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21/09/2020 19:02:13  

How will CEO Safra Catz manage on her $950k salary in this environment?

With the economy in uncharted waters as a result of a global pandemic, and businesses and homes under the spectre of another virus-related lockdown, spare a thought for those less fortunate in our society. Yes, Oracle executives.…

21/09/2020 19:02:12  

Comes not long after firm ditched hybrid-electric propulsion demonstrator

Airbus has lifted the lid on proposals for airliners that run on hydrogen, months after pulling the plug on a battery-powered testbed aircraft.…

21/09/2020 19:02:08  

AmiMoJo writes: The GNOME 3 desktop environment was officially released in 2011, and in 2020 we are still on version 3.x. Yeah, despite many massive changes over the last (almost) decade, we have been stuck with point releases for GNOME 3. For instance, just last week, GNOME 3.38 was released. Historically, the stable releases all ended in even numbers, with pre-release versions ending in odd. For fans of the DE, such as yours truly, we have simply learned to live with this odd versioning scheme. Well, folks, with the next version of GNOME, the developers have finally decided to move on from version 3.x. You are probably thinking the new version will be 4.0, but you'd be very wrong. Actually, following GNOME3.38 will be GNOME 40. "After nearly 10 years of 3.x releases, the minor version number is getting unwieldy. It is also exceedingly clear that we're not going to bump the major version because of technological changes in the core platform, like we did for GNOME 2 and 3, and then piling on a major UX change on top of that. Radical technological and design changes are too disruptive for maintainers, users, and developers; we have become pretty good at iterating design and technologies, to the point that the current GNOME platform, UI, and UX are fairly different from what was released with GNOME 3.0, while still following the same design tenets," says Emmanuele Bassi, The GNOME Foundation.

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21/09/2020 19:01:44  

The night before the government is set to institute a 10pm closing time for bars, MPs will be delighted to discover Strangers’ Bar has re-opened. Mostly… One of the parliament terrace gazebos now hosts a “pop-up” bar for MPs and press only, no guests, no standing allowed and no drinks out on the terrace itself. Still, […]
21/09/2020 18:59:27  
21/09/2020 18:58:53  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's granddaughter says the jurist did not want to be replaced under President Trump.
21/09/2020 18:58:52  

The president's plans have sparked a fierce political battle weeks ahead of the US election.
21/09/2020 18:58:50  

The former PM argues the legislation will "damage trust", but ministers say it will protect the UK.
21/09/2020 18:02:03  

Robert Downey Jr's back to tell everyone how great it is

OnePlus has confirmed its 5G-capable 8T flagship phone is scheduled to land on 14 October in an online-only event.…

21/09/2020 18:02:00  

Comet Chury's Ultraviolet Aurora
21/09/2020 18:01:58  

An algorithm Twitter uses to decide how photos are cropped in people's timelines appears to be automatically electing to display the faces of white people over people with darker skin pigmentation. From a report: The apparent bias was discovered in recent days by Twitter users posting photos on the social media platform. A Twitter spokesperson said the company plans to reevaluate the algorithm and make the results available for others to review or replicate. Twitter scrapped its face detection algorithm in 2017 for a saliency detection algorithm, which is made to predict the most important part of an image. A Twitter spokesperson said today that no race or gender bias was found in evaluation of the algorithm before it was deployed "but it's clear we have more analysis to do." Twitter engineer Zehan Wang tweeted that bias was detected in 2017 before the algorithm was deployed but not at "significant" levels.

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21/09/2020 18:01:36  

Seven hours after Guido debunked Repubblica’s conspiracy that Boris flew away to Perugia from 11th to 14th September, for some bizarre reason the BBC felt the need to lend weight to the conspiracy. In a badly misjudged attempt to get in on the action, the corporation sent correspondent Mark Lowen on a 230 mile round-trip from […]
21/09/2020 17:59:23  
21/09/2020 17:58:54  

An investigation by BBC News Arabic has found that Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, controls companies that have donated $100m to an Israeli settler organisation.
21/09/2020 17:58:53  

More than 240 migrants test positive at the new Lesbos camp built after the old one burnt down.
21/09/2020 17:58:48  

The Chelsea owner held ownership rights on footballers through an offshore company, leaked files show.
21/09/2020 17:58:48  

The recommendation from chief medical officers means transmission is "high or rising exponentially".
21/09/2020 17:58:45  

The Canadian show won nine Emmys, but for its fans, it's special for more than its awards.
21/09/2020 17:02:04  

Also: Darkness beckons for Dev Channel Insiders, TypeScript 4.1 beta arrives, Xbox swallows Bethesda

In Brief Release Channel Windows Insiders were treated to Build 19042.508 of Microsoft's flagship operating system last week as Microsoft readied the OS for an October release.…

21/09/2020 17:02:01  

Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) awards grants to mitigate the effects of space radiation
21/09/2020 17:02:01  

NOAA SWPC Space Weather Outlook #20-38 2o September 2020
21/09/2020 17:02:00  

Facebook has threatened to pack up its toys and go home if European regulators don't back down and let the social network get its own way. From a report: In a court filing in Dublin, Facebook said that a decision by Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) would force the company to pull up stakes and leave the 410 million people who use Facebook and photo-sharing service Instagram in the lurch. If the decision is upheld, "it is not clear to [Facebook] how, in those circumstances, it could continue to provide the Facebook and Instagram services in the EU," Yvonne Cunnane, who is Facebook Ireland's head of data protection and associate general counsel, wrote in a sworn affidavit. The decision Facebook's referring to is a preliminary order handed down last month to stop the transfer of data about European customers to servers in the U.S., over concerns about U.S. government surveillance of the data. Facebook hit back by filing a lawsuit challenging the Irish DPC's ban, and in a sworn affidavit filed this week, the company leveled some very serious accusations about the Irish data-protection commissioner, including a lack of fairness and apparent bias in singling out Facebook. Cunnane points out that Facebook was given only three weeks to respond to the decision, a period that is "manifestly inadequate," adding that Facebook wasn't contacted about the inquiry prior to judgment being handed down. She also raises concerns about the decision being made "solely" by Helen Dixon, Ireland's data protection commissioner.

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21/09/2020 17:01:59  

President Donald Trump said he might rescind his tentative blessing for a deal between Oracle and ByteDance to create a new U.S.-based TikTok service, casting doubt on the agreement as Chinese state media signaled reluctance in Beijing. From a report: Speaking in an interview on Fox News on Monday, Trump said he wouldn't approve the deal if the Chinese company retains control of TikTok. However, he also indicated that he expected Chinese influence to be diluted by a future public offering of the new company. "They will have nothing to do with it, and if they do, we just won't make the deal," Trump said, referring to ByteDance, which owns TikTok. "It's going to be controlled, totally controlled by Oracle, and I guess they're going public and they're buying out the rest of it -- they're buying out a lot, and if we find that they don't have total control then we're not going to approve the deal." Shortly after Trump's comments, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the China state-affiliated Global Times, tweeted that Beijing would likely reject the deal "because the agreement would endanger China's national security, interests and dignity."

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21/09/2020 17:01:36  

Sir Keir went into this year’s online-only Labour Conference promising to fly the flag of patriotism and win back the former red wall. Guido can reveal Sir Keir’s decades-long arguments against even the most rudimentary immigration controls, arguing in the 80s that “whether implemented by the Tories or Labour”, “it is not a question of […]
21/09/2020 16:59:22