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18/01/2020 14:43:17  

The Delta Air Lines plane jettisoned fuel over Los Angeles schools as it made an emergency landing.
18/01/2020 14:43:11  

Tottenham's Paulo Gazzaniga saves a Troy Deeney penalty but Watford extend their unbeaten run with a goalless draw at Vicarage Road.
18/01/2020 14:43:10  

Business says prices could rise after Sajid Javid signals no alignment with EU rules after Brexit.
18/01/2020 13:47:01  

Over three episodes the politician-turned-Strictly contestant aims to find out why Europe’s politics are shifting. He doesn’t quite manage it

Is Ed Balls charming? I’m really struggling with this question, watching Travels in Euroland With Ed Balls (Thursday, 9pm, BBC Two), a three-part series, for some reason, where Ed Balls goes around Europe asking workers why they voted for far-right parties and always getting the exact same answer, again and again and again, but occasionally doing what-the-humans-do bits in between to make it a TV programme rather than a doomed campaign trail. So we see Ed Balls take a castanet-clacking dance class in Spain, or Ed Balls swimming in the frigid northern sea, Ed Balls for some reason inviting himself into a succession of European homes to make himself a coffee or Ed Balls waving silently at someone’s non-English speaking mum.

And throughout this, you are stuck in this strange liminal relationship with Balls, torn somewhere between liking him and not: why is Ed Balls in Europe again? And why are you watching him? The answer is: a new front of far-right-leaning populist parties have found continental success (basically, every European country now has its own version of Ukip, which is ironically quite a nightmare for Ukip itself: they come over here, don’t they, and steal our intolerance), and Ed Balls wants to know why.

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18/01/2020 13:43:19  

Storms hit parts of Australia's east coast, dousing some fires and giving inhabitants some respite.
18/01/2020 13:43:12  

A 52-year-old man is in custody after a woman fell seven floors to her death in Hove.
18/01/2020 13:43:11  

Figures obtained by the Scottish Greens found almost 5,000 service failures were recorded last year.
18/01/2020 13:43:01  

Police warn £7m was stolen from elderly and vulnerable people in 2019 in so-called courier fraud.
18/01/2020 12:43:19  

Helicopters are sent to Annapurna region amid poor weather conditions and plunging temperatures.
18/01/2020 12:43:18  

The company wants to distance its film studio from Rupert Murdoch's news company, US media report.
18/01/2020 12:43:11  

Rangers say they are "astounded" by Scottish FA charges of not acting in an "orderly fashion" and intend to contest them "in the most robust manner possible".
18/01/2020 12:43:10  

Genetic researchers are looking for thousands of people with at least two grandparents born in Orkney or Shetland.
18/01/2020 11:43:11  

A whistleblower claims managers told Edinburgh council staff to torch the benches instead of repairing them.
18/01/2020 11:43:05  

The fans de-pollute and cool the air meaning the mask does not need a tight seal against the face.
18/01/2020 10:43:09  

BBC Sport visits darts' Q School, where 506 competitors from 17 countries are battling it out in a Wigan leisure centre for a coveted spot on the lucrative PDC tour.
18/01/2020 06:43:16  

At 67.08cm (2ft 2.41in), Khagendra Thapa Magar was recognised the shortest living man who could walk.
18/01/2020 06:43:15  

Heavy rains douse some fires on the east coast, but bring a new threat of flooding to some areas.
18/01/2020 06:43:08  

Rex Martey suffers from prostate cancer and has written a song dedicated to one of his nurses.
18/01/2020 06:43:07  

Aadil Umair Rahim went missing at Newport Pagnell services and police carried out a major search.
18/01/2020 06:43:06  

The five MPs running to succeed Jeremy Corbyn will be quizzed by party members for the first time later.
18/01/2020 06:43:02  

The announcement by white actor Hank Azaria follows accusations of racial stereotyping.
18/01/2020 03:43:05  

Police said the child was an "innocent bystander" when a gun was fired from a moving car in Sheffield.
18/01/2020 02:43:22  

TikTok videos made by doctors and nurses this week have been accused of spreading misinformation.
18/01/2020 02:43:21  

A selection of news photographs taken around the world this week.
18/01/2020 02:43:20  

Canines with a nose for detection have led to hundreds of arrests and the disruption of smuggling routes.