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26/02/2021 16:16:21  

Ahead of International Polar Bear Day tomorrow, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has published its annual report on polar bear numbers over the last twelve months. The report comes bearing good news, as it finds that Gaia’s favourite cuddly carnivorous super-predators have enjoyed yet another year of population growth: “M’Clintock Channel numbers more than […]
21/02/2021 17:15:39  

"Parler, the social media site popular among conservatives, appeared to have banned its cofounder and former CEO on Friday," reports BuzzFeed News, "before restoring his access later in the day." An anonymous Slashdot reader shares their report: John Matze, whom Parler's management fired earlier this month, told BuzzFeed News that he believed he had been banned after making several posts and comments on the platform earlier this week. Screenshots that Matze shared on a Telegram channel showed that his account had been made "private" on Friday after he'd made a post asking his 722,000 Parler followers what they thought the "fair market value" of the company was. Earlier this week, he had made a post on Parler asking followers to join him on Telegram, a popular messaging app. When BuzzFeed News attempted to communicate with the handle, it received a message that the account had been "blocked." "I know it's a ban because I know how the architecture works," Matze told BuzzFeed News over text. "I can't log in anymore." After BuzzFeed News contacted a Parler spokesperson about the situation, the social network unblocked the account, according to Matze, who provided a screenshot. The spokesperson did not provide any comment.

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20/02/2021 21:15:24  

In the year 2000, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich answered questions from Slashdot's readers. Late Friday night, the AV Club described Metallica's appearance at the opening ceremonies for the (now online) version of Blizzard Entertainment's annual event BlizzCon: The opening ceremonies were being broadcast online, both through the official BlizzCon page, YouTube, and Twitch. And you know what happens when licensed music gets played on the internet, don't you, folks? That's right: Copyright issues! Per Uproxx, the audio of James, Lars, and the boys' performance apparently went out as per usual on YouTube and the BlizzCon page — although the whole thing appears to have been excised from the YouTube upload of the event. But on Twitch... On Twitch, things did not go so well. Which is to say that, even though it was being hosted on the company's official twitchgaming channel, the performance was ominously preceded by a chyron noting that "The upcoming musical performance is subject to copyright protection by the applicable copyright holder." And then this happened.... Can we prove that someone at Twitch intentionally picked the dorkiest, most Zelda forest-ass music imaginable to have Metallica rock their little hearts out to, instead of broadcasting their extremely copyrighted music (and thus having to deal with the possibility of issuing one of their ubiquitous DMCA takedown notices to themselves)? Obviously not.... On the other hand, we can prove that it is extremely funny to watch this happen, especially — as many people have pointed out — since Metallica is at least partially responsible for the restrictive character of many online musical streaming laws that dominate the internet today, after their high-profile campaign against Napster way back at the dawn of the MP3. In other news, Diablo II is being remastered and re-released later this year.

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19/02/2021 19:15:18  

Who wants to live forever?

Rationalisation of the Long Term Servicing Channels at Microsoft has led to the firm chopping the support lifecycle of the next LTSC of Windows 10 in half: from 10 to five years.…

19/02/2021 13:15:20  

Office 2021 is on the way and 'the cloud is where we invest'

Microsoft has announced plans for its lucrative Office product line, with Office 2021 and a Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version that halves the support given to editions from years past.…

18/02/2021 23:15:02  

In a company blog post Thursday, Microsoft released more details about the new, flat-price version of its Office productivity software coming later this year. The company emphasized that while its main focus remains in its subscription offering, Microsoft 365, it will release the one-time purchase Office 2021 for those who aren't ready to move to the cloud. From a report: Office 2021 will arrive in two versions: one for commercial users, called Office LTSC (which stands for Long Term Servicing Channel), and one for personal use. Office LTSC will include enhanced accessibility features, performance improvements across Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and visual improvements, like dark mode support across apps. It's meant for specialty situations, as opposed to for an entire organization, such as process control devices on the manufacturing floor that are not connected to the internet. More details about pricing and new features for the commercial version and the personal version will be announced when Office 2021 is closer to general availability. Both will have both Windows and Mac versions, and will ship with the OneNote app. They will also ship both 32- and 64-bit versions, according to the post. Microsoft will support the software for five years, and said it does not plan to change the price at the time of release.

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18/02/2021 13:15:07  

Also: Windows 10 21H1 sent to the beta channel

The two sides of Microsoft were on show this week as a major update to the Linux kernel turned up on Windows Update for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2) users and the next version of Windows finally found its way to the company's loyal Insiders.…

17/02/2021 23:11:52  

Several politicians criticise Voice of Wales' activities following a BBC Wales investigation.
16/02/2021 16:14:19  

Despite desperate and fading cries from the legacy remain campaign, more trade data shows things heading further in the right direction. Bloomberg is today reporting that last week demand for transport cargo from France to the U.K. increased to 17% more than 2020’s Q3 average. Added to this, internal Government figures have revealed traffic coming […]
15/02/2021 11:11:15  

Channel ferry operator urges government to re-think summer travel corridors after UK hits 15 million vaccinations target.