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13/04/2021 20:06:08  

Living on the Edge as SA networks roll out

The move to 5G has allowed vendors and carriers to fundamentally rethink how their networks are structured. Once the norm, tightly integrated vendor-specific hardware is gradually being supplanted by virtualized alternatives that run happily on standards-agnostic kit. Jumping on the bandwagon is Japanese provider NEC, which today said it would use RedHat's OpenShift Kubernetes platform for its upcoming 5G hardware.…

13/04/2021 20:06:05  

Hackers could take control of victims' computers just by tricking them into clicking on a Steam invite to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Motherboard reports, citing a bug filing review. From a report: A bug in the game engine used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive could be exploited by hackers to take full control of a target's machine. A security researcher alerted Valve about the bug in June of 2019. Valve is the maker of Source Engine, which is used by CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, and several other games. The researcher, who goes by the name Florian, said that while that the bug has been fixed in some games that use the Source engine, it is still present in CS:GO, and he demonstrated it in a call with Motherboard. Florian's correspondence with Valve occurred on HackerOne, the bug bounty platform used by the company to get reports about vulnerabilities. Valve admitted that it was being slow to respond, even though it classified the bug as "critical" in the thread with the researchers, which Motherboard reviewed. "I am honestly very disappointed because they straight up ignored me most of the time," Florian said in an online chat.

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13/04/2021 20:06:04  

Catalin Cimpanu, reporting at Record: Security researchers have found a new set of vulnerabilities that impact hundreds of millions of servers, smart devices, and industrial equipment. Called NAME:WRECK, the vulnerabilities have been discovered by enterprise IoT security firm Forescout as part of its internal research program named Project Memoria -- which the company describes as "an initiative that aims at providing the cybersecurity community with the largest study on the security of TCP/IP stacks." Although never visible to end-users, TCP/IP stacks are libraries that vendors add to their firmware to support internet connectivity and other networking functions for their devices. These libraries are very small but, in most cases, underpin the most basic functions of a device, and any vulnerability here exposes users to remote attacks. The NAME:WRECK research is the fifth set of vulnerabilities impacting TCP/IP libraries that have been disclosed over the past three years, and the third set disclosed part of Project Memoria.

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13/04/2021 20:03:11  

The shooting of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis was described by police as accidental but sparked unrest.
13/04/2021 19:06:09  

It's like the 2000s all over again, sighs Bitdefender

Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are stealing browser session cookies and Monero cryptocurrency wallets from tightwads who install the pirated software, Bitdefender has warned.…

13/04/2021 19:06:05  

Professional political trolling is still a thriving underground industry around the world, despite crackdowns from the biggest tech firms. From a report: Coordinated online disinformation efforts offer governments and political actors a fast, cheap way to get under rivals' skin. They also offer a paycheck to people who are eager for work, typically in developing countries. "It's a more sophisticated means of disinformation to weaken your advisories," said Todd Carroll, CISO and VP of Cyber Operations at CybelAngel. Facebook last week said it had uncovered a massive troll farm in Albania, linked to an Iranian militant group. The operation had the the hallmarks of a typical troll farm, which Facebook defines as "a physical location where a collective of operators share computers and phones to jointly manage a pool of fake accounts as part of an influence operation." "The main thing we saw was strange signals centralized coordination between different fake accounts," said Ben Nimmo, Facebook's global influence operations threat intelligence lead. Like numerous troll farms uncovered over the past few years, there was one easy giveaway: content from the network targeted Iran, but was posted on social media during normal working hours on Central European Time.

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13/04/2021 19:03:10  

CCTV shows four men storming the Epoch Times newspaper printing plant and destroying equipment.
13/04/2021 19:03:10  

Maharashtra announces two weeks of measures just short of a full lockdown amid a wave of cases.
13/04/2021 19:03:04  

Campaigners urge people to help pick up thousands of balls which have washed up on Brighton beach.
13/04/2021 18:06:09  

Surface Headphones 2+ also available and a range of 'Modern' kit coming in the next few months

Microsoft has opened the order books on the fourth generation of its Surface Laptop, replete with Intel-baiting AMD chippery in the line-up.…

13/04/2021 18:06:05  

Microsoft's long-awaited new webcam is finally here, alongside a number of accessories designed for the work from home era. From a report: Rumors of a new Microsoft webcam have been circulating for years, and the result is what Microsoft calls the Modern Webcam. It's a fairly basic and affordable 1080p webcam that will start shipping for $69.99 in June. The Microsoft Modern Webcam will support up to 1080p HDR output at 30fps and connects via USB-A, not USB-C. It's not the 4K webcam found on Microsoft's Surface Hub 2, and it doesn't include Windows Hello support either. It's really a simple webcam designed for students or workers to quickly add a better video calling option to an existing laptop or PC. Microsoft is also including a privacy shutter and LED indicator to let people easily see when the webcam is active. Microsoft is also launching a new USB-C speaker. The Modern USB-C Speaker is designed primarily for Microsoft Teams, and it even includes a button to launch a control panel for Teams with quick actions for meetings.

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13/04/2021 18:06:04  

An Indian security researcher has published today proof-of-concept exploit code for a recently discovered vulnerability impacting Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Brave. From a report: The researcher, Rajvardhan Agarwal, told The Record today that the exploit code is for a Chromium bug that was used during the Pwn2Own hacking contest that took place last week. During the contest, security researchers Bruno Keith (@bkth_) & Niklas Baumstark (@_niklasb) of Dataflow Security used a vulnerability to run malicious code inside Chrome and Edge, for which they received $100,000. Per contest rules, details about this bug were handed over to the Chrome security team so the bug could be patched as soon as possible. While details about the exact nature of the bug were never publicly disclosed, Agarwal told The Record he spotted the patches for this bug by looking at the source code commits to the V8 JavaScript engine, a component of the Chromium open-source browser project, which allowed him to recreate the Pwn2Own exploit, which he uploaded earlier today on GitHub, and shared on Twitter. However, while Chromium developers have patched the V8 bug last week, the patch has not yet been integrated into official releases of downstream Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and others, which are still vulnerable to attacks.

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13/04/2021 18:03:38  
13/04/2021 18:03:10  

The victims went missing in 2014 when the marines were deployed near the US border, officials say.
13/04/2021 18:03:10  

Rudolf Anschober said his 15 months as health minister during the pandemic "felt like 15 years".
13/04/2021 18:03:09  

US President Joe Biden set to announce troops will leave Afghanistan by 11 September - media reports.
13/04/2021 18:03:05  

Staff at an NHS hospital were asked to provide fingerprints in an effort to find a "whistleblower".
13/04/2021 18:03:03  

Students share their experiences of completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme.
13/04/2021 18:03:03  

Bill Crothers's position was "agreed" to by the Cabinet Office, a letter from a lobbying watchdog reveals.
13/04/2021 18:03:02  

A million students who have been studying online will be able to go back to university campuses.
13/04/2021 17:06:10  

Beta expected in a matter of weeks, production release planned for summer

AWS has introduced the OpenSearch project, the new name for its open-source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana.…

13/04/2021 17:06:07  

If you're wondering when Apple will hold its next event, Siri may have the answer. From a report: Ask the digital helper: "When is the next Apple event?" and it will respond with "the special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on Apple.com." MacRumors, which spotted the reply, says the virtual assistant is providing it in certain instances on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod. While it's an open secret that Apple is planning an event for later this month where it's expected to debut a new iPad Pro, Siri has seemingly leaked the date ahead of confirmation. We won't have to wait long to find out if the info is correct, though. Apple normally sends out invites to the press a week ahead of the proceedings, so it should make it official later today. The event itself is expected to be a virtual affair starring the iPad Pro (in two sizes) and possibly featuring the AirTags Bluetooth tracker. Apple's next premium slate reportedly features a Mini LED display on the flagship 12.9-inch model, but supply chain issues could see it ship later than planned and in limited quantities.

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13/04/2021 17:05:49  

Yesterday, Guido covered the implosion of Liam Byrne’s West Midlands mayoral campaign; one aspect of which is the persistent accusation he’s misusing public money by having his expenses-paid parliamentary staff help run his election campaign efforts. Guido fears IPSA are likely to investigate. If they do, the expenses watchdog may find this history of Liam […]
13/04/2021 17:05:49  

It looks like the Green Party has had a change of heart. Having spent years campaigning against the expansion of national railways, including calling HS2 “an act of ecocide” and “a nightmare project“, Guido was surprised to see the Greens voice their support for the French government’s decision to ban short flights in favour of […]
13/04/2021 17:04:58