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21/02/2020 20:54:32  

Treat yourself to a meal out or a case of bevvies... or an appetizer in SF or NYC

Victims of dodgy IT support from Office Depot will start receiving compensation checks, a US consumer watchdog said Thursday.…

21/02/2020 20:54:29  

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization, has expressed concerned over the ‘narrowing window of opportunity’ to tackle Covid-19, and has urged the international community not to squander it. With four new cases in Iran, concern has increased about the epidemic spreading across the Middle East, and the sharp devaluation of the Iranian rial means it will be hard for its government to throw the same resources at the epidemic as China has

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21/02/2020 20:54:28  

This account of the tough, troubled life of naive artist Antonio Liguabue boasts a committed performance from actor Elio Germano

Georgio Diritti has directed a lovely-looking and fervent film about the life of the 20th-century naive artist Antonio Ligabue, who suffered poverty and mental illness throughout his life but whose fierce, primitive, impassioned studies and sculptures of animals and human portraits made him celebrated in his own day as an authentic unschooled genius, and an object of cult fascination from the metropolitan elite who perhaps regarded him as comparable to Van Gogh. (There was another biopic in 1978, with Suspiria star Flavio Bucci in the lead.)

The Italian actor Elio Germano stars as Ligabue here, with a performance that has something of both Daniel Auteuil and Daniel Day Lewis — and also, maybe, a little of Sacha Baron Cohen. He plays him with the stoop, the shuffle, the fierce glare, the occasional equine twitch of the head and teeth-baring and drooping lower lip. This is a congenital dysfunction but also the natural brusqueness of the creative spirit and someone who does not suffer fools gladly (despite or because of being dismissed as a fool all his life). And for all that Ligabue once lived an almost feral existence, he is someone with some sense of the good things in life, particularly a decent meal in a restaurant.

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21/02/2020 20:54:12  

Depp plays real-life US photojournalist W Eugene Smith who travels to cover the story of mercury poisoning that caused horrendous disfigurements

Minamata is not a masterpiece and there are one or two cliches here about western saviours and boozy, difficult, passionate journalists who occupy the perennial Venn diagram overlap between integrity and alcoholism. This movie’s producer-star Johnny Depp has form on this score, with his starstruck impersonation of Hunter Thompson. And once again, he has chosen a role in which he wears a hat indoors. But Minamata is a forthright, heartfelt movie, an old-fashioned “issue picture” with a worthwhile story to tell about how communities can stand up to overweening corporations and how journalists dedicated to truthful news can help them.

Depp plays real-life US photojournalist W Eugene Smith whose glory days were in the second world war and the decades following, working for Life magazine in that now-forgotten era when analogue cameras were incapable of lying and magazines with compelling photos could command newsstand sales.

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21/02/2020 20:54:06  

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21/02/2020 20:54:05  

Brand featured equal number of men and women on catwalk at its Milan fashion week show

In recent seasons, the Versace womenswear show has been an all-out display and celebration of femininity – with Jennifer Lopez and supermodels populating the catwalk, breaking the internet in the process. The autumn/winter 2020 show, on Friday evening in Milan, seemed to continue on a theme. The screen over the catwalk projected a virtual audience made of different Donatella Versaces – the high priestess of the brand. This time, however, there was a difference. Once the screen faded to black, the show began – and it introduced men. This was the first time the brand has featured an equal number of men and women on the catwalk, moving towards the idea of dressing beyond gender.

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21/02/2020 20:54:04  

Leadership hopeful urges Nandy and Starmer to pledge 100,000 council homes a year

Rebecca Long-Bailey has publicly called on her rivals in the Labour leadership race to support a pledge to build more council homes, as the battle to succeed Jeremy Corbyn began to take on a more personal tone in the run-up to the vote.

With members’ ballots due to start arriving on Monday, Long-Bailey used a speech in Peterborough to argue that a promise to build at least 100,000 local authority homes for social rent per year would help “lay the foundations of aspirational socialism”.

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21/02/2020 20:53:28  

Alphabet and SoftBank's attempts to launch flying cellphone antennas high into the atmosphere have received backing from global telcos, energizing lobbying efforts aimed at driving regulatory approval for the emerging technology. From a report: Loon, which was spun out of Google parent Alphabet's business incubator, and HAPSMobile, a unit of SoftBank Group's domestic telco, plan to deliver high speed internet to remote areas by flying network equipment at high altitudes. Lobbying efforts by the two firms, which formed an alliance last year, are being joined by companies including aerospace firm Airbus, network vendors Nokia and Ericsson and telcos China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Bharti Airtel.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

21/02/2020 20:53:27  

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) has uploaded more than 150,000 images of biological sketches, some dating back to the 15th century, onto the internet. A report adds: They're all in the public domain, and free for anyone who wants them. The images are pulled from journals, research material, and libraries, altogether more than 55 million pages of literature. BHL is "the world's largest open access digital library for biodiversity literature and archives," according to its website. On top of public domain content, BHL also works with rights holders to get permission to make copyrighted materials available under a Creative Commons license.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

21/02/2020 20:50:36  

Cool Tools Show 214: Mike Streetz
21/02/2020 20:50:31  

Josipa Lisac gave the controversial performance at the inauguration of Croatia's new president.
21/02/2020 20:50:25  

Meirion Griffiths sexually abused a teenage girl and a woman in her 20s who were in his congregation.
21/02/2020 20:50:23  

An NHS campaign aims to get patients to look for alternatives to long-term painkiller use.
21/02/2020 20:50:22  

As Tyson Fury prepares for his rematch with Deontay Wilder, BBC Sport takes you through all you need to know.
21/02/2020 19:54:31  

Photocopier goliath hits back to PC giant's attempt to scupper takeover

Xerox has shot back at HP's decision to adopt a shareholder rights plan – a poison pill designed to derail the photocopier titan's $36.5bn hostile takeover of the PC'n'printer slinger.…

21/02/2020 19:54:29  

Leaders of EU countries have expressed concerns the union's long-term budget talks may not conclude in an agreement as politicians' positions have been miles apart on how to fill the €75bn (£63bn) hole left by Brexit.

The European council president, Charles Michel, came under criticism for aiming 'too high', with a proposed budget of 1.074% of the bloc’s gross national income (€1.094tn)

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21/02/2020 19:54:28  

A new film tracks the life of one boy but is also the story of a generation of Indigenous children and their right to be educated in their language on country

“I want my school to be run by Aboriginal people.

I want adults to stop cruelling 10-year-old kids in jail.

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21/02/2020 19:54:27  

Hospitality and travel have already been hard hit, while there are concerns of looming shortages of products such as iPhones and batteries

With the coronavirus outbreak in China affecting the import and export trade, Australian retailers and suppliers are concerned that consumers will soon start experiencing shortages of products ranging from iPhones to batteries. There are widespread factory shutdowns in China as millions of people remain in lockdown and subject to strict travel restrictions and quarantine measures.

While some retailers say it is too soon to see a noticeable impact on stock, with many shipyard and factory workers taking time off for lunar new year anyway, they are preparing for shortages in coming weeks.

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21/02/2020 19:54:26  

Meghan and Harry’s non-profit organisation will no longer be named Sussex Royal Foundation, spokeswoman says

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use the word royal, as in their “Sussex Royal” branding, a spokeswoman for the couple has said.

The spokeswoman said: “While the duke and duchess are focused on plans to establish a new non-profit organisation, given the specific UK government rules surrounding use of the word royal, it has been therefore agreed that their non-profit organisation, when it is announced this spring, will not be named Sussex Royal Foundation.

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21/02/2020 19:54:12  

Milan fashion week seeks low-waste ways to combine fashion and sustainability

That eccentricity has become a bankable commodity – even within the traditionally molto sexy world of Italian fashion – was proven on at Milan fashion week on Friday, when Marni’s creative director took his post-show bow wearing a giant rabbit’s head.

Nonconformity has always been part of the deal at the brand, which is famous for the jolie-laide aesthetic of thick-soled sandals, highly-patterned skirts and sculptural earrings that made it a cult hit with the gallerist/architect crowd in the late 90s and 00s. But since Francesco Risso joined the label in 2016, the direction has been more challenging still.

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21/02/2020 19:54:11  

When 17-year-old Ida goes to live with her aunt and cousins, she quickly becomes embroiled in a ruthless family

Danish film-maker Jeanette Nordahl has served her time as a second-unit director on TV’s Borgen. Now, presenting her debut feature at Berlin, she gives us an insidiously horrible and thrilling Scandi noir of her own – written by Ingeborg Topsøe. It exerts a nasty grip (the original Danish title is Kød & Blod, or flesh and blood).

After her addict mum accidentally kills herself in a car accident, the impassive 17-year-old Ida (a cracking performance from Sandra Guldberg Kampp) is told by stressed social services that she will have to move in with her aunt and her family.

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21/02/2020 19:54:10  

  • Bolsonaro issued a warning: ‘it’s going to get ugly’
  • A local senator was shot after driving into a picket line

Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has dispatched army and national guard troops to the north-eastern state of Ceará in an attempt to quell a brewing security crisis triggered by a police officers’ strike.

Related: Rio Carnival takes a stand against Bolsonaro's divisive rhetoric

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21/02/2020 19:54:06  

He ignores the floods while pursuing immigration plans and an attack on the BBC, which are destructive and divisive. The prime minister does not care

Two weeks after Storm Ciara rolled across Britain and Ireland and a week after Storm Dennis did the same, extensive parts of rural Britain remain under many feet of flood water. Heavy rains in the last 48 hours have prolonged the misery. The floods extend from Surrey to Cumbria, and from the Scottish Borders to the Welsh Marches. The counties in the Wye, Severn, Trent and Yorkshire Ouse watersheds are again hard hit. As the climate crisis deepens, such events are likely to be both increasingly common and increasingly severe.

People are extraordinarily resilient in the face of this kind of emergency. But human hardiness, community solidarity and individual kindness are not enough when floods repeatedly lay waste to homes, livelihoods, land, infrastructure and services. Ultimately it is only the state, both at local and national level, that can ensure the scale of preventive and responsive measures necessary to show that the whole nation is committed to enabling diverse ways of life to continue with reasonable security.

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21/02/2020 19:54:05  

Celebrities criticise media following presenter’s death but reporters describe more complicated web of relationships

Stephanie Davis is a singer, an actor in Hollyoaks, a former runner-up on Celebrity Big Brother and a single mum. She was also a friend of Caroline Flack’s, and on Saturday evening, distraught at the news of her suicide, she posted an emotional video on her Instagram feed addressed to the media “and to everyone who has blood on their hands”.

She also launched an online petition calling for “new and stricter laws around safeguarding celebrities and people in the public eye” from the press, which to date has attracted more than 615,000 signatories.

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21/02/2020 19:54:04  

Attack on Emilian Gebrev being investigated for possible links with Sergei Skripal poisoning

Bulgarian prosecutors have named the three Russians they have charged with the attempted murder of three Bulgarians whose poisoning is being investigated for possible links with the 2018 nerve-agent attack on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

Prosecutors said on Friday they had charged Sergey Viacheslavovich Fedotov, Sergey Viktorovich Pavlov and Georgi Gorshkov in absentia. They said the men, who used false identities when they travelled abroad, were currently living in Moscow.

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