate any actual national security concern, the administration's latest 'assurances' that users can keep using WeChat, and exchange their personal and business information, only further illustrates the hollowness and pre-textual nature of defendants' 'national security' rationales," the group said in a court filing.

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17/09/2020 19:01:44  

MojoKid writes: Intel formally announced its 11th Gen Core mobile processor family, known by the code name Tiger Lake, a few weeks back and made some bold performance claims for it as well. The company even compared its quad-core variant to AMD's 8-core Ryzen 7 4800U in gaming and content creation. Today Intel lifted the embargo veil on benchmarks with its Core i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake CPU with on-board Iris Xe graphics and there's no question Tiger Lake is impressive. Intel indeed achieved single-threaded performance gains north of 20% with even larger deltas for multithreaded throughput in some cases as well. In addition, Tiger Lake's integrated Iris Xe graphics put up over 2X the gaming performance over the company's 10th Gen Ice Lake processors, and it looks to be the fastest integrated graphics solution for laptops on the market currently, besting AMD's Ryzen 4000 series as well. Battery life measurements are still out, however, as retail ready products have yet to hit the channel. Intel notes Tiger Lake-powered laptops from OEM partners should be available in the next month or so.

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17/09/2020 17:01:40  

YouTube's video recommendation system has been repeatedly accused by critics of sending people down rabbit holes of disinformation and extremism. Now Mozilla, the nonprofit that makes the Firefox browser, wants YouTube's users to help it research how the controversial algorithms work. From a report: Mozilla on Thursday announced a project that asks people to download a software tool that gives Mozilla's researchers information on what video recommendations people are receiving on the Google-owned platform. YouTube's algorithms recommend videos in the "What's next" column along the right side of the screen, inside the video player after the content has ended, or on the site's homepage. Each recommendation is tailored to the person watching, taking into account things like their watch history, list of channel subscriptions or location. The recommendations can be benign, like another live performance from the band you're watching. But critics say YouTube's recommendations can also lead viewers to fringe content, like medical misinformation or conspiracy theories.

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17/09/2020 11:58:31  

The first 16 days of September saw 1,487 people cross the Channel, more than any other month.
15/09/2020 20:01:36  

Also: GitHub and Teams action while Universal Print presses on

In brief Windows Insiders, us included, were left a tad bemused last week after a Dev Channel update purported to "not include anything new" was abruptly pulled.…

12/09/2020 02:38:29  

schwit1 shares a report from TechRadar: Huawei has announced a series of layoffs in the UK as the company is forced to alter its corporate strategy in the face of further bans and restrictions. The Chinese giant is set to pull sales all of its Enterprise hardware lines, including all servers, storage and networking switches from the UK. The news means severe job cuts across Huawei's Enterprise hardware divisions in the UK as the company faces yet more challenges, despite pledges to remain in the country. The Register [which broke the story] said it had initially been told of Huawei's move by several channel partners, and that 20 of the 50 roles in the Enterprise team would be affected. The European arm of the Enterprise division is not thought to be affected by the news. "Our Enterprise Business is to focus its operations in the UK to deliver fewer products in a better way. Unfortunately this means a number of roles are no longer required, however, we hope to reposition colleagues who are affected elsewhere within the businesses," a Huawei spokesperson told The Register in a statement. "Ultimately, the business has done a review and decided to focus on a number of product lines," the spokesperson added, noting that Huawei will, "continue to provide full service and maintenance to existing customers for the life-cycle of our products."

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11/09/2020 21:38:27  

But beware last week's update: WSL borkage may await ye with sharp, pointy Element Not Found errors

Although Windows 10X remains missing in action, Microsoft dished up some more goodies for Linux fans in the latest Dev Channel build of Windows 10.…

08/09/2020 22:37:49  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: AT&T smartphone users who see their network indicators switch from "4G" to "5G" shouldn't necessarily expect that they're about to get faster speeds. In PCMag's annual mobile-network testing, released today, 5G phones connected to AT&T got slower speeds than 4G phones in 21 out of 22 cities. PCMag concluded that "AT&T 5G right now appears to be essentially worthless," though AT&T's average download speed of 103.1Mbps was nearly as good as Verizon's thanks to a strong 4G performance. Of course, AT&T 5G should be faster than 4G in the long run -- this isn't another case of AT&T misleadingly labeling its 4G network as a type of 5G. Instead, the disappointing result on PCMag's test has to do with how today's 5G phones work and with how AT&T allocates spectrum. The counterintuitive result doesn't reveal much about the actual differences between 4G and 5G technology. Instead, it's reflective of how AT&T has used its spectrum to deploy 5G so far. As PCMag explained, "AT&T's 5G slices off a narrow bit of the old 850MHz cellular band and assigns it to 5G, to give phones a valid 5G icon without increasing performance. And because of the way current 5G phones work, it often reduces performance. AT&T's 4G network benefits from the aggregation of channels from different frequencies. "The most recent phones are able to assemble up to seven of them -- that's called seven-carrier aggregation, and it's why AT&T won [the PCMag tests] last year," the article said. 5G phones can't handle that yet, PCMag analyst Sascha Segan wrote: "But 5G phones can't add as many 4G channels to a 5G channel. So if they're in 5G mode, they're giving up 4G channels so they can use that extremely narrow, often 5MHz 5G channel, and the result is slower performance: faux G. For AT&T, using a 5G phone in testing was often a step backward from our 4G-only phone."

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08/09/2020 08:34:31  

The French authorities stopped more than 100 people making the crossing, the Home Office says.
07/09/2020 03:37:27  

Data mining of code commits and chat gives hackers a cunning edge

Boffins affiliated with BMW, Siemens, and two German universities say they can pinpoint obfuscated Linux kernel security fixes before they are officially released. This is insight miscreants could use to develop and deploy exploit code before patches are widely available.…