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18/10/2017 13:41:36  

Just missing an ombudsman, checks on companies, info on how to use it... Mere quibbles

The first annual review of the Privacy Shield agreement that governs transatlantic data flows has come back with a solid, unsurprising mark of "adequate".…

18/10/2017 13:41:34  

It's just not a security vulnerability, says Redmond

Features of the Intel MPX designed to prevent memory errors and attacks might be abused to launch assaults on Windows systems, security researchers claim.…

18/10/2017 13:41:11  

In the absence of progress business leaders will be soon be forced to make irreversible decisions on future investment and employment

Opponents of Brexit are simply “playing for time”, David Davis has claimed, amid growing signs of political deadlock in both Brussels and Westminster. But for the potential victims of a disorderly Brexit, time is the one thing they don’t have.

Businesses say this week’s failure to make progress on on either EU exit talks or domestic Brexit legislation means they are increasingly forced to assume the worst when planning for the final year of British membership.

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18/10/2017 13:40:56  

Aló Presidente show is longest yet display of politics and showmanship

The fierce morning heat was a memory. The afternoon haze had come and gone. It was the cool of dusk, with shadows stretching as the sun dipped below the Andes. And Hugo Chávez was still talking. The clock showed it was just after 7pm. The Venezuelan president had started at 11am, more than eight hours earlier - a new record. He looked into the camera and grinned: "The first time in history."

Welcome to Aló Presidente!, a television chatshow like no other. Sunday's edition, No 295, was the longest yet, a marathon of politics and showmanship, and for many proof that Venezuela has become a country governed largely through television. There are cabinet meetings, national assembly debates and committee hearings in the offices of state in central Caracas, but the most emphatic exercise of power resides in the weekly show hosted by the president. This is where Mr Chávez engages with the masses, announces policies, muses on his political philosophy, and signals the next step in his self-described socialist revolution.

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18/10/2017 13:40:54  

The radio agony aunt who went from being a household name to collecting the jobseekers allowance is back with a new show. So will she remember how to do it?

If you grew up in London in the late 70s or the 80s, there were two ways of learning about sex. The first, what one might call the bike sheds and bullshit method, depended on playground gossip. It had little going for it. The second had plenty in its favour. It was a phone-in show on Capital Radio, called Anna and the Doc, presented by Anna Raeburn.

The programme, which ran for 14 years, was a breakthrough in British radio. Raeburn and her sidekick, a reassuring psychiatrist, solicited calls from listeners wanting to discuss "personal sexual and emotional problems". Commercial radio was just two years old and still finding its way; this was the first time people had been allowed to talk about such things in public. Raeburn was sometimes stern, often critical of her callers. She could be pointed, verging on rude, but she was obviously driven by a love for humanity, and you never sensed that she was grandstanding or looking for cheap sensation. If you were a baffled teenager trying to find your way in the world, Anna and the Doc gave you the roadmap.

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18/10/2017 13:40:32  

If you’re taking part in the FA Cup first round – as a fan, player, coach, manager, board member or in any way at all – we’d like to hear from you

Eighty teams will contest the first round of the FA Cup at the start of November, when there will be plenty of opportunities for the underdogs to shine. What will it mean for eighth-tier Hyde United to host League One’s MK Dons at Ewen Fields? How will Heybridge Swifts fare on their travels to League Two high flyers Exeter City? Maybe you’re part of the Truro City team who are representing Cornwall for the first time at this stage since 1969?

If your team has made it into the first round draw, we’d like to hear from you. Whether you’re a player, a member of the coaching staff or a fan who will be cheering from the stands, share your FA Cup first round hopes by filling in the form below. We’ll feature some of your contributions on the site before the matches kick off on 6 November.

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18/10/2017 13:40:28  

Beer named best lager of 2017 at the IWSC after relaunch consigns unbearable 80s ‘Eurofizz’ recipe and reputation to history

Hofmeister, the lager that became a byword for bad beer in the 1980s, has won a global drinks competition after it was relaunched with a new recipe.

Related: George the bear seeks new followers as Hofmeister lager returns

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18/10/2017 13:40:28  

  • Judge Theodore Chuang issues injunction against third version of ban
  • White House called earlier decision by judge in Hawaii ‘dangerously flawed’

A second federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s latest travel ban hours before it was set to take full effect.

Theodore Chuang,a US district judge in Maryland, granted a nationwide preliminary injunction late on Tuesday, after Derrick Watson, a US district judge in Hawaii, blocked the revised ban earlier that day. The ban sought to place travel restrictions on citizens of eight countries. The new restrictions had been slated to go into effect on Wednesday.

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18/10/2017 13:40:27  

Investors suing the group claim they were not informed that HBOS was a ‘bust, failed bank’ when they voted for the deal

Shareholders in Lloyds Banking Group were “mugged” by the bank and five of its former directors during the takeover of HBOS in 2008, the high court was told on Wednesday.

On the first day of a case which is expected to require former chairman Sir Victor Blank and ex-chief executive Eric Daniels to give evidence, the court heard the deal took place amid intervention from the then prime minister Gordon Brown to avoid nationalisation of HBOS in mid-September 2008.

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18/10/2017 13:40:26  

Inmates were locked up for 23 hours a day and prison’s failure to consistently supply soap and toilet paper was ‘shameful’

A riot at Bedford prison that led to two wings being “totally trashed” was fuelled by frustration over “disgraceful conditions” including a failure to provide basic items such as soap, cleaning materials and toilet paper, an official watchdog has concluded.

The report by Bedford’s independent monitoring board says that before the riot in November 2016 prisoners were not being treated humanely and were being locked up for 23 hours a day, and that just 55 out of a complement of 110 officers were available for duty.

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18/10/2017 13:40:26  

Breath test will ensure Hertfordshire patients have really kicked habit before they are referred for non-urgent operations

Smokers in Hertfordshire are to be breathalysed to ensure they have kicked the habit before they are referred for non-urgent surgery.

The measures have been brought in by East and North Hertfordshire clinical commissioning group (CCG) and Hertfordshire Valleys CCG, which together are attempting to save £68m.

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18/10/2017 13:40:25  

The EU has offered a fair deal to all its nationals, including Britons who live in Europe. It is in everyone’s interest that this vital issue be resolved at once

The debate on what are called EU citizens’ rights has become mired in Tory party intransigence and infighting, like much else to do with Brexit. But one of the key reasons for the current dangerous impasse is that the entire debate is framed incorrectly. These are human rights, and as such they affect us all.

The Brexit secretary, David Davis, recently told parliament: “It is a straightforward statement of fact that our proposals go further and provide more certainty than those of the commission.” But this is untrue. He lists a whole slew of rights that are not being offered, such as mutual recognition of professional qualifications, the right to vote, freedom of onward movement and the right to return within the EU, the right to a family life and the right to claim the same in-work benefits as other workers, and so on.

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18/10/2017 13:40:24  

The universal credit concession is welcome, but policy is still shaped by people who have no understanding of what it’s like to be at the sharp end of it

In the latest development around universal credit the work and pensions secretary, David Gauke, announced this morning that all Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) helplines will be free from the end of the year.

It’s remarkable how much pressure it took to achieve this concession. Indeed, from the beginning, the response to news that universal credit claimants are being charged up to 55p a minute to call the government helpline has had an air of “let them eat cake” about it.

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18/10/2017 13:40:24  

• Last month’s friendly with Holland fell victim to players’ protest
• Danish FA and players’ association have been negotiating since last November

Denmark Women’s World Cup qualifier against Sweden has been cancelled because of a pay dispute.

The Danish team refused to play a friendly against Holland last month in protest over pay and conditions and the Danish Football Association (DBU) announced on its website on Wednesday that it had informed its Swedish counterpart that Friday’s match, scheduled to take place in Gothenburg, was off.

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18/10/2017 13:40:23  

Eni Aluko is now speaking at the inquiry. “I did feel isolated in terms of the process. I didn’t want it to be as adversary as it has become, in terms of the Football Association versus Eni Aluko. I haven’t spoken to many individuals that I used to speak to at the FA. But in terms of the PFA, I feel I have had unwavering support. Without their support I wouldn’t be sat here. In terms of friends, in life you realise your strongest friends are and who some aren’t. Lianne Sanderson has been a very good friend of mine and a team-mate. I cannot say I have been completely isolated. It’s been difficult, but I’ve been supported in some areas”

In his statement, Glenn says that Sampson’s comments were ill-judged attempts at humour and that Newton found that the deposed England manager is not racist.

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18/10/2017 13:40:22  

Five men arrested after police find minibus loaded with thousands of frogs in nets, allegedly part of lucrative export trade

Turkey’s gendarmerie has released 7,500 frogs into the wild after capturing five poachers involved in one of the largest frog trafficking operations in the country.

The country’s state news agency said the men were detained when their minibus was examined during a routine check as they travelled through the Cappadoccia region. Officers found dozens of nets with thousands of frogs inside. The men were allegedly destined for Adana, where they intended to sell them to an exporter.

The export of edible frogs is a lucrative trade, with large markets in France and China where the amphibians are a delicacy. Turkey issues licenses for frog hunters, but it is only permitted in certain seasons and some frog species cannot be legally traded.

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18/10/2017 13:40:21  

Company updates rules on hate speech, revenge porn and violent groups to counter perceptions social network is not doing enough to protect users

Twitter is introducing new rules around hate symbols, sexual advances and violent groups, in an effort to counter perceptions that the social network is not doing enough to protect those who feel silenced on the site.

The company was planning to announce the new rules later on this week, but they leaked in an email to Wired magazine, which published the changes on Tuesday.

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18/10/2017 13:40:21  

Kevin Wilshaw says he joined movement for its sense of comradeship but received abuse over his sexuality

A former National Front organiser and prominent neo-Nazi has denounced the far-right movement and expressed a commitment to fighting racism after revealing he is gay and of Jewish heritage.

Kevin Wilshaw, 58, has promoted white supremacism since he was a teenager and worked with a number of extremist groups for decades. He joined the National Front during the group’s heyday in the late 70s, and later the British National party, before becoming a “freelance extremist” who flirted with a string of violent fringe groups such as the Racial Volunteer Force.

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18/10/2017 13:40:20  

• New report by barrister finds Sampson made ill-judged attempts at humour
• FA chief executive Martin Glenn says sorry to England’s Aluko and Spence
• Katherine Newton concludes that Sampson is not a racist

The Football Association’s chief executive, Martin Glenn, has issued a full apology to Eni Aluko and Drew Spence after the reopened investigation into the Mark Sampson affair concluded that the now-deposed England Women’s manager did make discriminatory remarks to two of his players.

The third inquiry, conducted by the barrister Katharine Newton, has found that Sampson did tell Aluko to be careful her Nigerian relatives did not bring the Ebola virus to Wembley and also upset Spence, a mixed-raced player, by asking her how many times she had been arrested.

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18/10/2017 13:39:03  

La Belle Sauvage will return readers to Lyra’s universe tomorrow, 17 years after Pullman’s original trilogy ended. But His Dark Materials remains a radical read – and a true modern classic

Children’s authors are always being invited to speak in schools and, at every visit, I ask the question: “If your soul was in animal form, what would it be?” Without fail, every hand goes up.

Daemons capture the imagination in a way that few others do. Reading Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights as a 10-year-old, it made perfect sense to me that people should have a crucial part of themselves that inhabited a separate, animal being: two halves of the same whole. Like many children, I longed for my own daemon, but not in the way that I longed for my Hogwarts letter. Daemons were not magical diversions, but a way of bedding deeper into your reality. In place of escape, they offered understanding.

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18/10/2017 13:38:57  

AnalogDiehard writes: The recent -- and questionable -- practice of technological and pharmaceutical companies selling their patents to U.S. native Indian tribes (where they enjoy "sovereign immunity" from the inter partes review (IPR) process of the PTO) and then the tribes licensing them back to the companies is drawing scrutiny from a federal court and has inspired a new U.S. bill outlawing the practice. The IPR process is a "fast track" (read: much less expensive) process through the PTO to review the validity of challenged patents -- it is loved by defendants and hated by patent holders. Not only has U.S. Circuit Judge William Bryson invalidated Allergan's pharmaceutical patents due to "obviousness," he is questioning the legitimacy of the sovereign immunity tactic. The judge was well aware that the tactic could endanger the IPR process, which was a central component of the America Invents Act of 2011, and writes that sovereign immunity "should not be treated as a monetizable commodity that can be purchased by private entities as part of a scheme to evade their legal responsibility." U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) -- no stranger to abuses of the patent system -- has introduced a bill that would outlaw the practice she describes as "one of the most brazen and absurd loopholes I've ever seen and it should be illegal." Sovereign immunity is not absolute and has been limited by Congress and the courts in the past. The bill would apply only to the IPR proceedings and not to patent disputes in federal courts.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

18/10/2017 13:38:13  

Actually not a bad ad lib from Corbyn pointing out that Amber Rudd was keeping Boris and Hammond apart at PMQs. Positive body language… sorta.

The post Arms Folded in Unity appeared first on Guido Fawkes.

18/10/2017 13:37:44  
18/10/2017 13:36:57  
18/10/2017 13:36:57