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15/12/2017 17:29:37  

Whoosh... gust of wind - sorry chaps, I'm out

Engineers and programmers working on a robot bee project could soon have the faux insects behaving more like real bees, according to engineers and roboticists at Cornell and Harvard.…

15/12/2017 17:29:33  

US senator John Kennedy asked one of Trump's district court judge nominees, Matthew Petersen, a series of questions on basic law, and he was unable to answer them. Concerns have been raised over the suitability of the five nominees for the role, including Matthew Petersen. The American Bar Association declared one of the nominees 'unqualified'

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15/12/2017 17:29:32  

One of 11 Conservative MPs who defied government whips over Brexit says she is worried for her staff who see abusive messages first

Anna Soubry, one of the 11 Conservative MPs who defied government whips this week when the government suffered its first Commons defeat over Brexit, has received multiple messages saying she should be hanged as a traitor.

Messages received by Soubry’s office – usually seen first by her parliamentary staff – also feature abuse, with one Facebook message saying: “Go hang yourself slag.”

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15/12/2017 17:29:26  

The classic Iranian sweet-sour sauce works as well with veg as it does with poultry

Richly sweet, subtly sour, with a satisfying depth of flavour from ground walnuts: fesenjan is a tempting Persian stew traditionally eaten during the winter solstice. Northern Iran can get properly cold, and I suspect the varied climate has influenced some of the eclectic variations in Iranian cuisine. Imagine a place where your traditional winter dish is inspired by pomegranates – the sheer luxury of it.

Those jewelled seeds play a vital role in numerous Iranian dishes, but it’s hard to think of a more enticing example than fesenjan. The full-bodied sauce is perfect for dull, chilly days when you want to forget the outdoors exists and fill yourself with food that warms both body and mind before you have to venture out.

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15/12/2017 17:29:25  

The suggestion of an orderly, reasonable Brexit had them applauding in Brussels. But fundamental problems remain at home

Last night Theresa May was awarded the apparently unique accolade of applause at an EU leaders’ banquet. Excellent. But why were they applauding? Was it relief at her emollient tone? Was it encouragement for the next round in the Brexit wars, or perhaps instinctive sympathy from elected colleagues at her domestic plight? It was significant that the clapping was led by Germany’s Angela Merkel, whose plight is as dire as May’s.

What the British prime minister appears to have achieved is to make Europeans realise that Brexit is going to happen, and they all have an interest in its being “orderly”. She has persuaded them that, after a year of Michel Barnier’s punishment beatings, sweet reason might be a better way of progressing.

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15/12/2017 17:29:24  

Conservative MP David Morris questions stories of rickets and hungry children, saying claims are from schools ‘with links to leftwing group Momentum’

A row is brewing between a Conservative MP and some of his Lancashire constituents after he suggested that claims by teachers about extreme poverty at local schools were untrue.

A report by ITV earlier this week went viral after it showed schools where teachers said they had to wash their pupils’ uniforms because their families couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bills.

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15/12/2017 17:29:23  

Special rapporteur Philip Alston, fresh from fact-finding tour, issues devastating critique of US society and condemns ‘private wealth and public squalor’

The United Nations monitor on poverty and human rights has issued a devastating report on the condition of America, accusing Donald Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress of attempting to turn the country into the “world champion of extreme inequality”.

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15/12/2017 17:29:14  

Ofcom report finds 4% of UK properties cannot access speeds of at least 10Mbps deemed necessary for modern internet use

More than 1m “forgotten homes” across the UK are unable to get sufficiently fast broadband to meet a typical family’s needs, from watching Netflix to browsing YouTube.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, said 4% of UK homes and offices, about 1.1m properties, could not access broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps.

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15/12/2017 17:29:11  

Comics, including Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, discuss the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality and Omarosa Manigault-Newman stepping down

Late-night hosts discussed the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality, criticizing the move as “absolutely despicable”.

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15/12/2017 17:29:09  

Mega-million payouts look appalling amid a housing affordability crisis – doubly so when bonuses appear determined by luck and subsidy, not just skill

Let’s hope the penny now drops for Jeff Fairburn, Persimmon’s chief executive and a man looking to scoop a bonus currently worth around £110m.

The moral to be drawn from the resignation of the chairman, Nicholas Wrigley, should be simple: you don’t deserve the full whack, so best to forfeit a good chunk or make a hefty donation to charity.

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15/12/2017 17:29:08  

  • Lawyer fled Zurich in May 2015 during US-led probe into football corruption
  • ‘My hope is that he is banned for good,’ says former Brazil forward Romario

Marco Polo del Nero, the Brazilian Football Confederation president, was suspended by Fifa’s ethics committee on Friday, a move that could bring him closer to facing trial in the United States on charges of racketeering and money laundering.

Del Nero has been banned for 90 days from all football activities. The suspension, which starts with immediate effect, can be extended for a further 45 days while the ethics committee’s investigatory chamber carries out a formal investigation into the 76-year-old.

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15/12/2017 17:29:08  

Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now!

For popular news agency Reuters Friday’s Arsène Wenger press conference, scheduled in theory so the Frenchman could look forward to Saturday’s game against Newcastle, revealed one thing that was particularly exciting. “Arsenal will not sell Alexis Sánchez and Mesut Özil during the January transfer window, manager Arsène Wenger has said,” they breathlessly reported. “When asked in a news conference on Friday if Sanchez and Özil would see out the season at Arsenal, Wenger said: ‘I can tell you a global answer – yes. They will all stay.’”

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15/12/2017 17:29:07  

Linda Wenzel, 17, who married Islamic State fighter, meets mother and sister while awaiting trial in Baghdad

A German schoolgirl who joined the Islamic State terrorist group and married one of its fighters before being captured by Iraqi troops earlier this year has been briefly reunited with her mother and sister.

Linda Wenzel, 17, is being held in an Iraqi prison while she awaits trial in Baghdad next month.

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15/12/2017 17:28:45  

Disney’s purchase of Fox’s creative divisions might make Marvel fans happy – but this significant Hollywood power move should make film fans cautious

The murmurings had been going on for weeks, but on Thursday morning, it was official news: Disney bought rival studio 20th Century Fox in the most significant cataclysm for the film industry in the 21st century. For a princely sum of $66bn (in stock and debt), Disney CEO Bob Iger integrated Fox’s movie and TV production outfits, Fox Sports, FX Networks, some international assets, and hefty chunks of stock in such enterprises as Hulu and National Geographic. The biggest component not included in the deal was Fox News, which had moved to spin off into its own independent haven for conservatism prior to this deal.

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15/12/2017 17:28:25  

A Midterm Assessment of Implementation of the Decadal Survey on Life and Physical Sciences Research at NASA
15/12/2017 17:28:21  

A Midterm Assessment of Implementation of the Decadal Survey on Life and Physical Sciences Research at NASA
15/12/2017 17:28:20  

MDA, a business unit of Maxar Technologies (formerly MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.), today announced that it has signed four contracts with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) with a total value at approximately CA$53.75 million.
15/12/2017 17:28:16  

Alison Griswold, reporting for Quartz: The Hubble contacts sitting in front of me are everything the ads promised: two weeks' worth of soft, daily lenses in robin's-egg-blue packaging. They arrived promptly, one week after I placed an order on Hubble's website, and three days after the company notified me the contacts had shipped. The lenses were packed in cream-colored boxes and came with a five-step guide, illustrated in different shades of pastel. There's only one problem: I don't wear contacts, and I ordered these using a fake prescription from a made-up doctor. Hubble was founded in May 2016 as a direct-to-consumer contact lens brand -- the Warby Parker of contacts, if you will. The company aims to make buying contact lenses as cheap and easy as shopping on Amazon. It has fast become a star of New York's startup scene, raising more than $30 million from investors that include Founders Fund and Greycroft Partners. Its valuation tops $200 million. Since the service officially launched in November 2016, Hubble claims to have sold $20 million worth of lens subscriptions, and says it's growing 20% month over month. Hubble expanded to Canada in August and plans to be in the UK as early as January. Quick service, cheap contacts, and whimsical branding have made Hubble a speedy success. But in its rush to disrupt the consumer experience, Hubble also appears to be playing fast and loose with some basic consumer protections.

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15/12/2017 17:28:16  

Kaye Wiggins, reporting for Bloomberg: The multi-millionaire founder of Twynam Agricultural Group lost $1 million in an email fraud, a London court heard Thursday. The British man who facilitated the theft says he's a victim too. John Kahlbetzer, who is on the Forbes list of the 50 richest Australians, lost the money when fraudsters tricked the administrator of his personal finances into transferring it to them, his court papers say. Fraudsters emailed Christine Campbell, pretending to be the 87-year-old and asking her to pay $1 million to an account held by a British man, David Aldridge, which she did. Kahlbetzer is suing Aldridge to recover the funds, but Aldridge says he was being "unwittingly used" and was himself the victim of a fraud involving a woman he met online and believed he was in a loving relationship with. Email frauds where companies' staff are tricked into transferring money are a growing problem. U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics show "business email compromise" cases, where criminals ask company officials to transfer funds, have cost more than $3 billion since 2015.

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