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07/06/2020 03:18:39  

A 60-year-old man has died after being bitten by a shark while surfing at Casuarina Beach near Kingscliff in the NSW northern rivers region

A 60-year-old man has died after being bitten by a shark while surfing near Kingscliff in northern NSW.

NSW Police confirmed the death after witnesses reported seeing a three-metre-long shark attack the man’s left leg while surfing at Salt Beach shortly after 10am on Sunday.

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07/06/2020 03:18:00  

"A newly uncovered form of ransomware is going after Windows and Linux systems," reports ZDNet, "in what appears to be a targeted campaign." Named Tycoon after references in the code, this ransomware has been active since December 2019 and looks to be the work of cyber criminals who are highly selective in their targeting. The malware also uses an uncommon deployment technique that helps stay hidden on compromised networks. The main targets of Tycoon are organisations in the education and software industries. Tycoon has been uncovered and detailed by researchers at BlackBerry working with security analysts at KPMG. It's an unusual form of ransomware because it's written in Java, deployed as a trojanised Java Runtime Environment and is compiled in a Java image file (Jimage) to hide the malicious intentions... [T]he first stage of Tycoon ransomware attacks is less uncommon, with the initial intrusion coming via insecure internet-facing Remote Desktop Protocol servers. This is a common attack vector for malware campaigns and it often exploits servers with weak or previously compromised passwords. Once inside the network, the attackers maintain persistence by using Image File Execution Options (IFEO) injection settings that more often provide developers with the ability to debug software. The attackers also use privileges to disable anti-malware software using ProcessHacker in order to stop removal of their attack... After execution, the ransomware encrypts the network with files encrypted by Tycoon given extensions including .redrum, .grinch and .thanos — and the attackers demand a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. The attackers ask for payment in bitcoin and claim the price depends on how quickly the victim gets in touch via email. The fact the campaign is still ongoing suggests that those behind it are finding success extorting payments from victims.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

07/06/2020 02:18:42  

Government spending on clean energy would deliver 100,000 new jobs, EY assessment finds

Stimulus programs backing clean energy as a path out of recession would create nearly three times as many jobs for every dollar spent on fossil fuel developments, according to a financial consultancy analysis.

The assessment by professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) says a government focus on renewable energy and climate-friendly projects to drive the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic could create more than 100,000 direct jobs across the country while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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07/06/2020 02:18:28  

Nigeria and Iraq also agree to cuts as prices begin to recover with coronavirus lockdowns easing

Opec, Russia and allies have agreed to extend record oil production cuts until the end of July, prolonging a deal that has helped crude prices double in the past two months by withdrawing almost 10% of global supplies from the market.

The group, known as Opec+, also demanded countries such as Nigeria and Iraq, which exceeded production quotas in May and June, compensate with extra cuts in July to September.

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07/06/2020 02:18:27  

Britain announces 15 June opening of churches for individual prayer; Black Lives Matter demonstrators pepper-sprayed in Sydney; global cases top 6.8m

One of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, Phuket, will reopen its beaches next week as the country continues to ease its lockdown measures, the Bangkok Post reports.

The country has avoided a major outbreak, recording a total of 3,104 cases since January, and no community transmission for almost two weeks. Thailand’s tourism industry, however, has been hard hit by the suspension of global travel, and it is feared that the country’s economy could contract by as much as 6% this year. Phuket airport will reopen for domestic travel on 15 June, but Thailand remains shut to international travellers.

The government has said it is liaising with hotels to provide an additional 9,000 rooms to use as quarantine facilities for Thai citizens who are returning from abroad. All returnees are required to spend 14 days in state quarantine and undergo two coronavirus tests.

In addition to the standard state quarantine process, which can involve staying in military or relatively basic hotel facilities, some high-end hotels are now offering luxury quarantine packages.

Opec, Russia and allies have agreed to extend record oil production cuts until the end of July, prolonging a deal that has helped crude prices double in the past two months by withdrawing almost 10% of global supplies from the market, Reuters reports.

The group, known as Opec+, also demanded countries such as Nigeria and Iraq, which exceeded production quotas in May and June, compensate with extra cuts in July to September.

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07/06/2020 02:15:11  

How are hospital and hospice chaplains managing to provide comfort for dying patients?
07/06/2020 02:15:11  

An army of staff moved into Britain's hotels during lockdown, but what comes next is anyone's guess.
07/06/2020 02:15:03  

World Bank President David Malpass says billions of people will have their livelihoods affected.
07/06/2020 01:18:23  

As its Sunderland plant reopens, the carmaker will turn again to a problem as intractable now as it was in 2016

It must have been a strange last four years for the workers at Nissan’s Sunderland factory, as they went about their business of making cars while at the same time being caught in a symbolic tug of war between a divided Brexit nation.

When things are going well for the plant, it apparently shows that Global Britain is surging ahead of rivals; when the wind turns, it is a symbol of the UK’s industrial decline, with government having to go chequebook in hand to bureaucrats in Japan to keep it afloat.

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07/06/2020 01:18:00  

Long-time Slashdot reader mrflash818 ("Linux geek since 1999") shared a ZDNet article pointing out that SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has an onboard operating system that's "a stripped-down Linux running on three ordinary dual-core x86 processors. The flight software itself runs separately on each processor and is written in C/C++." Interestingly, back in 2018 a Slashdot headline asked whether C++ was "a really terrible language," and Elon Musk replied on Twitter with his single-word answer. "Yes." ZDNet points out that "ordinary" processors are often needed because of the multi-year development time for the spacecraft they power. Their article notes that the International Space Station actually runs on 1988-vintage 20 MHz Intel 80386SX CPUs: Of course, while those ancient chips work for the station's command and control multiplexer/demultiplexer, they're not much good for anything else. For ordinary day-in and day-out work, astronauts use HP ZBook 15s running Debian Linux, Scientific Linux, and Windows 10. The Linux systems act as remote terminals to the control multiplexer/demultiplexer, while the Windows systems are used for email, the web, and fun. Usually, though, chips that go into space aren't ordinary chips. CPUs that stay in space must be radiation-hardened. Otherwise, they tend to fail due to the effects of ionizing radiation and cosmic rays. These customized processors undergo years of design work and then more years of testing before they are certified for spaceflight. For instance, NASA expects its next-generation, general-purpose processor, an ARM A53 variant you may know from the Raspberry Pi 3, to be ready to run in 2021... The Dragon spacecraft's touchscreen interface is rendered using Chromium and JavaScript. If something were to go wrong with the interface, the astronauts have physical buttons to control the spacecraft. Today the SpaceX software team answered questions on Reddit, revealing they use Chromium with a reactive library developed in-house, and that "All of our on-board computers either run Linux (with the PREEMPT_RT patch) or are microcontrollers that run bare-metal code...." Later they emphasized that for the Falcon 9 and Dragon software, "All of the application-level autonomous software is written in C++. We generally use object oriented programming techniques from C++, although we like to keep things as simple as possible. "We do use open source libraries, primarily the standard C++ library, plus some others. However, we limit our use of open source libraries to only extremely high quality ones, and often will opt to develop our own libraries when it is feasible so that we can control the code quality ourselves."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

07/06/2020 01:15:17  

We examine claims of bribes and poison, a positive virus test that was not and anti-virus "badges".
07/06/2020 01:15:17  

Asia was the first to experience the virus, the first to exit lockdown, and now has new spikes.
07/06/2020 01:15:17  

An expedition of top UK botanists into previously unexplored rainforest in Colombia found rare species.
07/06/2020 01:15:12  

The first minister and police say Scots should avoid planned mass events on Sunday amid lockdown.
07/06/2020 01:15:12  

Protests across the UK feature prominently on several of the front pages, plus new Covid-19 warnings.
07/06/2020 01:15:11  

Single parents' finances are often tight and they face a particularly high risk of poverty.
07/06/2020 01:15:11  

Coronavirus has changed the face of weddings - what's it like getting married with the new rules?
07/06/2020 01:15:07  

Gracey had just released her debut single when her voice vanished. Here's what happened next.
07/06/2020 00:18:43  

The updated assessment also shows the fire ground includes more than 3.5m hectares of the state’s best koala habitat

More than a third of New South Wales rainforest was among 5.4m hectares hit by last season’s catastrophic bushfires, according to new state government data.

The report, an updated assessment of the effect of the fires on wildlife and landscapes, said 293 threatened animal species and 680 threatened plant species have habitat in the state’s fire ground. The affected area includes more than 3.5m hectares of the state’s best koala habitat.

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07/06/2020 00:18:34  

A photo record of how industries and factories adapted to the Covid-19 crisis

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07/06/2020 00:18:33  

Fashion shoots under lockdown are impossible, so we asked four photographers to head into their own gardens and get their children to jump into summer’s cheeriest clothes

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07/06/2020 00:18:32  

Entrepreneur talks on Desert Island Discs about his mother’s death and his Jewish identity

The leading money-saving expert and multimillionaire philanthropist Martin Lewis has revealed the extent of his childhood trauma in a radio encounter with Lauren Laverne this weekend.

As the guest castaway on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs the campaigning journalist and financial specialist tells Laverne he has still not recovered from his mother’s sudden death in a road accident just before his 12th birthday.

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07/06/2020 00:18:32  

Muriel Bowser formally endorses Black Lives Matter Plaza in city’s downtown, and has emerged as a high-profile opponent of the president

Just steps away from the White House, local artists and city crew workers took giant rolling paintbrushes to a street in central Washington DC to create a message the city’s African American mayor wanted to send to Donald Trump: “Black Lives Matter”.

Related: George Floyd killing: Washington expecting biggest march yet as mourners prepare for second memorial service – live

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07/06/2020 00:18:31  

Roads whose names are linked to the slave trade have been targeted

Anti-racism campaigners have renamed streets in the centre of Glasgow that have links to the slave trade.

In several streets, signs with a black background and white font have appeared alongside the originals, as activists replace the names of tobacco lords and slave trade ownerswith those of black activists, slaves and people killed by police officers.

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07/06/2020 00:18:29  

Weddings and group worship not yet allowed but praying will be, subject to distancing rules

Churches and other places of worship are set to open for private prayer from 15 June, the government has announced.

Individuals are expected to be able to “reflect and pray” while adhering to physical distancing rules – but worship groups, weddings and other services will still not be permitted.

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