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24/06/2019 13:17:15  

(Report) Executive Summary This paper addresses the privacy implications of two new Domain Name System (DNS)…
24/06/2019 13:17:13  

Pestered folk to 'download my EE app' and 'upgrade your phone'

EE, the mobile operator arm of BT, is nursing a six-figure fine for texting more than 2.5 million pain-in-the-ass direct marketing messages to customers without their consent.…

24/06/2019 13:17:13  

Happens to us all at some point

US network services provider Cloudflare has been celebrating its impending tenth birthday with a good, old-fashioned TITSUP*, er, knees-up.…

24/06/2019 13:17:09  

As Ekrem İmamoğlu supporters revel in victory, attention shifts to how the president will react

The last partygoers went home as the sun came up. Across Istanbul on Sunday night, hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters danced in the streets waving Turkish flags and brandishing glasses of beer and raki after their candidate for mayor delivered the most serious blow to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his 16-year political career.

As municipal workers cleaned up on Monday morning, however, the front pages of Turkey’s pro-government newspapers downplayed the unprecedented success of the Republican People’s party (CHP) mayor-elect, Ekrem İmamoğlu. “Istanbul has voted,” read the subdued headline of the usually rabidly pro-Erdoğan tabloid Yeni Şafak. There were no pictures of the fireworks and scenes of jubilation that had rocked the city just hours before.

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24/06/2019 13:17:08  

Maarten van der Weijden swims in canals that have not been used for skating in 22 years

As Europe braces for a heatwave this week, a Dutchman is swimming the route of the country’s most famed ice skating race, which has not been held for two decades as the climate crisis bites.

Instead of skating the 121 miles (195km) of the daunting Elfstedentocht (11 cities race), the Olympic gold marathon swimmer Maarten van der Weijden is ploughing his way through its canals.

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24/06/2019 13:16:52  

As his bold new Oedipus heads to Edinburgh, the director discusses revamping Sophocles and the ‘poisonous nostalgia’ behind Brexit

The teenagers in the audience are all squirms and giggles. On stage, Oedipus and Jocasta have found themselves alone and unable to resist a quickie on the conference-room floor. Lusty and impulsive, they’re all over each other. When their daughter Antigone walks in on them, she has the same look of embarrassed disgust as the younger members of the audience.

Eww, parents!

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24/06/2019 13:16:51  

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news

Donald Trump is now turning his attention to America’s central bankers, accusing them of incompetence.

In another Twitter blast from the White House, Trump claims the Fed has hurt US growth by leaving interest rates too high.

Despite a Federal Reserve that doesn’t know what it is doing - raised rates far to fast (very low inflation, other parts of world slowing, lowering & easing) & did large scale tightening, $50 Billion/month, we are on course to have one of the best Months of June in U.S. history..

....Think of what it could have been if the Fed had gotten it right. Thousands of points higher on the Dow, and GDP in the 4’s or even 5’s. Now they stick, like a stubborn child, when we need rates cuts, & easing, to make up for what other countries are doing against us. Blew it!

Does Donald Trump really want Chinese and Japanese warships cruising around the Persian Gulf? It’s only recently they were engaged in cat-and-mouse manoeuvres around the Senkaku Islands.....

Doug Saunders of the Globe and Mail points out that Japan’s navy isn’t allowed to head off into international action anyway.

In which the US president asked China and Japan to establish a large-scale military presence in the Middle East, and Japan to turn its Maritime Defence Force, constitutionally limited to domestic defence since WWII, into a full-scale global navy again https://t.co/SxtswlMWsP

Trump calls for bigger and more aggressive Chinese Navy https://t.co/GJYD3OSccV

China gets about 1/3 of its oil from vessels that travel through the Strait of Hormuz, according to calculations based on US EIA and China customs data https://t.co/7faTdU0xjI

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24/06/2019 13:16:51  

Toni Roldán renounces seat in parliament, accusing party of betraying its own ideals

The leadership of Spain’s centre-right Citizens party is under growing pressure over its deals with the far right after a senior member quit, accusing it of betraying its core principles.

The party’s economics spokesman, Toni Roldán, announced on Monday that he was leaving Citizens and renouncing his seat in the Spanish parliament in protest at the party’s drift to the right and its willingness to enter alliances with the far right after regional and municipal elections.

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24/06/2019 13:16:47  

Andy Grandmottet-Shaw, 51, and her husband, Yves, 49, met in 1996 after a dispute about some loud music. They live in Porto and have one daughter

Andy first clapped eyes on Yves in 1996, when they were living in the same block of flats in Newcastle. “Someone used to play this loud, terrible music and my boyfriend presumed it was him,” says Andy. “I used to bang on the ceiling shouting: ‘Shut up, you French wanker!’” Yves laughs. “Yes, she just assumed it was me. Blame the French person.”

But it turned out he wasn’t responsible for the noise. The couple finally met properly when Andy’s then-boyfriend invited Yves round for a drink. “There was definitely some tension there,” says Yves. “Yes,” Andy agrees. “Major sexual tension!”

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24/06/2019 13:16:29  

Like Eighth Grade, Boyhood and the new comedy Good Boys, the most authentic coming-of-age movies feature casts still in the throes of adolescence

Film has a sometimes troubling relationship with authenticity. However, in coming-of-age films, the authenticity of having child actors in the roles gives the films a certain flair that makes them shine. One notable example is the forthcoming Good Boys, a raucous coming-of-age film for tweenage boys. It features three lead actors who are only a few years older than the 12-year-olds they are playing. There is a touching innocence that marks their performance and produces memorable scenes, such as mistaking their parents’ sex toys for nunchucks and indoor swings. In films about the experience of growing up, there is a certain flavour that can be mimicked but not recreated by older actors.

Eighth Grade is another film to be applauded for its awkwardly sweet look at what it means to be a schoolkid in the digital age. Elsie Fisher slots naturally into protagonist Kayla’s hunched posture and curtain of hair that protects her from the outside world. Having started filming almost immediately after finishing eighth grade herself, her performance as Kayla is all the more riveting for the way she taps into her own recent experience. This is what creates the film’s cringey charm.

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24/06/2019 13:13:40  
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24/06/2019 13:12:07  

The bomb went off in the early hours of Sunday, startling nearby residents.
24/06/2019 13:12:06  

Activists in the city of Grenoble hold a protest inspired by US civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks.
24/06/2019 13:12:06  

The 12 boys, their coach and rescuers attended ceremonies to mark one year since they went missing in Chang Rai.
24/06/2019 13:12:05  

The UN also urges countries to take responsibility for citizens being held in Iraq or Syria.
24/06/2019 13:12:01  

Roger Godsiff initiated the debate after being warned by the Labour Party about his comments.
24/06/2019 13:11:56  

New cases are understood to include still births and baby deaths in the final stages of labour.
24/06/2019 13:11:51  

Fake messages could cause widespread panic, the researchers who uncovered the flaws say.
24/06/2019 13:11:45  

The bank has frozen 8,000 Jersey-based accounts amid a crackdown on money laundering.
24/06/2019 12:16:55  

32-bit binaries will still run, insists Canonical, but it may not be good enough for key apps

Canonical's decision to cease development of 32-bit libraries in Ubuntu 19.10 "eoan" means it won't support Steam gaming runtime and devs say the Wine compatibility layer for running Windows apps will be little use.…

24/06/2019 12:16:39  

It’s my job to support refugees to integrate into society, but sometimes I feel so useless when I hear their stories

My role as a refugee and support integration officer is incredibly varied and each day is different.

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24/06/2019 12:16:38  

This typically rustic Sicilian sauce – it’s just garlic, lemon, oil and oregano – is heaven slathered over grilled vegetables and fish

Aeschylus was sitting on a rock, probably thinking or writing, according to his habit. Mistaking the bald and shining head of the poet for a rock on which to break open his prey, an eagle flying overhead dropped a tortoise. According to legend, the tortoise hit the mark, instantly killing the Greek tragedian who, having returned to the south coast of Sicily in 453BC, was seeking refuge in the wheat-bearing land of Gela.

The poet Archestratus was also from Gela. Unlike the bald and unfortunate Aeschylus, Archestratus’ demise was not tragic. In fact, quite the opposite. A proud glutton, Archestratus was a 4th-century BC Jay Rayner, roaming the Mediterranean eating and writing humorous didactic poems advising people where to find the best food, notably fish. Fragments of his poems still exist today, incorporated into The Deipnosophists (The Sophists at Dinner), according to writer Mary Taylor Simeti (whose novel, On Persephone’s Island, and books on Sicilian food I highly recommend). The fragments are a blueprint for modern cookbooks, advising us, for example, how to cook tuna: “Slice it and roast it all rightly, sprinkling just a little salt, and buttering it with oil.”

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24/06/2019 12:16:37  

Rediscover the humble turnip, roasted with garlic and oil, and served with pork chops

It was the chef Rowley Leigh who alerted me to how good turnips are, with their sweet and delicate flavour. Here, they are complemented by the season’s young garlic, which makes a wonderful partner for pork chops.

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