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04/04/2020 11:01:33  

Staff at the Glasgow home said they were "closely monitoring" the health of other people in their care.
04/04/2020 11:01:33  

The 57-year old MP defeats Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy in ballot of party members.
04/04/2020 10:01:37  

A day of remembrance is held to honour those who have died in the coronavirus outbreak.
04/04/2020 10:01:32  

The government has pledged to increase daily testing tenfold by the end of the month.
04/04/2020 08:03:56  

This week 221,304 visitors visited 715,773 times viewing 1,179,652 pages. The top stories in order of popularity were: Peston’s Testing Shortage Disinformation Jezza’s Shambolic Last Plan Where are the Coronavirus Hotspots? BBC Proposes Replacing Licence Fee with Broadband Levy Vulnerable Corbyn Flouts Self-Isolation & Social Distancing Rebecca Long-Bailey Claims Coronavirus is an Opportunity for Labour […]

The post Saturday 7-Up appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

04/04/2020 08:01:28  

Matt Kelly was inspired to write the poem after hearing about the challenges his partner, a district nurse, faces daily.
04/04/2020 07:01:34  

The US president said that wearing a mask was not for him, despite advice from health officials.
04/04/2020 07:01:30  

Ahead of the new Labour leader being announced, here are the key moments from the past five years.
04/04/2020 07:01:30  

A warden on a Pembrokeshire island famed for its sea birds developed a cough after a trip to the mainland.
04/04/2020 06:01:35  

A day of mourning is held for the 3,300 people who died in China, where the Covid-19 pandemic began.
04/04/2020 06:01:31  

Kevin Woods battled through storms to complete all of Scotland's Munros in one winter season.
04/04/2020 06:01:30  

New workers hired by supermarkets amid the Covid-19 pandemic share their surprising back stories.
04/04/2020 06:01:30  

British boxer Anthony Yarde's grandmother dies from coronavirus, a week after his father's death.
04/04/2020 06:01:30  

Tamara McAuley, from Newmarket in Suffolk designed the hearts in the health service's colour.
04/04/2020 06:01:29  

Firms which suspended work in the wake of the outbreak ask staff to come back, unions claim.
04/04/2020 06:01:29  

Warm weather is expected to give UK police "one of their biggest challenges" in preventing crowds.
04/04/2020 03:01:34  

Uplifting stories about African people doing exceptional things in the age of coronavirus.
04/04/2020 03:01:33  

A selection of news photographs taken around the world this week.
04/04/2020 03:01:33  

Vast and far-flung, Indonesia faces a unique struggle against the virus - many fear it is on the losing side.
04/04/2020 03:01:33  

Coronavirus has restricted travel, but it doesn't have to restrict our imagination.
04/04/2020 02:01:34  

Berlin officials say 200,000 masks have been diverted to the US under a law invoked by Donald Trump.
04/04/2020 02:01:34  

The US president says he does not want to be seen in one, despite Centers for Disease Control guidance.
04/04/2020 02:01:29  

How Scottish hospitals have totally changed the way they work to create room for coronavirus patients.
04/04/2020 02:01:28  

For some families the outbreak has meant different generations are back living under the same roof.
04/04/2020 02:01:28  

Coronavirus means you often can't be at the side of a loved one in hospital or attend their funeral.