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19/10/2021 08:42:01  

Home quarantine week was the price for an overseas trip, ongoing observation is the price of COVID-19

Feature My family and I recently returned to Singapore after an overseas trip that, for the first time in over a year, did not require the ordeal of two weeks of quarantine in a hotel room.…

19/10/2021 08:42:01  

Sneaking in programming under the guise of plastic bricks

There is good news for the intersection of Lego and Raspberry Pi fans today, as a new HAT (the delightfully named Hardware Attached on Top) will be unveiled for the diminutive computer to control Technic motors and sensors.…

19/10/2021 07:41:58  

It might enable activation of entirely new features on existing Xeon CPUs … or, you know, not

Intel has teased a new tech it calls "Software Defined Silicon" (SDSi) but is saying almost nothing about it – and has told The Register it could amount to nothing.…

19/10/2021 06:42:01  

Also plans to open-source current XuanTie RISC-V cores and future designs

Alibaba Cloud has revealed a home-grown CPU for servers, based on the Arm architecture, that it has already deployed powering its cloud services.…

19/10/2021 06:42:00  

Where we're going, we don't need 5nm

Analysis Cars are gaining momentum as computers on wheels, though chip manufacturers' auto focus isn't on making components using the latest and greatest fabrication nodes.…

19/10/2021 02:41:58  

Sent user data to China without once thinking Beijing might decide to snoop, lied about server location

Line, the Japan-based messaging and payments app with millions of users around Southeast Asia, has conceded that its data protection regimes had multiple shortcomings, and therefore put users' personal information at risk.…

19/10/2021 01:41:58  

We can't wait to see the logic gymnastics needed to justify this

Canon USA has been accused of forcing customers to buy ink cartridges when they only want to scan and fax documents using the manufacturer's so-called All-In-One multi-function printers.…

18/10/2021 23:41:55  

x86 is an eighty-sixed ex

Apple on Monday announced 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models armed with its Arm-compatible Apple Silicon chips, extending its platform architecture transition, and Intel exodus, for its high-end notebooks.…

18/10/2021 22:41:56  

This better be a Prime delivery

US House representatives say they are ready to call upon the Department of Justice to investigate whether Amazon executives, including ex-CEO Jeff Bezos, lied to Congress about whether the internet giant unfairly uses customer data to create and market its own products.…

18/10/2021 20:41:53  

Spacecraft otherwise stable and working well

NASA's Lucy is on its way to the Trojan asteroids, but engineers have already spotted a problem with one of the probe's 7.3-metre solar arrays.…

18/10/2021 18:41:54  

Plus: Australian telescope precursor finds weird waves in the middle of the galaxy

The governments of South Africa and Australia have signed agreements formalizing the construction and operation of the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) telescopes by the Observatory's governing body.…

18/10/2021 18:41:53  

Infosec pro: 'OneDrive abuse has been going on for years'

Microsoft has been branded as "the world's best malware hoster for about a decade," thanks to abuse of the Office 365 and Live platform, as well as its slow response to reports by security researchers.…

18/10/2021 17:41:54  

Which it isn't, as illustrated by exec director of the F# Foundation

The troubled .NET Foundation was intended to "borrow as much as possible from the GNOME Foundation," according to Miguel de Icaza, co-founder of GNOME and now at Microsoft, who was involved in its original design.…

18/10/2021 16:41:52  

Developers, start your engines

Arm is putting virtual models of its chip designs in the cloud so developers can write and test applications before the physical hardware gets into their hands.…

18/10/2021 15:41:56  

System 'operating outside of the original design specification' said AAIB

An EasyJet flight to Edinburgh Airport took off with wrongly loaded passengers and baggage because of IT network congestion causing computer systems to interact "in a manner which had neither been designed nor predicted."…

18/10/2021 15:41:56  

Announcement uses the phrase 'world-leading' without referring to UK once

Brit political has-been and Facebook global affairs veep Nick Clegg fired off a missive over the weekend announcing that the antisocial network would be hiring 10,000 people from across the European Union to help "BUILD THE METAVERSE" (VERSE-VERSE-VERSE-VERSE).…

18/10/2021 14:41:57  

Saving the forests by making printing even harder

Microsoft's brand new operating system, Windows 11, appears to be just as iffy when it comes to printing as its predecessors.…

18/10/2021 13:41:53  

Facial recognition for meal payment system works for kids, supplier says

Facial recognition technology is being employed in more UK schools to allow pupils to pay for their meals, according to reports today.…

18/10/2021 12:41:56  

Plus: Rounded corners make GNOME 40 look like Windows 11

Review Canonical has released Ubuntu 21.10, or "Impish Indri" as this one is known. This is the last major version before next year's long-term support release of Ubuntu 22.04, and serves as a good preview of some of the changes coming for those who stick with LTS releases.…

18/10/2021 12:41:55  

UK Cabinet Office organises latest print hardware and supplies mega framework

The UK government has awarded a contract worth up to £875m for a range of printer hardware and multi-function devices in a move which again raises questions about whether the paperless office was a dream that has faded in the recesses of our collective memory.…

18/10/2021 11:41:48  

Jamie and Amanda have a new co-presenter to contend with

There can be few things worse than Microsoft Windows elbowing itself into a presenting partnership, as seen in this digital signage for the Heart breakfast show.…

18/10/2021 10:41:54  

Information wants to be free, and it's making its escape

Opinion Forget the Singularity. That modern myth where AI learns to improve itself in an exponential feedback loop towards evil godhood ain't gonna happen. Spacetime itself sets hard limits on how fast information can be gathered and processed, no matter how clever you are.…

18/10/2021 09:41:49  

Ongoing crackdown saw apps 1.83 million apps tested, 4,200 told to clean up their act, pop-up ads popped

China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xiao Yaqing, has given a rare interview in which he signalled the nation's crackdown on the internet and predatory companies will continue.…

18/10/2021 09:41:49  

Say what you mean

NSFW Who, Me? Ever written that angry email and accidentally hit send instead of delete? Take a trip back to the 1990s equivalent with a slightly NSFW Who, Me?

18/10/2021 07:41:42  

Despite Chinese labor laws, 72-hour work weeks are still common

Chinese software developers have crowdsourced a spreadsheet that dishes the dirt on working conditions at hundreds of employers.…