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13/04/2021 17:03:01  

A Cookstown teenager teams up with the Afghan Women’s Orchestra in a peace-building video.
13/04/2021 15:02:59  

"We think audiences will continue to swoon for this show," the streaming giant says.
13/04/2021 14:02:58  

The former England and Manchester Utd star will mentor young players for the series Save Our Squad.
13/04/2021 13:03:00  

The director dedicated the film to his daughter, Ida, who died four days into filming.
13/04/2021 13:02:58  

The final of the BBC cooking show, delayed after Prince Philip's death, will air on Wednesday night.
13/04/2021 11:02:57  

Three temporary pavilions will be erected in Edinburgh Park and the University of Edinburgh's Old College Quad.
13/04/2021 10:02:56  

US reality star Kim Kardashian married rapper Kanye West in 2014 but filed for divorce in February.
13/04/2021 08:02:56  

The band Never Not Nothing have gone from writing songs to scoring a horror movie.
13/04/2021 08:02:56  

Julia Bradbury's sister Gina was driving from London to Sheffield when her car was struck.
12/04/2021 20:02:48  

Thousands of viewers contacted the BBC to say they felt the amount of coverage was excessive.
12/04/2021 18:02:49  

The Friends cast reunited after almost 17 years last week. Here's all we know about the one-off show.
12/04/2021 17:02:47  

Smith says he's "compelled" to move filming elsewhere because of Georgia's "regressive" voting laws.
12/04/2021 15:02:46  

Ofcom says the station will not be penalised after a presenter charged musicians £200 to play songs.
12/04/2021 14:02:45  

The ITV show has hooked up with the dating app to find this summer's hopeful singletons.
12/04/2021 11:02:44  

Tributes have been paid to the actor, who played mobster Tony Soprano's father Johnny.
12/04/2021 11:02:44  

British actress Nicola Charles alleges that two co-stars contacted Australia's immigration service.
12/04/2021 01:02:40  

Chloé Zhao became the second woman in Bafta history to win best director, for her film Nomadland.
11/04/2021 23:02:36  

Even with social distancing there was plenty of humour, glamour and surprises at the virtual event.
11/04/2021 20:02:36  

The biggest night in the British film calendar is taking place at the Royal Albert Hall.
11/04/2021 18:02:33  

The biggest night in the British film calendar, the Bafta Awards, is taking place in London.
11/04/2021 16:02:32  

Michael D Higgins says the Eurovision songwriter's death "will have been heard with sadness by so many".
11/04/2021 15:02:32  

Joanna Lumley shares her memories of attending dinners and events with Prince Philip.
11/04/2021 12:02:31  

Ex-Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten posted an emotional video saying: "I wish I could have done more".
10/04/2021 23:03:12  

The ceremony is split over two days for the first time, with more winners to be revealed on Sunday.
10/04/2021 19:02:24  

The star, who appeared on the seventh series of Big Brother in 2006, had been fighting anorexia.