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14/08/2019 15:19:50  

Getting up before dawn is more common than you might think, and can be great for exercise, self-improvement and wildlife watching

A new study suggests that extreme early risers – people who are willingly up by 5.30am – may not just be restricted to a handful of tech CEOs and your annoying cat. Around one in 300 people tracked over nearly 10 years had naturally early awake times, which may not sound that common, but is perhaps unthinkable for anyone who struggles to wake up at 8am.

One of the authors, Louis Ptáček, a professor of neurology at the University of California San Francisco, has been interested in extreme early risers for 20 years, after meeting a woman who would wake at 1 or 2am. He said that it made her miserable and lonely. “She grew depressed,” reports the Atlantic. “Sometimes, she would vacuum at 4am just to fill the time.”

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