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23/05/2020 13:15:02  

Right now, we all need to take refuge, even if it’s just a few snatched hours on Animal Crossing or Red Dead Redemption

No, I don’t have any illusions about what I’ve become since the start of this year. Like so many other slightly uncomfortable things in my life, this occupation started as an ill-defined joke. Wouldn’t it be funny, I thought to myself, if I bought a games console for the first time in a decade. If nothing else, wouldn’t it just be a small, deserved protest against the stresses of adulthood?

When I tried to explain this decision to my loved ones, it was greeted with tolerant concern. In the nothing days between Christmas and new year my partner asked if this was a distraction I really needed in a busy life. “Just wait a bit,” she said, as if speaking to a slightly unruly child, “until you’re really sure it’s what you want.” And in what felt like seconds later, there I was, in a Peckham computer exchange shop, queuing furtively for a secondhand Xbox One with a couple of reliably blockbuster games to go with it.

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