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19/07/2019 00:15:23  

Protesters are calling for the resignation of the governor following a leak of homophobic messages.
19/07/2019 00:15:20  

On the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, some Nicaraguans say there is no reason to celebrate.
19/07/2019 00:15:17  

As Algeria and Senegal face each other in the final, we look at some of the tournament's high and low points.
19/07/2019 00:15:08  

A Conservative AM says it must start generating cash or be sold by the Welsh Government.
19/07/2019 00:15:07  

Typical private tenants in London spend a higher proportion of income on rent than those elsewhere in England.
19/07/2019 00:15:06  

County councils are warning growing demand for special needs support could mean statutory duties may not be met.
19/07/2019 00:15:05  

Schools and colleges urgently need billions more in funding, a committee of MPs says.
19/07/2019 00:15:04  

Some of those involved in the crash in Stevenage are being treated for serious injuries, police say.
19/07/2019 00:15:00  

Composer Zosha Di Castri spills the beans on her latest work, which launches the BBC Proms on Friday.
18/07/2019 23:15:17  

On St Simons Island, Georgia in the US, people rushed to push the pod back to sea.
18/07/2019 23:15:05  

A vote by MPs aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit dominates the front pages of many newspapers.
18/07/2019 23:15:05  

From the environment to LGBT rights, the BBC's Nick Eardley explains where Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt stand on these big issues.
18/07/2019 23:15:04  

Fifty years ago, James Burke was one of the presenters leading the BBC's live coverage of the Moon landing.
18/07/2019 23:15:00  

The motor industry is trying to reduce its carbon footprint in a number of innovative ways.
18/07/2019 23:15:00  

BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the week's best technology news stories.
18/07/2019 23:14:54  

From a Balkan breakfast to knitting - traders are diversifying to try to buck the trend of falling sales in the high street.
18/07/2019 23:14:53  

A plan to ban section 21 notices - sometimes called revenge evictions - will backfire, say landlords.
18/07/2019 22:15:18  

About 600 million were watching in 1969 - thanks largely to an unlikely outpost in rural Australia.
18/07/2019 22:15:14  

The US President inaccurately claimed he quickly told his supporters to stop their racist chant.
18/07/2019 22:15:11  

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the average temperature was 61.6F (16.4C).
18/07/2019 22:15:04  

The 17-year-old boy became unwell at the property in Pitreavie Court, Hamilton in the early hours of Wednesday.
18/07/2019 22:15:04  

Theresa May says "it's not fair" parents have to return to work before their baby leaves hospital.
18/07/2019 22:15:00  

The world premiere of the fifth series of Peaky Blinders was held in Birmingham ahead of its return to BBC One later this year.
18/07/2019 22:14:53  

The charge will wipe out profits, but Boeing says it hopes the aircraft will resume flying this year.
18/07/2019 21:15:11  

Berkeley's municipal code will swap gendered words such as “manpower” with neutral terms.