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18/02/2019 06:15:51  

The song contest organisers should take a stand against the oppression of Palestinian artists and move their event from Tel Aviv

Those of us who make art and culture for a living thrive on free and open communication. So what should we do when we see culture becoming part of a political agenda? “Music unites,” says UK Eurovision entrant Michael Rice. What happens when a powerful state uses art as propaganda, to distract from its immoral and illegal behaviour? Everybody involved in the Eurovision song contest this year should understand that this is what is happening.

Related: British cultural figures urge BBC to boycott Eurovision in Israel

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18/02/2019 06:11:51  

Burning Man has uninvited one "turnkey" camp to stem the flow of super rich "influencers" at the event.
18/02/2019 06:11:51  

A 68-year-old jailed for stealing fruit tells the BBC's 100 Women why she did it.
18/02/2019 06:11:48  

A man from Niger expelled from Israel has been stranded at an airport in Ethiopia since November.
18/02/2019 06:11:48  

Anthony Weiner, who was jailed for sending explicit texts to a minor, has been transferred to a halfway house.
18/02/2019 06:11:47  

India warns of rising communal tensions after the worst attack on soldiers in Kashmir for decades.
18/02/2019 06:11:39  

A witty backbench Labour MP who represented his Newport West constituency for over thirty years
18/02/2019 06:11:38  

Lara Rebecca, 18, says she knows the "darkest of the darkest" after recovering from her eating disorder.
18/02/2019 06:11:37  

England cruise to a 171-run win in their only warm-up match before the one-day series in the West Indies.
18/02/2019 06:11:36  

At least four MPs look likely to break away after criticising the leadership on Brexit and anti-Semitism.
18/02/2019 06:11:33  

BBC Earth aims to "place sustainable fashion at the heart" of London Fashion Week.
18/02/2019 06:11:25  

The huge investment comes as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seeks to shore up Saudi's Asian allies.
18/02/2019 06:11:24  

UK intelligence chiefs reportedly conclude the Chinese tech giant Huawei can bid for telecoms projects.
18/02/2019 03:12:58  

Thousands of men seeking luck have tussled to find two sacred sticks as part of an ancient Japanese festival.
18/02/2019 03:12:51  

Campaigners say retailers want fees to only apply to smaller containers, rather than all plastic bottles.
18/02/2019 03:12:47  

Visual effects supervisor Julian Foddy explains how they helped make the film.
18/02/2019 02:13:29  

Greeks say they are being priced out of their homes by rich foreign investors and Airbnb rentals.
18/02/2019 02:13:15  

Universities are warning of a financial crisis if a review recommends cutting the level of tuition fees.
18/02/2019 02:13:14  

How sustainable are your fashion habits? Take our quiz.
18/02/2019 02:13:08  

Jeanette Kempton's body was found dumped in a ditch 118 miles away from where she lived, 30 years ago.
18/02/2019 02:13:07  

The NatWest adviser's outburst came after the woman told him she needed to fund a nutrition diploma.
18/02/2019 02:12:34  

The "sophisticated" activity follows an attempted hack on the parliament, Scott Morrison says.
18/02/2019 01:14:22  

We asked girls from the Belfast School of Performing Arts to explain one of Brexit's buzzwords.
18/02/2019 01:14:07  

We went to Brighton, "the gay capital of the UK", to test how much the public knows about LGBT history.
18/02/2019 01:14:06  

The Scottish Secretary says revealing he was gay was one of the most difficult but important things he has done.